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The dumbest kids ever


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One of the dumbest (yet funniest) things I have ever seen. A couple of teenagers came up with a very unorthodox way of launching a bottle rocket.

I must preface this with a strong recommendation that you use discretion in watching this - i found it incredibly hilarious but some may find it offensive. Definately not for work viewing either.

Nevertheless the vid is up on ebaumsworld:


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haha, that was pretty hilarious.

now granted we didnt launch them from my butthole, but we were launching rockets off my porch after the cowboys game, from our hands. One of my friends never lit one before, so he didnt know when to release. Thing just goes through all the powder while in his hand, so I thought it was broken, I lean in, ****ing thing pops in his hand, it was like a flashbang had gone off in front of me, I couldnt see or hear clearly.

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