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  1. I thought our running backs did a good job of waiting on the blocking to develop.
  2. Never understood the next years draft pick is less than this years.
  3. Seems like a lot longer than 3 mins. Can’t wait till we pick so I can turn this crap off.
  4. Good for the middle to lower pay players.
  5. I started this, so here goes. The owners split about $260 million between the teams. The salary cap last year was 188 million. After uniforms, doctors, Front office, stadium leases ect. Ect. The profit is a lot less then 80 million. Quite a bit of profit still, but as a capitalist, I think the owners don’t make as much as people think, and it is their businesses. But what do I know.
  6. I bet the players will try to address this in the new CBA
  7. So Norman gets released and we save 15 mil. Richardson gets released and its 2 mil. Everyone applauds. Their still under contract, but a player plays above his contract and want to hold out on the final year, without guaranteed money, and that player should live up to the contract? Not saying either is right or wrong, but IMO it’s messed up.
  8. Congratulations to Ron Rivera. I’m happy to have you aboard. To those that take pride in him being a minority, that’s great. To me he is the best candidate out there. to the people that say privilege, have you walked in my shoes? Worked hard to get to where I am, as did Mr. Rivera.
  9. Person of color. I would hope in this day and age that color has absolutely nothing to do with hiring. As a business owner myself I could care less about color, and more if you can get the job done for me.
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