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  1. It surprises me that more people don’t mention Albert O. Big , Fast , Athletic. Only TE in country to have 6 plus TDs each of the last three years. Are there off field issues with him
  2. Honestly. Did any of you really think anything was going to happen. He waits to the last minute thinking he's so smart and its yet another failure. Some have already said it but we will get the press release saying "we tried but couldn't get value back we considered equitable....blah blah" I've been a life long fan since the first time I saw Charley Taylor catch a football. Now my hope is that the franchise will up and move to another city in the middle of the night like the Baltimore Colts with Danny and Bruce leading the way. I'd rather have an expansion team at this point.
  3. Rarely, if ever, have we been the benefit of a trade in which draft picks are involved. We trade our picks away for players that don't merit it, and refuse to trade our players when they still have value (or in a lot of cases somehow let out that said person is on trade block (Doctson for example) and that we will just cut them if we can't find a suitor.) There is no way this team is anything but a laughingstock until Bruce is out and a real, true front office is put in place. Williams, Norman, Kerrigan should all be on the block. Let the young guys play and get as much draft ret
  4. I’d tell my 20 year old self in 1991 to somehow someway get into JKC’s ear and put it into his will what will happen to skins after his death. And make a special notation that nobody ever named Daniel Snyder can own the team Ever.
  5. I remember my first game and seeing Charley Taylor break tackle after tackle to get to the endzone on one catch. Became an instant and life long fan (so I thought) My last 20 years of fandom have slowly dwindled with each year. Embarrassments like last night no longer bother me. It's not like its the first one. Its routine with this ownership and management. I'm glad I'm a Clemson grad and have had some semblance of good football to enjoy over the last decade or so. My last home game that I attended for the Redskins was the RGIII season Dallas finale, (Ive lived in Georgia for last 25
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