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Do you want Lavar back next season?


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I didnt come on this board saying I know more than most.. I just most of you dont know squat. Especially the ones that stick up for Lavar.

What players said they wanted lavar in the lineup? None that I know of.

6th on the team in tackles this year? If you know anything about football, you should know that LBs and Safeties should be the top tacklers on the team. 6th in the amount of time he has played is sub par.


Uh, Marcus Washington said the Defense is a better defense when Lavar is in then weeks ago! I think everyone here can agree Marcus Washington is a team leader now, is he not?

And for the 6th in team tackles...Hmmmm

He plays 2 out of 3 downs a series on most occasions, didn't play much at all until the SF game. So 6th is not great, but given his limited role I think it pretty damn good!

Oh, and you forgot to mention that he leads the teams in tackles for a loss.... :doh:

Oh, you fogot to mention that in the last 4 games :

Marcus Washington leads the team with 26 tackles

Lemar Marshall 24 tackles

Walt Harris 19 tackles

Ryan Clark 21 tackles

Sean Taylor 17 tackles

and Lavar Arrington 19 tackles.

Now assuming that an average "Redskins" defense is on the field for about 70 plays. The 5 players on top play the majority of those downs. On average 65 -70 per game. Lavar gets about 45-50 per.

So simple math: :applause:

On the low end for both Marcus Washington averages a tackles every 2.5 plays. Lavar averages a tackle every 2.36 plays. Not bad, huh?

Now tell me again that he sucks...is "sub-par"? :shhh:

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agreed. i cant believe you people hate him so much after the way he handled the whole situation with being benched.

How quickly some of you forget, or have selective memories.. Lavar didn't handle the benching that great in the beginning. There was three weeks on these boards people were begging him to shut his mouth.

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Gtownsquare. Your not good with skewing stats to show the picture you want.. Remember this is a Redskins board, we know lavar didn't play the first few weeks and only plays on first and second down.

Since Lavar has been back, he's lead in tackles 2 games.


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Since I have been banned once I won't tell you what I really think of you and your post.

Ended Troy Aikman's career- He sure did suck on that play

Turned around a season against the Panthers- Man he was out of position on that play

11 sacks, leading the league for all backers the year he was under ML- What a waste he was that season

3 time pro bowler- They just give that to any shmuck off the street

Butkus award winner- Doesn't mean much

The players vocalized their support for him this year- Yeah they don't know as much as you do.

He is 6th on the team in tackles- That is horrible right, oh yeah he missed three games and doesn't play on third down.

Don't ever, ever come on this site and imply you know more about football than another fan, just because they support one of the Redskins. I would be willing to bet that 90% of the people on this board have forgotten more about football than you will ever know.

yeah boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! i'm sure glad you said that so nicely and saved me from a ban!!!! :silly:

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He sucks, and il put money on it that he will be gone within the next two years...


Dude what's up with the Haterade? Did LaVar take your girl or simply punk you? I would like to see you tell him that to his face. Well as I was told opinions are like BUNGHOLES everyone has one and as in your case they stink.

You want to hate? Hate on Robert Royals or Brunnell the last few games and Samuels. Those are the ones that SUCK. IMHO :cheers: :2cents: :notworthy

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For the 10,000th time. Yes. Team leader. Face of the Redskins. Will play here for his entire career (I hope).
For the 10,000th time? First of all, who are you? You act like you are a "Ring Of Fame" member here with thousands of posts. I mean damn man, you only have 2 hundred something posts; how did you repeat yourself 10,000 times? :)

For what it is worth though, I agreed with what you said. I just thought that the way that you said it was kind of funny.

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Dude what's up with the Haterade? Did LaVar take your girl or simply punk you? I would like to see you tell him that to his face. Well as I was told opinions are like BUNGHOLES everyone has one and as in your case they stink.

You want to hate? Hate on Robert Royals or Brunnell the last few games and Samuels. Those are the ones that SUCK. IMHO :cheers: :2cents: :notworthy

What is haterade? I dont speak in dork language.

No Lavar didnt take my girl, didnt punk me, and no i probably wont say this in his face. But if he did get on his computer looked at what i am posting about him, said he wanted to fight me. I'l let him fight me if he wants.


Like I said before, those who think lavar should be a redskin next year dont really know much about football.

Just like the ones that say Gibbs doesnt know what hes doing with personel...

Hes done a good job with that, brought in the best QB available at the time #8, brought in marcus washington, brought in griffen, brought in rabach, brought in clark, drafted sean taylor, drafted chris cooley, and drafted campbell. (theres more)

and most importantly, ****ed patrick ramsey cuz he simply is not good enough and BENCHED LAVAR ARRINGTON.

Get rid of LAVAR!

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I have a theory on why LaVar wants to stay a Redskin. He probably knows that no other team in the NFL would pay him 10 mil plus to be a GOOD linebacker. I could work up some tears too if I thought about leaving the only team that will ridiculously overpay me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those LaVar bashers(or one of those weird LaVar lovers), I just keep it real. The guy is not a top NFL linebacker. He's not even the best LB on our team. I honestly think that the reason he has failed to improve is because of the lovefest he has had with our fans. We have made his head way to big. Then Snyder goes and pays him all that money, that really boosted his ego.

So now what do we have. Well, I belive we have a GOOD linebacker who still has the POTENTIAL to be GREAT. But, unfortunately because of circumstances, his ego, his salary, coaching changes, and etc. I doubt that WE will ever see what LaVar could've been. I think with his salary rising and his performance declining(whether because of injury or not) LaVar won't be a Redskin for too much longer. AND, I think that all of our fears will come true, he will probably go some where else and be the MONSTER that he should be. The reason? Because when/if LaVar goes to another team he will HAVE TO start all over. He won't be a GOD like people make him around here. He will have to be humble and earn respect again and I think that that is what he needs.

I mean if we are tryna be real here, we all would admit that LaVar is underperforming or atleast overpaid(and thus underperforming). I know, I know, he had an injury, but come on. He didn't take a paycut when he got injured, in fact he claimed that we owed him more money, so I'm not gonna keep cutting him slack. Come on LaVar, where are the sacks, where are the forced fumbles and INT's. He was supposed to be a savior on Defense but all he's really done is make a few meaningless tackles. I say meaningless because he hasn't made any plays this year that have really effected the games, most of the time we still end up losing. You can't really prove that our defense has better since he's come back. We did great against the Bears, the Seahawks(a great offense), and the Cowboys. When a 10 million dollar linebacker returns to a defense the differrence should be obvious, and, it hasn't.

I don't really know if I want LaVar back. I don't really think that DC is good for him. There are too many people here telling him he is GOD when he is nothing more than the 6th leading tackler on an inconsistant defense. He needs to be somewhere where he is motivated to improve and he has to regain some respect. Washington DC will probably never be that place. My two cents.

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O.K. let's give you the benefit of the doubt. Yes Marvin said he was hard to coach..and Yes he maybe a freelancer but so wasn't LT and Bill Parcels new this. So what did old Bill do.. He set him free to wreak havoc. Now where is LT in the history chronicles of the NFL. The same place where LA is going to be ....HOF

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