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Who's stock changed the most ?


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Danny Wuerffel definitely. He KNOWS that offense and I have a feeling we'll see him under center come the first game in September. Then again, we've yet to see Shane and Patrick.

In WRs, I will have to go with Derrius Thompson and Emmet Johnson. Thompson caught the balls that counted. And Johnson made a big time catch over the middle when it was 3rd and 16 (yeh yeh...a long shot for a rookie free agent...but I gotta give my props to him since I'm from Blacksburg :D) . He held on to the ball even when he knew he was about to get ROCKED. I think Skaggs proved d*ck. Although, I think it will take a few more preseason games to get his bearings, Skaggs is going to have to have some big plays soon!

Gillespie was exciting to watch..I mean this guy's FAST.

Defensively? Jackson and Cowsette. What else is there to say? They proved they are a tight-glove fit for this defense. Plus they hit BIG and a they're quick!

Looking for the exit above the Fed Ex Field front doors: Skaggs, Grant, and Anthony...Oh yeh, that Japanese dude to...hehe

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Stock Up: 1)Wuerffel, it may have been 6 yrs since we last saw ya, but the guy hasn't missed a beat in this offense.

2)Doering, DW to Doering go together like.....well you fill in the blank.

3)McCants, if this guy can stay healthy, he will help.

4) SOS Jr (WR coach) ..this guy is already a better asst coach that Schotty's boy. These WR's run precise routes and get open, and can catch.

5)Gillespie: I was never a big fan of midget backs, but Gillie has a burst. Let's just hope we don't have to see him run up the gut consistently (Fla fans know what I mean).

6) L. Jackson, damn who is that guy and where did he come from?

7)Can't say who else on defense impressed me, I just wanted to see the "O" get back on the field.

Stock down:

1)Reidel..Loved what you did at UF, but you're going to be back in Belle Glade quickly if things don't turn around quick.

2)Skaggs - sorry but I've never seen what others see. And frankly after last nite, I still don't. Buh-bye

3)Watson-Watkins: As I said a week ago, when someone posted what about Watson's chances, I said he will be cut. I stand by that. Same for the other guy.

4)Tony Banks and Jeff George: Boys it takes more than a cannon arm in this league. Thank god we are rid of these 10 cent head guys with no accuracy.

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I'd prefer to wait til next weeks game since this one was about getting over the jitters and the road trip.

I'm not going to say anything on the QBs because they both had their moments.

Skaggs wasnt impressive in his first game but there is the next 3

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The one thing I really noticed about Sage last night was that he LOCKS on one receiver and throws it to him no matter what. I looking forward to seeing what Shane does next week..

After reading all these posts today and last night Im under the impression we all miss Jimmy Raye...:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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Funny thing, I never, ever doubted Sage and knew, because I've seen it with even hall of famers on their first outing - JITTER!

Wuerffel has a lock on the roster, period. don't be surprised to see Sage actually bump Matthews. Sage is a "progressive" QB, like Phil Simms. Simms was not noted for his scrambling, but in the pocket with time, he riddled defenses. Sage has that kind of thing that can't always be taught, but the best of it, comes with time.

I see Ramsey in a learning curve that is more than we had hoped for. This makes for the best QB camp, since Mark Rypien, Jay Shroeder, and Doug Williams.

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It's pretty hard to rate Matthews since we haven't seen him yet. Sounds like he started camp not-so-great, but then was picking it up last week (and the WP said he was looking the best). So I wouldn't start writing him off yet. As it was- Wuerffel definitely looked good. As someone else pointed out, he did throw a near-interception or two. But he just looked sweet running the offense, and totally created his own little play on that near-sack dump-off to Gillespie and that little dump off over the defender right afterwards. Also, he did throw a decently hard ball when he needed to on one of those TDs to Thompson. Sage clearly had the jitters at the get-go, but that's not too surprising. He did turn it around, although his numbers look a lot better because of that one long TD where Thompson was wide open (although I have seen guys miss the WR in that situation because it's almost pressure when the guy's that open). So at this point, all we can say is Wuerffel is ahead of Sage, but that's not too surprising since he's got the experience with SS's offense. I'd wait until after the Carolina game to place Matthews in there.

As for otherwise in the game, both lines looked better than I expected. And Spurrier's offense seems to create some ways for the QB to get the ball off quickly a lot of the time, which also should take some pressure off the line.

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My prediction is after next week the QB depth chart will look like this:

1a) Mathews

1b) Wuerfel

3) Rosenfels

Ramsey won't play much if at all for the Skins this year.

Mathews and Wuerfel will run SOS offense in almost identical manner. Wuerfel's a little more consistent, Mathews has a slightly better arm and a bit more mobility. Mathews has played more in the NFL. Wuerffel won the World League Title. Both make good decisions and execute SOS offense well. Ramsey needs time to learn this system and practice it in game situations. He's burning his opportunity by holding out. Maybe we can trade him to Dallas for a high pick next year. I don't think SOS really wanted him anyway...Leftwich or Grossman would fit the bill nicely. Too bad we didn't get Jabar Gaffney

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I'd say alot of guys played their hearts out and impressed our

coaches and some teams around the league. I think Lott, Jackson, and Scott played well on D. I still think Scott is going

to be a sleeper. Gillespie and Doering were impressive.

Skaggs hurt himself alot tonight.

I think Marty ball dropped the most tonight.

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No way are EVER going to make a trade with Dallas! :puke:

By the way, I think Sage did just fine. I pretty much expected him to play a little tentative in the beginning, and then impress in the end. I see many are writing him off simply because of that first drive.

Stock rose: Wuerrfel, Doering, Thompson, McCants, and Gillespie.

- Wuerrfel looked good, very good. Yet we also have to remember who he was playing aganist. Some of his errant passes would've been picked off he was playing aganist starters. Doering looked very good. He doesn't have much speed, but he catches everything that comes his way and is probably the best route runner we have. I loved that stiff arm he gave a Niner corner, and held him there all the way to the first down.

Thompson and McCants were impressive in their touchdowns. I think Lockett has some competition for the #3 reciever spot. Gillespie was very impressive, he has blazing speed, good instincts, and can really move the chains.

Stock dropped: Skaggs, Watson, and Anthony

Skaggs didn't do anything with the ball the whole game. Watson looked below average, he lacked the vision to gain more yards after breaking through the line. Gillespie and Betts outshined him and he was given so many opportunities to prove otherwise. I forgot Reidel Anthony was even in the game, and that is bad for a wide reicever.

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Originally posted by JackC

I would say that Jackson guy playing D end. Some more games like that I might have to learn his first name. Where did he come from?


Ledarius Jackson ..... We picked him up as a Free Agent, he was picked up by Seattle last year as a FA. He played well

Also.....Cowsette, was very impressive. I didn't know he was that quick.

Thompson & McCants.....great speed, nice hands.

Gillespie, very ellusive.

DW played very well.

Gameball goes to the Ballcoach. :cheers:

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Majorly inpressed with Gillespie. Showed great vision and acceleration. Also, good awareness on that dump off by DW. He should challenge to be the 3rd down back.

Was it me, or did anyone else get really annoyed with Theisman when he kept saying 'Steve Matthews' ? He must have said it five or six times. I would think after a few times one of the guys in the booth would cover their mike and say "Hey idiot, it's Shane Matthews, not Steve," Moron

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