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Kick Their Butt.....Say It In Rhyme


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I know we have some wonderful poets on the board.......as I have read many great poems. So post your your diddy!!!!!!!

It's Dallas week.........the time is drawing near.

Our players are ready.......there is nothing to fear.

Our faces will be painted.....our voices will be loud.

Sunday we will beat Dallas...dang I am proud!!!!!!!!

I have the fever.......I feel the pain.

Come on Sunday.....I'm going insane!

The trolls are everywhere.....their ignorance is bold!!

IT's Dallas Week......it never gets old.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday......can I wait that long?

Singing Hail To The Redkins.......my favorite song.

We huddle together........tailgate before the game.

This week is Dallas.......nothing is the same.

We will go into the stadium....ready to make noise.

Who are we playing? Those crappy cowboys.

So gather all your friends...get ready for the ride.

This is Dallas week.....SHOW YOUR REDSKIN PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!


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Okay. This is easy. :silly:

"Hail to the Redskins!

Hail victory!

Braves on the warpath,

Fight for old D.C.!

Run or pass and score

we want a lot more!

Beat 'em swamp 'em touchdown

let the points soar!

Fight on, fight on

til you have won

Sons of Wash-ing-ton!

Rah! Rah! Rah!

Hail to the Redskins!

Hail victory!

Braves on the warpath,

Fight for old D.C.!"

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Here it goes!!

Dallas week is here,

We will not be denied.

Bring loads of Beer,

And buckle up for the ride!

We proved the second week,

It takes 2 min to beat the Boys.

They all found out real quick,

That Roy's Santana's Toy!

3 more days to go,

So gather all your gear.

The Boys are bringing something,

But we all know it's FEAR!!

The sun will set on Sunday,

And the Boys will not be Happy.

For once again they'll find out,

That Santana is Roy's PAPPY!!!!

HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!:point2sky :dallasuck

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Skins are red

Cowboys are blue

The Pewter Pirates are champions and you all should know that too.

So the Skins are fighting for that last playoff spot,

however they'll have to overcome a lot.

When Joe Thighsman picks Dallas to win,

that can't be too good for Washington fans and their kin.

The Pewter Pirates are on their way to Detroit to return to glory,

that's bad news for other teams who think they're part of that story.

So good luck to the Skins and their fans,

they'll need it since they're close to frying in pans.

(if you'd like more of these wonderful poems, please Private Message (PM) me)

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Dallas sucks, aw shucks Crayton mucks,

again, these fu*ks only put up 10,

We hate Dallas, we can't stand the star,

I'll be sayin har dee har har har when THEY have to rely on passing far,

Where did you go Cowgirls? Did you know about the playoffs?

You better hope Jessie Jones can get these refs to be paid off...

I'll sit back and relax while 21 puts down the smack attack,

and your quarterback drops back to feel the wrath of our linebacker sacks.

What's this? You own Fed Ex? Well let me tell you something about the state called "The Tex"...

You have a wimpy ass city, thats pitiful and sh*tty,

More bandwaggoners there than there are dogs and kitties.

Washington owns the world, we could sell you to Mexico,

but there's no point, they already have enough stank ass hoes,

Let me tell you Dallas, you're in the asscrack of the country,

Nothing there is sexy, important or remotely funky.

Ok funky in a bad way, I'll have to admit...

those stinky ass girls smell like Keyshawn's armpits.

So realize you're nothing but a bandwaggoner's something.

Our love for the Redskins isn't a weekend fling.

We'll forever hail to the Redskins, hail victory, we are braves on the warpath.

and we will ALWAYS fight, for D.C.

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rah rah ree, kick the pokes in the knee

rah rah rass, kick them in the other knee

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

These are great!!!!!!

I like the hiaku!!! Many of you will know what a haiku is, but just in case, it has just 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables.

Keep it up!!


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Joe Gibbs is back

So is the Tuna

Time to talk smack

'cause we are gonna kill ya.

You couldn't do it

To honor the driplettes

We are gonna beat you to ****

and make you look like idiots (again).

Here come's "America's Team"

Welcome to the Capital.

The playoffs for you are only a dream,

I can't ryhme any more


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This game brings back memorys

some great and some not

with the boys comin' here

they havent a shot

Its 2005, and the team shows its guts

In our hearts and our minds we know this game is a must

week 2 in september, we set a new standard

and ask poor roy williams, cause his ass he was handed

Sean taylor is lurking, and cooley is pissed

After mark slices their d-backs, they'll need more than a stitch

Rock, Portis and betts are ready to pound

Those silly ass cowpukes, 6 feet beneath ground

I leave you with this, you trolls of the scum

Your star will fade out, by the hands of WASHINGTON

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I caught under the helmet the other day and they showed highlights of the PITT CINCY game and at the end of the game in the bengals locker room they had the coolest cheer. I think it went..

Who dey, Who dey, who they say they gonna beat dem bengals

Who dey, Who dey, who they say they gonna beat dem bengals

Who dey, Who dey, who they say dey gonna beat dem bengals. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaa.

Just substitute redskins in for bengals and you got a perfect cheer for fans in the stands.

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I thank you for this opportunity!

There is excitement in the air once again

Thanks to our beloved, Washington Redskins

As game day approaches, fans are preparing

Cowboys coming to town, menacing eyes staring

The 12th man is intimidating at the FedEx Field

For your protection, you better bring your shield

As a matter of fact, bring whatever you need

I can assure at this game Cowboys will bleed

We love our Redskins they give us reason to shout

Come Sunday December 18th, you will get knocked out

It will be a hard fought battle and you will see stars

Inevitable defeats take time bring lots of snicker bars:laugh:


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