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Fun With Eli's Drunk Pic

E-Dog Night

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You've probably seen it - Eli Manning, drunk off his ass, with his arm, beer attached, around some groupie;


Well, this has spawned a number of spinoffs. My favorite:


What's yours?

That will be the look on his face when Brian O-sack-po gets done with him Monday night, and it won't be from being drunk. :evilg:

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^^The giants have a horrible graphics section and a bad message board overall.

It fells like I'm on my phone,

You'd think they would update that place.

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:ols:Funny how short Giants fans memory is. He forgot that his defense have up the most points in franchise history last year, and that his team as a whole got raped in the llast two games,

He said our broken down team :ols:

I can't wait to hear all the excuses around the league at the end of this season when we're playing in the post season.

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Since the Colt of Cult thread is dead, I had to bump the 2nd most epic ES thread.........

This thread has over 300,000 views, which is nothing compared to the 1 million that the Cult had......

But who cares, this gets my vote for most EPIC thread on ES .....................

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