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The Girls from LOST mugshots


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Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros, stars of the ABC megahit "Lost," were arrested by Honolulu cops in December 2005 and charged with drunk driving. Rodriguez, 27, and Watros, 37, were nabbed minutes apart as their respective cars weaved along a highway linking Kailua and Honolulu. The actresses, both of whom failed field sobriety tests, were each charged with driving under the influence and released after posting $500 bail. Rodriguez, pictured directly below in a Honolulu Police Department mug shot, plays "Ana Lucia" on the TV series. Watros, who looks pretty toasted in her booking photo, plays "Libby" on the top-rated series.


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Is it just me or does Michelle Rodriguez look like Stuart Scott's twin sis' here??? :whoknows:

Uhh...whoah. I think its just you.

I haven't run into any Lost cast members yet, but I'm hoping I'll find one soon! Michelle would be my first choice...then Kate (whoever that actress is). Hmmmm....:drool:

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Does anyone look good in a mug shot after being arrested for being drunk? Have you ever been the designated driver and actually SEEN what people look like leaving a club at 3 AM? It isn't pretty.

I don't know, I think Nick Nolte looks ok.


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