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Top 5 happiest sports moments!

Mr. S

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Someone told me about this thread idea from a message board he goes to. Not sure if it has been done here, but I dont recall seeing it. Anyways, list your top 5 or 10 sports events that made you extremely happy.

In no order:

1. Super Bowl 26, I was only 7, but I remember being at a family super bowl party, kept hearing Redskins and my dad cheering them, so I figured they were the "good guys" and became a fan since.

2. JMU winning the Division I-AA championship this past december, after beating W&M who beat us in the regular season.

3. Centreville High School winning the AAA Division 6 State championship. That was my first experience of winning something.

4. Redskins beating the Cowboys in Spurriers first year, and Darrell Greens final game. At least the team came out to help him retire happy, though sad to say about our 8 season loss to them basically.

5. Redskins going to the playoffs in 1999/2000, and actually getting to the 2nd round after a wonderful defeat of Detroit and good ole Gus.

Im sure you all will have more, I wanna hear stories and good experiences!

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Sitting in the Barracks in Turkey in 88 at 2am the 2nd quarter of the Super Bowl and asking where everyone went...

Repeating that in Korea in 92 getting drunk at 7am- prepin for when the game came on....

The entire 81/82 season... not as enjoyable as i was younger...


85 Bears superbowl.. given the choice of eating or watching the game in the dayroom of Basic Training.. Then watching the Drill Sergeants close the curtains on the people going to dinner while we watched an awesome butt kickin...

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1. Skins beat Vikings in 87 NFC Championship... Gibbs praying on 4th down. I was only 9, but I still remember calling all of my friends after that game and they could have cared less about the game

2. Skins beat Broncos to win Super Bowl

3. Skins beat Bills to win Super Bowl

4. O's clinch AL East in 1997

5. MD beats FSU this past fall

6 on... everytime MD has beaten Duke in basketball

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1. The last game at RFK (beating Dallas).

2. Watching DG's last game (beating Dallas).

3. Watching the Superbowl in Korea.. Like Thiebear said, there is just something about getting up before sunrise and getting totally loaded before the game. Doesn't hurt that we got hit with a Blizzard the same day and so we were all in our shorts and Football jerseys watching the game.

4. On a more personal level, All of the times that I played Football in the desert with my soldiers. We sucked, but it was probably the most fun we had in Iraq..

5. 2005 when Carolina beat Illinois for the NCAA basketball championship. That may actually be #3..

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1. Redskins winning Super Bowl vs Denver (especially that 2nd quarter

2. Gibbs announces he is coming back to coach

3. Cubs playoff run before the "Bartman" incident

4. Redskins winning Super Bowl vs Bills

5. Lakers 1st championship with Shaq/Kobe/Phil

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1) SB XVII 70 Chip.

2) 2131

3) 2002 NCAA Champion Terps Dixon cutting the net.

4) 1982 NFC Championship Game Grants TD

5) Cal's 3001st hit. A walk off homerun to beat Tampa. We drove down to Camden Yards from CT and was the last game I saw Cal play in person. Plus I called it. :)

6) 2001 World Series. I was at work in a room full of Yankee fans, when Rivera threw the ball into the outfield.


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Originally posted by MaddogCT

6) 2001 World Series. I was at work in a room full of Yankee fans, when Rivera threw the ball into the outfield.


That game was great. Soriano's home run in that game almost made my list, but something else from that series made it instead.

These are the moments that I'll never forget, and made me go insane when then happened. In no particular order.

The Yankees winning the world series in 1996. They had sucked my whole life to that point.

Steve Yzerman's goal in double overtime in game seven against the St. Louis blues in 1996. Easily the best hockey game i ever watched.

Brett Favre's 50 yard scrambling bomb to Sterling Sharpe in the playoffs against Detroit. That was the day i became a Favre fan.

Larry Johnson's 4 point play against the pacers in 1999, when the 8th seeded Knicks made the run to the NBA finals.

The two out, two run homers, on back-to-back nights in the 2001 world series. I was at a bar Haloween night for Tino's, the whole place went insane. And Brosious' the next night was even crazier.

