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  1. If he retires, we are stuck with dead money? From a signing bonus or because of guaranteed money? Clearly I don’t have a clue and don’t want to be ignorant. Could someone walk me through this?
  2. In total agreement here. To think that the players or coaches would sabotage a game to get a higher draft pick is insane to me. A better pick would most likely knock one player off the team.
  3. Seem to me that we tend to run left. Can someone explain why, when we have our most experienced lineman on the right side.
  4. And amazingly Gus had a 15 year career in the NFL. Told my wife that we had a Gus chat open, and she said “Mr. Head butt”. She’s a Bears fan.
  5. I thought our running backs did a good job of waiting on the blocking to develop.
  6. Never understood the next years draft pick is less than this years.
  7. Seems like a lot longer than 3 mins. Can’t wait till we pick so I can turn this crap off.
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