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This is just an idea not sure if it would work here, but A softball message board I belong does does a thing called Secret Santa. How it works is you sign up and you are assigned a random person to buy a X mas gift for, same thing someone has you. You give them you interested, shirt sizes, whatever you like. Might be something to think about, although it is kind of late. I've done it 2 years in a row and got some great stuff. Last year, I got a 1 PS2 game, 2 DVD, a shirt, hat, some bat tape and some other odds and ends. This year i did it and my Secret Santa wasted no time, I got a 3 time Super Bowl Champ Redskins hat the other day, also a 50 dollar gift card for Cabela's. He said I still have something else on the way.

It is also capped at 35 bucks, but my SS obviously went over board.

What do you guys think??

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$35 X 45,000 = $1,575,000

There's no way to be everyone's secret Santa is there?


No you just get one person to buy for. And one person buys for you... (if I understand correctly)

Obviously this would only be open to people who were / are interested.. and say so in this thread.

I think. :paranoid:


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I'd certainly be up for this.....if we kept the dollar value reasonable and could ship the items, I think it would be pretty fun.

Would it be just Redskin items? One would think. I'd guess there would need to be an "organizer" for this that would list all the participants. This person would then randomly draw numbers and inform everyone who they had via PM.

The time I've done it before - it was kind of fun to guess who had you.....but some of us ran into problems w/ the post office as we tried to disguise where the packages came from and were cryptic w/ return addresses.

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