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Well, here are mine. I've only been a huge sports/skins fan since 1991, so alot of the older stuff wont apply to me, but basically just some moments that made me flip my sh*t...

1. Music City Miracle - I hate the Bills being from that area, and it was one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

2. 2005 NCAA Quarter Finals, Illinois 12 point comeback in 1 mintue.

3. New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox ALCS, Aaroon Boones GW HR.

4. Syracuse Orange (fav basketball team) wins the NCAA Championship in 2003.

5. My first Skins' game @ Fed Ex Felid, Clinton Portis 64 yard TD run.

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Broncos Superbowl, b/c of the way we came back and dominated.

Bills Superbowl, b/c a good friend was a Buffalo fan, still fun.

97 Western Conference Finals when Stockton hits a three over Barkley to go to the Finals, I hugged my wife so hard she thought I might have damaged our unborn daughter! She's fine, by the way.

Darrell's last game, just hearing the crowd roar as he was announced.

Ripken breaking Gehrigs record in a classy, wonderful way.

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1) 1982 NFC Championship game vs Dallas. RFK shaking, fans chanting "We want Dallas!!" and then we took the field and dominated!! Darryl Grant scoring a TD on defense while the stadium erupted....awesome!!!

2) Tie: Two words: 70 Chip (circa 82) and Joe Gibbs' return

3) The 1986 Boston Celtics. Doesn't get any better in basketball then the Big Three with a healthy Bill Walton as 6th man of the year in tow. The greatest passing team that I have ever seen in my time of watching NBA basketball.

4) The 1986 Masters. Everyone had written Jack Nicklaus off at the age of 46. He hadn't won anything in like 6 years and came out of nowhere to win. His son Jackie as his caddy that day, standing behind his Dad whispering "Please be the right club.." and his Dad turning around(while the ball is still in flight) while winking at him, saying "It is.."

5) Cal Ripken Jr breaking Gehrig's record and at the same time, saving baseball.

6) Bill Elliott's 1985 season. The birth of Awesome Bill from Dawsonville. Super-speedway domination by 3 brothers running a one car team.

It's so hard to have just five....:D.....Also: It makes me feel such joy to be watching the Skins and hear the band start up with Hail to the Redskins. :)

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1. SB17 - nothing like that first Super Bowl win.

1a. NFC Championship Game vs Dallas the week before. Beating your arch-rival to get to the big game. It's a toss-up between this and SB17 so I'll rank it 1a.

3. Miracle on Ice - beating Russia in Olympic hockey. I never liked hockey...still don't to this day...but that was a great day.

4. 1986 Mets. Game 6 of the World Series. I still shake my head in disbelief everytime I see the clip of the ball rolling between Buckner's legs. Even more amazing is the fact the Mets won despite the fact they were all drunk/on coke most of the season :)

5. SB22. That 2nd quarter was simply amazing. It was also nice watching the rest of the game knowing we were going to win. Close games are good, but if we're going for a championship I want to blow the opponent out of the game early so I can begin my celebration.

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Originally posted by skinsfan080

1. Music City Miracle - I hate the Bills being from that area, and it was one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

Off topic:

I'm from Rochester too... I don't mind the Bills though... their defense is amazing and they have Willis McGahee...

But they aren't the 'Skins.

My top 5:

1. The moment I became a 'Skins fan... Dad showed me a tape of Riggo taking it to the house on fourth down against the Dolphins...

That's the reason I'm here today :)

2. 35 points in a quarter against the Broncos... hahah awesome.

3. Beating the Bills... Sure, I was young, but I got to talk alot of trash to alot of Bills fans.

4. Playoffs in '99...

5. Coach Gibbs returning to the 'Skins.

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1. Super Bowl 22 in 1988 which I listed to the end of the first and second quarters while sitting in a cab coming back from Dulles with my mom and my (late) step-father.

2. Red Sox winning the World Series. I watched the game in New York City in a bar called Nice Guy Eddies on Houston with about 15 other Sox fans. I brought mini-cigars and passed them out to everyone. The East Village erupted in a Red Sox fury. It was sort of unbelievable. I think many of us that live in NYC were more just stunned than anything else.

