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  1. Najee Harris in the 3rd is a C+ Is that a Najee Harris that plays at Plymouth State or something.
  2. 2009 AND 2013 Produced at least 4 or 5 quality long term starters . Outside of those years it was pretty bleak yes. Some bad picks and questionable character picks too. Ebron over Donald and OBJ (though they had CJ and Golden Tate on roster already) can be brought up too. Hopefully he's learned something from that run with Detroit, being with some better organizations and will be better at the role with us. It can't be any worse than what we've had (up until very recently)
  3. 12 GM's missed on taking Aaron Donald in that draft. Hard to fault a guy on missing on a player 6 years later. How many teams missed on picking Tom Brady for 6 rounds. I'm not saying Mayhew's got the golden touch either but I don't rely on one missed player as the standard for determining whether or not he's good
  4. Love what Alex Smith did this year. It was amazing to watch, but we can't go into next year with him as our #1. Need to lose Sims (PR) as well or at least find someone who can field punts for more than a game without dropping them or letting them bounce when you shouldn't.
  5. He was as impressive as I've seen behind center for us in a long time. Now we are pretty much QB-starved watching the likes of some that have been under center for 20 plus years and this might be like the Eddie Murphy joke about a starving guy eating crackers and saying "they are the best crackers they've ever had, but he really was dialed in vs. Tampa Bay. I would love to luck into a QB once like everyone else seems to (Romo, Warner, Prescott, Wilson) and not have to sell the farm to get one. Hope he gets a little stronger and can keep playing like he did. We were a much different tea
  6. KDawg. Take a look at Cornell Powell from Clemson too for a later draft pick (5-7) Was 5th year Sr. who finally got to play more this year after sitting behind Ross and Higgins. Watch the OSU game this year and what he was doing to Wade.
  7. One other mid- late round WR to keep your eye on would be Amari Rogers from Clemson. Pretty fast. Very Strong. Could be a good slot WR (no more Sims please) Your analysis is always spot on KDawg. Thank you
  8. If Lance falls to 19 I would jump all over that and try to get a Veteran arm in here for a year or two. We've had good luck with guys "falling" to us over the last few years (Allen, Payne, Sweat {though we had to move on that one}) I think KDawg is right and Buechele could be a good pick up later in the draft. I really hope one of the WR's falls to us at 19, or Harris at RB. We need weapons badly, and a QB that can throw more than 5 yards down the field to them.
  9. Even with Meyer I don't think Jax would pass on Lawrence. Meyer was never Fields' Coach at OSU. He's only played for Ryan Day. Lawrence, despite what happened the other night, is a better prospect overall. Fields closed the gap a little with that game but Lawrence will be a better pro, imo.
  10. I think it would be a bad idea to start Alex Smith next week if he isn't any more mobile than he was last night. Like others have said, TB should and will just stack the box and we will see the basic same playcalling as last night. 1st down - short pass for gain of 5-6 yards 2nd down- run for nothing 3rd down - alex smith gets blitzed and can't move in the pocket. sack/incompletion. We are playing with house money now and Alex is one of the reasons we are in the playoffs. But if we really want to make any noise, we need to be able to pass the ball more than 5-10 yards downfi
  11. It surprises me that more people don’t mention Albert O. Big , Fast , Athletic. Only TE in country to have 6 plus TDs each of the last three years. Are there off field issues with him
  12. Honestly. Did any of you really think anything was going to happen. He waits to the last minute thinking he's so smart and its yet another failure. Some have already said it but we will get the press release saying "we tried but couldn't get value back we considered equitable....blah blah" I've been a life long fan since the first time I saw Charley Taylor catch a football. Now my hope is that the franchise will up and move to another city in the middle of the night like the Baltimore Colts with Danny and Bruce leading the way. I'd rather have an expansion team at this point.
  13. Rarely, if ever, have we been the benefit of a trade in which draft picks are involved. We trade our picks away for players that don't merit it, and refuse to trade our players when they still have value (or in a lot of cases somehow let out that said person is on trade block (Doctson for example) and that we will just cut them if we can't find a suitor.) There is no way this team is anything but a laughingstock until Bruce is out and a real, true front office is put in place. Williams, Norman, Kerrigan should all be on the block. Let the young guys play and get as much draft ret
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