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Who was Gregg Williams pushing on the sidelines ... (Merged)


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Give me a break, we dont know why he pushed him. Thats like saying Portis patting Brunells ass is sexual harassment. You guys are a trip.

It looked to me like GW was pissed about something that happened on the previous play, because he was fired up.

So if you pushed someone at work that would be cool if there was a good reason?

The guys good, but he also seems like an ego-maniac. There's no reason to be pushing anyone on the sidelines...

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Umm no.

If I...

- patted someones ass

- hit someone on the top of the head after a good presentation

- head butted the guy in the office next to me after he closes a big deal

- tell my competition that Im gonna eat his children and bend him over like a little girl

that wouldnt be "cool" either. It would be "cool" if I was a football player.

Point being, this is football. We dont know the reason for the push, it may have been a "you a bad motha" type push if the coach made a good call, it may actually have been a "whats wrong with you" push....WE DONT KNOW. No point in sitting here and speculating about a stupid push on the sidelines that may have been positive after a win.

And after Portis' TD I think I saw Robert Royal come up and push him from behind. Is that unacceptable? He was egging him on...this isnt 3rd grade girls soccer man.

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I was wondering the same thing...maybe Jackson called the safety blitz because he saw something? But didn't check with Williams? Or maybe he did check with Williams and he said no, but he called it anyway. :whoknows:

It'll probably surface in some article or interview somewhere....

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