3. Dave Roberts stealing second base.

4. Every game during the 2003 NHL Finals between the Devils and the Ducks. The only Colgate alumnus playing the NHL (or who was playing the NHL) was on the Ducks (Andy McDonald). Even though it was right before finals, I stayed up for every game and watched them play into the wee hours of the morning. It was a great series.

5. 1991 Washington Redskins. Every game of that season we just owned our opponents. Now, that, was fun to watch.

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1) Watching my brother lead Miami to win the College World Series in 1982;

2) Watching the Skins win their first SuperBowl the same year!

3) Attending my first World Series (all games) Braves vs. Twins;

4) Beating Dallas in the NFC Championship game:

5) Learning of Joe Gibbs return!!!

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1. Gilbert Arenas' fade-away buzzer beater over Hinrich and Chandler in Game 5 of the First Round this year after squandering a 10 point lead in 40 seconds.

2. "The Shot". Michael Jordan's jumper to win Game 6 and his 6th NBA Title in 1998 against the Jazz. I'm not a Bulls fan, but that memory has stuck with me like none other.

3. 2001 Rams vs. Redskins. LaVar Arrington sacked Kurt Warner and forced a fumble when the Rams were driving to take the lead very late in the fourth quarter. I was at the game and was the only win I've ever seen out of thirteen tries.

4. 2001 Washington Capitals 5, Ottawa Senators 4. The Caps are down 4-1 entering the third period and score a whopping four goals in the period to win. After the fourth goal, seeing how it was hat day, almost everyone threw their free hats on to the ice and a 25 minute intermission ensued to clean them all up. I was at the game and it's one of my fonder memories.

5. Game 2 2002 Eastern Conference Finals. I was rooting for the Celtics big time that year and had followed them greatly as Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce were my favorite players. In Game 2, the Celts were down 21 after three quarters and came back to beat the Nets in a very, very exciting game.

Honorable mention: Nationals first home game, Aaron Boone's homer, Game 3 of first round of NBA Playoffs Wizards v. Bulls, Eagles lose to Panthers in NFC Championship.

It's pretty sad I only have one favorite Redskins memory and it's a regular season game.

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[*]John Riggins run on 4 and 1 in SB XVII

That moment will forever be frozen in time and the Sports Illustrated cover capture it perfectly. We went outside and starting screaming Hail to the Redskins and honking horns.

[*]Ohio State beating Miami in the National Championship

Just the most incredible game I think I have ever watched.

[*]Redskins beating Dallas in the 82 NFC Championship

Beating Dallas is great just about any time, but beating them when it counts most is extra special.

[*]Miracle on Ice

What can you say that has not already been said about this...an incredible high.

[*]Hearing that Gibbs was returning to coach the Skins

The emotion and amazement of this announcement had me literally on Cloud 9 for a week.


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1. 98-99 College footbal season- T. Martin to P. Price 79 yard TD to clinch the National Title. Also Tenn. beating Florida earlier in the season.

2. Skins-Buffalo SB

3. Skins-Broncs SB

4. Wizards 2005 getting into the second round of the playoffs

5. 2005 Roy Williams first NCAA title with Carolina.

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Being from Boston, I have been kinda lucky these past few years :)

1. Sox beat NY in 7 after being down 0-3. Four straight days of edge of your seat baseball. It doesn't get any better!!!

2. Vinitari kicks the FG (Rams in SB36). 14 point underdogs hold off a late game charge by the Rams to tie it up. With 1:10 left in the game and no TO's, Brady drives the Pats to the 35 for the game winning kick.

3. Red Sox beat the Cardinals in 4. In what seemed almost anti-climatic, the Sox disposed the Cardnials in 4. It was a series in which the Cardinals never held the lead the entire series.

4. Vinitari kicks the FG over the Panthers. Despite a late surge by QB Jake Dellhomme, the Pats again win the SB on the leg of Adam Vinitari. Brady drives the Pats down the field for another game winner by Mr. Clutch

5. McNabb puking on the field. Not so much for the Pats winning, but for the way in which the Eagles choked it. THe center was trying to get McNab to run the hurry up to no avail.

