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Top 5 happiest sports moments!

Mr. S

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Non-Redskins moments...

1) QPR get promoted on last day of season at Sheffield Wednesday

2) New Year's Day massacre: Manchester United 1 QPR 4 (on national television... Dennis Bailey still is the last player to score a hat-trick at Old Trafford)

3) Revenge: England beat Argentina 1-0 in the 2000 World Cup (with a WE ARE QPR flag in the background of Beckham's goal). 4 Years of misery are put to rest.

4) Germany 1 England 5

5) 2001 ALCS... My sheer hatred for the Yankees... Summed up in so much emotion. In a game with two teams I don't like, I never thought I could be so euphoric at the outcome... Brilliant.

Honorable mentions... Ripken's records... 1997 O's clinch AL East... Wizards beat Bulls... 2001 - QPR 3 Chelsea 1... I can't remember too much, and I've lived a life of generally zero success, especially in the last fifteen years or so. :(

EDIT: Maryland v. Duke wins... And Vermont upsetting Syracuse - I called it, and it ruined everyone else's bracket. My ticket to $500.

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Non-Redskins moments.

Maryland beating the best teams in the ACC, including a come from behind win against Duke to win the ACC Championship.

My personal hero Chris Hoiles of the Orioles hitting two grand slams in one game.

UMD finally beating Florida State. I can remember that Josh Allen screen pass that he took to the house as if it were in slow motion.

UMD's NCAA basketball Championship.

Cal's last game. I'm still a little bitter that Anderson struck out with Cal on deck.

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Originally posted by TheDoyler23

My personal hero Chris Hoiles of the Orioles hitting two grand slams in one game.

I didn't know that anyone else knew his name. Hoiles was my favorite player as I played catcher all through my little league and high school baseball tenure.

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1)The first game of the 1982 season against the Eagles at RFK.

When Mosely kicked the FG in OT for the W, I knew the Redskins would win the SB that season.

2) SB 17.

3) SB against the Bills.

4) SB against the Broncos.

5) See #1

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5. GW shocks Michigan State and Maryland in two consecutive days at the BB&T Classic. I love Maryland and GW, but for that one game, I wanted GW to win.

4. Nationals come back to beat the Marlins in extra innings with the Ryan Church sacrafice fly. I was at that game and thats the first experiance I had with RFK shaking.

3. Darrell Greens last game. We beat the Cowboys. Enough said.

2. Joe Gibbs announces his return. My dad woke me up at 7 in the morning with the news. That was an awesome day.

1. Maryland beats Indiana in the NCAA Tournament. It was unbelievable. The image of Juan Dixon throwing the ball in the air after the buzzer is one of my favorites.

Honerable mentions- Michael Jordan announces Wizards comeback, Gilbert's buzzer beatrer, Jared's steal to beat the Bulls, Jason Williams misses the free throw against Indiana, Redskins beat Lions, Redskins beat the Jets, CP's 65 yard TD in the first game, MD goes to the Orange Bowl in Fridge's first seaons, MD beats FSU

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1. The Redskins destroying the Broncos in the Super Bowl.

2. Maryland's basketball team winning the national championship.

3. UNLV handing Duke the worst beating in NCAA championship history.

4. Every time the Yankees have lost in the postseason (especially last year when they choked away a 3-0 to the Red Sox).

5. The Kansas City Chief fans giving the NY Giants a standing ovation at the beginning of their 1st game after the 9/11 attacks. (This was to me the classiest move I've ever seen from fans of any opposing team).

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1)SB against Denver...My mom was routing against the skins (shes a cowgirls fan)..and she wsaid we were gonna go down.

All I remember was Doug Williams making a name for himself and getting to go to that parade.

2)Watching my friend Chuck (Charlie Garner) getting drafted.

3)Michael Jordan having the best game of his life playing with the flu.

4)Coach Joe Gibbs returning to football.

5)The University of Maryland Terrapins winning the NCAA Championship.

6)Meeting Lavar Arringtons parents and Family (in their suite @ fedex) at Darrell Greens last game. (Beat the cowboys)

7)Christian Laettners shot from the grant hill pass.

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1961 Senators Yankees game at DC Stadium, I got to met Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris and Bobby Richardson after the game

1980 USA over CCCP in Olympics

1972 NFC Championship game Skins 26 Dallas 3

1983 redskins win superbowl 17

1969 Vince Lombardi named Skins coach

1970 Jets Beating Colts super bowl 3

2004 Redsox beating yanks in championship series

1969 Vince Lombardi named Skins coach

2002 Maryland's B-ball national championship

1974 Ali beating Foreman

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1. Redskins destroying the Broncos in the Super Bowl.

2. Redskins defeating the Bills.

3. Seeing Mark Grace win a World Series ring in 2001. He was my hero in Jr. High and it was great to see him win even if it wasn't with the Cubs.

