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UPDATE 12/18/05:

FOX finally released it's new 2 minute trailer for season 5 that airs Sunday January 15th from 8-10 right after an NFL playoff game and the following night Monday January 16th from 8-10 with 2 more episodes. You can find the new promo here:


This is the 1st Promo for season 5 that premiered during Game 3 of the World Series:


There have been a lot of new promos released since this first trailer. Here are some of them from 24la.net




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The first 5 or 6 episodes are always great...then they get a little over the top...kinda like The Shield. Still great shows though.

very true. the initial terrorists' plots are usually very clever and well thought out. then a landslide of terrorists idiotcy and sheer luck cause it all to come crashing down. then the chase to catch the bad guys usually sucks.

one of my favorite shows though! :laugh:

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Love the show as well.

But can you imagine if this actually happened during this administration?

If you think liberals snivelled about poor lil terrorists being tortured by listening to christina augulera, 50 cent or being sent back home imagine if there was a Jack Bauer who put a slug in a terrorists leg to find out about an assasination attempt or when a nuke was going off.

American lives be d@mned terrorist rights have been violated

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The first 5 or 6 episodes are always great...then they get a little over the top...kinda like The Shield. Still great shows though.

I think that happened in season 4 but the rest of the seasons held up great...

The episodes after the first 5 or 6 are going to be great this year because they hired 2 of the most critically acclaimed writers to write for 24 and their episodes are 7 and 8...

David Fury wrote for LOST and Many Coto wrote for Angel and some other sweet shows...

Looks like season 5 is going to be awesome!

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For those of you who were asking...

There will be a 2 night 4 hour premier...

The 5th season of 24 starts on Sunday, January 15th after an NFL playoff game on FOX. It is a 2 hour premier from 8-10. Then there are 2 more episodes the next night, Monday, January 16th from 8-10.

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as someone associated with the military, you don't think this kind of stuff happens (during any administration)?

obviously not the extent you see on 24, but i can imagine violence and major plots being ruthlessly nipped in the bud.

What me answer this honestly and be labelled a rightwing war mongering bigot?


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I can't wait for this. 3 more months, unfortunately. This should be a great season with the new writers, and with most of the cast coming back. Tony will be back, as will Audrey, Chloe, Edgar, Curtis, and Buchanon, all as regulars. Sean Astin (Rudy and Sam from Lord of the Rings) will be a new regular, as a CTU employee (he better not be ANOTHER[!] CTU mole). Michelle and Prez Palmer will be back, but the producers won't say for how long or in what capacity (hmmm...). Logan is also back (as well as Novick) as the full time President now.

I'm expecting the most explosive first hour attack yet, because it has to be to get Jack back in the fold at CTU. Maybe something to do with Palmer and/or Michelle.

Also, this isn't really a spoiler because the producers told someone from TVGuide this, but don't read on if you want to be completely surprised by the first 2 nights....


Highlight below:

The whole situation between Jack and the Chinese will be resolved within the first 2 hours, the producers said. So no Jack being kidnapped by them or the whole season being about Jack on the run from them.

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