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  1. It's pretty amazing how ordinary these EPL teams are looking in european competitions time and time again. It's conceivable that the EPL will make up their deficit to the top european clubs in Spain and Germany soon, but it also stands to reason that they'll just spend a ton of money on duds, making the other European sides more competitive in the process. This United vs. Wolfsburg game shouldn't even be competitive when you look at what it cost to assemble the respective rosters, but it's the English side that looks like the underdog in this game. Pretty sad.
  2. Two bogus PI calls in a row.
  3. How tall are you? Letting a Ridley X-Bow 20 from 2013/14 go cheap. XL frame, probably not going to be happy with that frame if you're under 6'2"
  4. Finished watching the first two season of Vikings and Peaky Blinders, loved both of them. Highly recommended.
  5. Almost seems like a sacrilege to jump into the fray after all these pages already, but I've got a new favorite that I just can't get enough of. If you like Hoegarden you will absolutely LOVE Blanche de Bruxelles. It's a Belgian White, nothing earth shattering, but I just love how simple, clean and refreshing it is in comparison to the bavarian wheat bears I'm used to. It's possible to enjoy quite a few without feeling bloated. A hint of coriander, citrus, orange peel, just the perfect beer for a sunny afternoon. Ranks a 4/5 in my book.
  6. I personally love the white on white look. They can play in those colors as long as they want to as far as I am concerned. What I am curious about is what our alternate is this year. Are we going to break out the golden pants and white jersey at some point?
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