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Who's stock changed the most ?


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Certainly Wuerffel's stock rose substantially tonight. He had the most to rise though as so very little was expected of him. Sadly, Sage saw his stock drop. He only had stock based in the faith we have of the underdog, but, that will waiver now. He simply didn't make any "tough" throws. The bomb, while if thrown by Quincy Carter would be trumped as proof positive of his NFL credentials, simply was an easy pass against a defender who bit on another route. Sage settled in as it went along, but, in all, he had the most positive hope behind him and that kind of can't carry him after this.

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DW for sure. Some of the youngin's as well. Cowsette, Gillespie, Derrius, McCants, etc. I was a little dissapointed in Skaggs. I think that he may be one of the cuts in the reciever corps along with Anthony. But don't tell NavyDave I said it...;)

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Reidel Anthony. That guy hasn't shown me anything and with McCants, Doehring and Thompson looking very comfortable in this offense he could be one of those guys cut rather early.

Also, what's the deal with Antonio Pierce? I haven't heard anything about that guy. he really stood out and last season and I thought he was going to be our future at OLB once Armstead hangs up his cleets.

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Here's mine....

The ones who dropped the most...

A tie between Kenneth Grant and Skaggs

Grant, because of a fundamental error and watching a receiver hit the ground with the ball untouched by a defender. Grant was too busy pouting about the catch, that he let the receiver get up and gain extra yardage. Grant was pretty far down the totem pole already so he didnt have far to drop, but he may have dropped hmself off the roster with that move, or lack thereof.

Skaggs touched the ball 3 different ways, and didnt do muc with it.

On kickoff, he fumbles it and ends up with aonly a 15 yd return. A running play which netted minus 5. And only one catch for 7 yards, with at least one drop.

Who went up the most ?

Again a tie between Lott and Jackson for obvious reasons

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Derrius Thompson did well, and Lott at least made the highlight reel. I also give props to Doering. The entire receiver corps did well. And our 2nd-string D-line made a number of sacks.

I regularly had to pinch myself to remember that this was just an inconsequential pre-season game. The excitement is there!

The commentators (granted, one was a former Skin) was 90% Washington, 10% Frisco. I've never seen a game like that.

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Originally posted by laurent

Also, what's the deal with Antonio Pierce? I haven't heard anything about that guy. he really stood out and last season and I thought he was going to be our future at OLB once Armstead hangs up his cleets.

Pierce was in there with the 2nd stringers - Mason and Mitchell. and was even credited with a sack.

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1) Wuerfful

2) Shane

3) Ramsey

Sage cut. I saw the same tendencies during the game that I saw at camp. It's mainly his lack of experience or grasp of the offense. He did well, but Wuerful outshined him. I noticed Wuerfful's placement of the ball and it looked like he had enough zip on it. He was making the adjustments at camp and we saw all of these things tonight. Shane and Danny are better QBs, it's the system and their experience. If Sage had another year in it, he may of made the team. Sorry to write him off but I can't see him beating the other two.


1) Gardner

2) J. Green

3) Lockett

4) Doering

5) McCants

6) Thompson

Johnson/Skaggs Practice squad

Anthony may make as a Sp teamer, can't see him beating any of the other guys except for Thompson.


1) Davis

2) Betts

3 Guseppie

4) B. Johnson

5) Rcok/Buttone/Royal

Don't know what's going to happen there. Royal may make it as an H-Back. Buttone was blocking well but he's one dimensional. Rock looked solid, very well balanced.

Can't wait to watch the game over again and take notes. We have 4 more pre-season games to fine tune this offense. We WILL be ready opening day.

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Boy, Sage suffers a case of the jitters for a quarter and the lynch mob is forming. In the end 11/21 for 185 2TD/1Int isn't bad for the opening preseason game. Especially for someone who has been acquainted with the offense for six months..... as opposed to five years like Wueffrel.

Climbed the depth chart:

McCants, Thompson, Doering, Gillespie, Royal, and Wueffrel

Cowsette, L. Jackson, Lott, and possibly Scott

Remained the same:

Betts, Rock, SAGE, Lockett, and Watson

Fallen from grace:

Skaggs and Anthony. Skaggs failed to read his blocking on the reverse and turned up field when he should have turned the corner. Anthony, although wide open for a touchdown on the pass to Royal in the flat the play before the Royal T.D, was invisible otherwise.

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You know I was backing Thompson. McCants what a splendid find (he was already on our roster! ;) ). Gillespie, straight up, keep him and you will be forever grateful - a true team warrior and able too!

Betts, after some herky jerkys, showed he can do the things we hoped, also Royale and Johnson showed they're no fluke.

Wuerffel gained the biggest stock with Thompson, McCants and Gillespie, with an honorable mention to Cowsette.

OOO, just where it was needed the most. Gillespie puts more heat on the RBs to stay at their peak, which always bodes well with solid running/catching teams! Rock appears solid, but we should remember, he's not going to see a lot of runs in preseason or catches, since Davis will now have to gear up and start preparations. Johnson will see more action than Rock.

What a nice situation to have on offense.

On defense, no one player stood out that much, but Cowsette, and Lott had pretty good plays. Pierce of course was on point a few times, but was also out position. He can work on it though.

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Weurfal impressed, that's a given. I now must learn to spell his name:silly: Jackson on defense. The run defense as a unit in the first half. McCants and Thompson showed me some.

Wanted more from Watson, Grant - he always seemed to be trailing someone- and Skaggs, dropped kickoff, reverse wasn't really his fault. All punt returners, though Green had a nice one on the first punt.

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To be honest, I thought Doering was going to be camp fodder ... brought in because his familiarity with the offense might help some of the other guys. While that ultimately could still be true, he showed some real effectiveness out there last night and his stock went up nicely.

Skaggs definately dropped in my eyes. His returns weren't great and neither was his receiving. Too bad becasue he's one of those guys everyone seems to be pulling for. He'll have to do better than that ... and quickly.

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Ok, here are my $5 pesos:

Rose Big Time: Wuerffel, Thompson, McCants, L. Jackson, Cowsette, Gillespie

Good Impressions: Rosenfels, Doering, Lockett, Royal, Greg Scott, Lott, R. Tucker, Moore and R. Jones.

Dropped: R. Antohny, K. Grant, Skaggs

I think the O-Line played solid, the interior players held up giving reasonable to Sage and Danny to set up, step and throw.

Special Teams (returns) have to step up a little bit.

We will see how it goes on the next game.

When it's the first cut have to be made?

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Cskin, I'm with you. I'm not nearly as down on Sage as most other folks. OK, he came out wobbly against the 9rs first team and made some mistakes. This was to be expected. He threw a pick, but Wuerffel threw a couple that could have been picked also. Then Sage settled down and, when presented with opportunities, made the most of his remaining time. At worst he showed us he doesn't stink, and he certainly earned more time to show his stuff. Course, my name ain't Spurrier so it really doesn't matter what I think.

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