4. Kerry Woods 20 strikeout game. Complete dominance and if it wasn't for what should have been an error, a perfect game.

5. Colorado Avalance winning their first Stanley Cup. I was a Nordiques fan when they moved and I couldn't believe they won their first year in Colorado. The game went to OT, it was late, and I had just dozed off and my wife screamed "they scored" and scared the snot out of me. Thank God for instant replay or I would have never seen that sweet shot from just inside the blue line.

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I'm not going to exclude any Redskins memories as everyone else already has those covered.

One of my happiest moments was quickly followed by one of my saddest sports moments. Tim Duncan's miraculous fade away shot to give the Spurs the lead with .4 seconds remaining.

Tim Duncan's 21 point 20 rebound 10 assist 8 block closeout game against the Nets in the

Bernard Hopkins beating Felix Trinidad by 12th round KO.

Georgia Tech beating UGA

"Wait a second, it's 4th down, Tech recovered the block. Jim, that's why they kicked it on 3rd down. 4th down and 6, ball is at the 21, they're going to kick it again. Manget from the other hash spot, kick is away and it is GOOD! GOOD! GOOD! GOOD! GOOD!"

Georgia Tech coming back and beating Clemson this past year. The game was over but nobody told Georgia Tech. Calvin Johnson just kept catching TDs.

Goran Ivanesevic winning Wimbledon. I don't know why but I always liked that guy.

The whole 2004 Georgia Tech basketball season. Jack's shot against UNC to win it in the ACC tourney. Will Bynum's driving layup to beat Oklahoma State in the final 4.

Mickelson winning last year's Masters.

Andre Agassi coming from 2 sets down to beat Andre Medvedev in the French Open final. And Sampras winning the US Open in his last grand slam ever.

And this one I didn't get to see live because I was so young, but Dennis Scott stealing the inbound and hitting a three to beat UNC. I got the avi of that on my computer, I watch that and the 12th round of Hopkins-Trinidad just about every day.

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Yep. Exactly what it is. One of my favorite moments/happiest moments.

Let's see. Okay. Skipping the Redskins stuff because they own most of the happiest moments and they have been mentioned for the most part.

hmmmmm :idea:

Hank Aaron breaking The Babe's record. Watched it happen. Wow.

Ali defeating George Foreman. Heard it on the radio and then watched it. :cool:

"No Mas"

Cal Ripken 2131

Big Mac breaking Maris record, ( yeah I know. But at the time).

Franz Klammer and his insane downhill gold medal win.

To name a few.

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Wow, nice topic.. I have a lot....

In no particular order....

Penn State beaing Miami for the National Championship.

1993 Phils Season, when they beat the Braves to go to the World Series. Mitch had a rough few months.

The last 2 Skins Super Bowls, I was too young to remember the Dolphins games.

Probably my all time favorite is when the Detroit Redwings pummled the Avanlache like 7-1, then went on to win the Stanely Cup. Got I hated Forsberg, Sakic, Roy and especially Lepuke!

Last years, Red Sox season was pretty amazing.

And Of course this year, watching UNC win it all. That was the most fun I had in March ever.

I would like to say I remember 1980 when Tugger Struck out Willie Wilson to win the world series, but I don't remember it.

Almost forgot, Dr. J, Moses and Mo CheeKs beating the Lakers in '83.

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My sig says it for me. That's number one. I'll never forget running around my friends house like a child possessed after Riggo galloped 43 yards for a TD on 4th and one against the Phins in SB XVII.

Nothing else even comes clsoe.

But #2 would be watching Rypien throw a 31-yard TD pass to Gary Clark late in the SB against the Bills. That sealed our 3rd Lombardi Trophy.

#3 was Timmy Smith in the SB against the Donkeys.

#4 was the Red Sox winning the World Series.

#5? I dunno. Take your pick form a dozen Skins victories.

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#1. Seeing my 6yr old nephew hit 3 homeruns in T-ball this year, over the fence, when it had NEVER been done.

#2. The day my brother was drafted by the LA Dodgers.

#3. George Brett winning the world series in 1985.

#4. Cal Ripken's 2131st game.

#5. Me making the local American Legion baseball team as a 16 year old. (way back in 1986, 16 yr old's didn't make the legion teams in my area very often, it was very rare, today, it's not a big deal.)

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The top 5 (non-Skins moments)

1. 1998 Daytona 500. Finally, after twenty tries, Dale Earnhardt does it!

2. 2001 Pepsi 400. Great emotional moment for Dale Jr.

3. 2005 - USC destroys Oklahoma for the national title.

4. The original 'Dream Team' in Barcelona

5. My first Nats game at RFK

Honarable mention:

Rhonde Barber's INT return in the NFC championship game against the Eagles.

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