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  1. In 17th century New England, the derogatory term John Cheese was often used by the English colonists to describe Dutch settlers, who were popular for their cheese production. The Dutch translation for John Cheese would be Jan Kaas; with the "J" being pronounced as "Y". Another version of the story reverses the use: the Dutch used "Jan Kaas" (pronounced "Yan Kees") which meant John Cheese or "Cheese Head" to insult the conquering British. This derogatory term evolved into our modern word "Yankee". Either way, we have a word which started life as an insult and slur. Now it is a source of pride, proudly used by many Americans to describe themselves. Even before the American Revolution, British soldiers used the term Yankee to mock American soldiers. It was combined with the word “Doodle”, which was a derogatory term that meant “fool” or “simpleton,” to create the song Yankee Doodle which today ironically is a symbol of American pride. So let's start a campaign to rename the New York baseball team. That would be equality at its finest.
  2. I like twizzlers. I don't like basketball, so I really don't care if the league folds or whatever. I went on a hayride this morning. the best watch I ever had was a $3 watch I got at a yard sale. I put a $12 band on it, and actually received many compliments. And yes, it kept good time.
  3. I'm gonna have to take the "screw it" approach, but I work with and see these people pretty much daily. ---------- Post added October-1st-2011 at 03:26 PM ---------- Hi HH, I've been around, but not too much in the tailgate. Thanks for the good wishes, and right back atcha! :cheers:
  4. Anxiety sucks. I'm having some anxiety right now, and I don't like it. I live in a townhouse, and new neighbors are moving in. I hope they are more quiet and respectful than the last neighbors. Those people were a nightmare. I also have to do some public speaking next Wednesday. I have to give a presentation to somewhere around 50 people, and then answer questions. I don't like public speaking, I get nervous even when I know the material. Picturing people in their underwear doesn't work and besides, these people aren't that good looking so I don't want to see that anyway. Hail and be well
  5. I wear skins shirts and stuff all the time in PA, and almost ALWAYS get a comment, even when I'm in the Philly area. Never anything negative, except when one well meaning Eagles fan warned me about wearing Redskins stuff in Philadelphia.
  6. It is fixed. Paloffs is a word. Google it if you don't believe. And while you are there, Google "gullible" as well.
  7. Why are all the links to the game pointing to the Ravens broadcast?
  8. I'm under attack. I need help.
  9. I thought of a really cool random thought, but I lost it. My hair is too long.
  10. I miss that old look, the count down to game time, and the player data base. But I'll roll with the flow. Still the best message board on the net.
  11. Spring went south for the winter.
  12. Oh dear. I know this couple. They live in Baltimore.