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Fun With Eli's Drunk Pic

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The only one that should catch crap is eli for not having his chin strap tight, QBs always leave them loose and he really payed for it on that play.

His own player running into him lodged the helmet loose..if you watch the entire replay, his strap was buckled, the angle he took the shot from his teammate made it loose, then WHAM! the defender hit him and it just popped off.

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dude ... you mean to tell me, just by shear numbers the cult of colt thread did not come at least ...close?

i mean, this is he babe ruth of threads, but the Cult is the lou gerhrig

I don't mean by number of viewers, it's the fact you just don't see threads like this one on any sports page.

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OK, since he got bonked on the head in the Jets game tonight, and given that even though it looked bad, he'll be okay, someone should shop the injury onto the pic... Photoshoppers, get crackin'.

:ols: I'm not one to take joy in someone elses pain, but if it means many more can have joy I'll make an exception. :D This actually give me the perfect idea. WOOOOh!

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Haven't seen a gusher like that since the gulf oil spill.

Good one there, fozzy bear. wakka-wakka :ols::ols::ols::ols:

you know he felt that today, too! I mean the facemask is dull and he got cracked good. Aside from the broken skin, I bet he's gonna have a tender forehead.

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