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With training camp beginning one week from today, it is time for us to make our predictions of who will be the Top Guns for this training camp. What player (players) do you think will come out of this camp as movers and shakers for the season?

As the season progresses, we can come back to this thread and see if our particular pick is truly the TOP GUN.


Texas Blondie

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of the younger players:

1. Rashad Bauman. I had my doubts about him at 5'8 but if Lewis is correct and Bauman is instinctive in coverage and a candidate for the #4 corner job, he is going to see a lot of action this year in the wide sets and in case any one of the top 3 goes down.

2. Cliff Russell. I still don't have much faith in Kevin Lockett. My belief is that someone will supplant Lockett as the #3 receiver either before or during the season and Russell has the biggest upside of the younger gaggle or receivers on the team.

3. Ifeanyi Ohalete. An almost forgotten name, but I think that Marvin Lewis looks at his safeties and determines they aren't aggressive enough to make plays. Ohalete or #5 pick Andre Lott appear to be the beneficiaries there. :)

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Jacquez Green

plus the obvious:

Stephen Davis



The surprise last-hurrah comebacks

Bruce Smith

Santana Dotson

Dark Horses

Cliff Russell (2nd half of season)

LaDell Betts (as a 3rd down back)

Baumann - as a special teams standout

Far fetched really dark horse

Danny Waffle

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Originally posted by bulldog

Wuerffel as a productive starter here would cause so much embarrassment and humiliation for the national media that they would never write a negative word about the Redskins again :)

Yeah, that's why part of me would just love to C it happen:high:

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I think Rock Cartwright will surprise a lot of people at camp. For all those who don't follow the skins as close as we all do, they will be like, "wow, who in the ---- is this guy?"

I also agree with bulldog. Ohalete has some mad skillz, and depending on how he handled this offseason, could make a SERIOUS push for the starting job.

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Surprisingly not one has suggested Skaggs or McCants. One of those two HAS to step it up.

With the work ethic of Skaggs, you have got to root for him. heck, if he can impress Champ, I have to root for him. I expect him to be doing kickoff returns, maybe punts

Both were reported very raw last year, so we will see what a year of seasoning does.

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Montilar, I am one post to late for ya

I will take Skaggs, I think this kid will start off as a returner or just a good special teamer and end up with a chance due to injuries to a wr, oh that's right Westbrook is gone:D So Justin will just have to earn it and I think he will.

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I think J. Green is going to have a big impact. I would keep

an eye on Greg Scott, DE from Hampton U. I think this could

could be a sleeper. Marvin Lewis personally worked him out

and talked everyone into drafting him...even if 7th round.

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