Yes, it has been a remarkable run for the Boston teams and I am just enjoying the ride :)

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Tough one

1) Super Bowl 26. The Redskins gave me some of the best moments of my childhood and for a 10 year old to see his favorite team as Champs was amazing

2) Game 6 Eastern Conference Finals 1998- Joe Junuea scores in OT to send the Capitals to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time ever, defeating the Buffalo Sabres in a thrilling series.

3) Virginia Tech vs FSU, 2000 Sugar Bowl-

Despite it being a loss for Tech, this game was Micheal Vick's national coming out party as well as the game that put Virginia Tech football on the national map

4)MLS Cup 1996- The first one is always the best one and DC United came back from 2-0 down to defeat the Galaxy in overtime on Eddie Pope's header. I almost put a hole in my cieling

5) Joe Gibbs returns- WOW what a feeling that day was. I was in New Jersey that night when the rumor broke on extremeskins. I could barely sleep. The next morning I had about 8 phone calls confirming the great news

Honorable Mentions

2131- Cal Ripken breaking Lou Gehrigs streak

1999 Redskins vs Lions playoff game... What a feeling that day was. A dominating victory and everything seemed so right in Redskin land

Virginia Tech vs Miami, Lane Stadium, 2003- I have never been in a louder sports venue in my life. The atmosphere that night was insane and a dominating Hokie victory made it that much better

Virginia Tech vs Miami, Orange Bowl, 2004- A tough grind it out victory gave the Hokies the ACC crown in our innagural season after being picked to finish 8th in the conference. Back to the Sugar Bowl we went

Baseball returns to DC- I cannot wait for some of the memories the Nationals are about to provide

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5. Gilbert Arenas Buzzer beater in the game five of the first round.

4. Darrell Green's Last Game

3. Maryland beats FSU (I was there at that game)

2. US soccer team beats Mexico during the last world cup.

1. Redskins win the division in 1999.

Honorable Mentions:

Joe Gibbs Returns!!!!

Eagles Lose Superbowl to Patriots.

Diamondback Beat Yankees In The World Series (that was a great series).

Capitals play in the Stanely Cup.

Nationals win first game at RFK.

Cal Ripken gets six hits against Atlanta a few years ago (also when he got that homerun in the Allstar game his last year)...back before I stopped rooting for the O's after Angelos' comments.

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1. Super Bowl 26 - I still remember praying to God the entire week prior to the Super Bowl, as well as going back to my grade five class on Monday and bragging to all my friends that the Redskins were Super Bowl Champs!

2. Italy defeats Bulgaria in the semi-final of World Cup '94 in Giants Stadium. I have an enormous amount of pride in being of Italian decent. The passion I have for the Italian national soccer team is the only thing that can compare to my passion for the Skins in sports. Roberto Baggio's two-goal performance was dominating and unforgettable to say the least.

3. Joe Gibbs returns to coaching - I'll never forget shedding tears of joy that magical night on Extremeskins when the rumours initially started to break.

4. Redskins division title win in 1999 - what a sense of relief I experienced as I dropped to my knees and pointed to the sky after Larry Centers strode into the endzone vs. the 49ers in OT.

5. Italy defeats Holland in the semi-final of Euro 2000 - having been eliminated in penalty shots in the semi-final of World Cup 1990, the finals of World Cup 1994, and the quarter-finals of World Cup 1998, I feared the outcome of the penalty shootout vs. the Dutch on their home soil. To my amazement, the Italians ended the penalty kick curse behind the fabulous play of goalkeeper Francesco Toldo, and were off to the final of Euro 2000. Forza Italia !

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No order.

Winning the national championship(TERPS!)

Beating duke at home when they were undeafted and #2 in the country.

Just playing duke in general.

2003 drew hit buzzer shot over unc willmington.

Portis 65 yd run to open the season.(Not to many good skins memories!)

Capitals beating tb in game 2.Jagr had 2 goals.

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