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  1. If only Henry didn't tweet anything regarding his future last week. Still, that promo was pretty awesome. It's amazing he's been in WWE all this time, despite all the injuries he's suffered.
  2. I was thinking about FC Washington. I really like that direction for a new team name. I don't care for "Warriors", but I wouldn't mind going with Washington Seminoles....screw regional affiliation!
  3. Zone D stalled the Spurs for a little bit. Wizards need to stay hot from outside in the 2nd half.
  4. Suns tonight. Still thinking about going or not. Phoenix handled the Lakers last night despite off nights by Nash & Morris. Gortat is REALLY playing well for the Suns, and their team shouldn't be too tired from last night. We'll see how well McGee can cover the high pick-and-roll tonight, and see if the uptempo pace provides some offense similar to the Portland game.
  5. Since WrestleMania 21, John Cena has had 12 World Title reigns (10 as WWE Champion, 2 as World Heavyweight Champion). Not even 7 years yet! I swear he's won the title 3 times this year alone. Whatever happened to being a main eventer that didn't always need the belt to feel validated? (Taker, HBK to name a couple)
  6. If Cena wins this Sunday......:chair::censored::cuss:
  7. Tomorrow, ESPN.com's "5-on-5" series covers the Wizards. Interesting to see the opinions from national hoops bloggers..
  8. I just watched the video of his entrance at MITB....electric doesn't even begin to describe that Chicago crowd. Simply EPIC. I wish I could get one of those "Best in the World" t-shirts Punk wore to the ring...
  9. I wonder if we'll see appearances by Colt Cabana & Luke Gallows at MITB tonight. If anyone wants to watch it somewhere, The Ugly Mug is showing it (8th Street, SE). I swear, if Cena somehow wins this one....
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