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  1. I’d be excited to add Young. Just depends on what another team throws at you.
  2. Just don’t screw it up, lol. Come away with Simmons if you move back.
  3. Gruden can stay if he’ll let someone else call the plays. And Allen can stay if he’ll let Doug draft the players. Man......we whiffed by not drafting Derwin James last year, as I said we should.
  4. Get rid of Allen. Everyone needs a change.
  5. Oh, you really want to open up another can of worms. Alright, sweet-heart. I'm gonna pull up Fancy by Bobbie Gentry and think of you. Gonna hit the hay.
  6. What does the civil rights act have to do with anything at this point in time? Our inner-cities haven't been addressed at all. Kids are in deplorable conditions when they go to school. It's just a free for all. Gangs, violence, etc...but feel ok guys and gals, because we're gonna send your mama some food stamps. And who do you think really paid for the stimulus, in the end? With interest. I'm anti-gay in the military just because I know so many who want to serve and don't feel comfortable with it shouldn't have it forced on them. Let's face it, it's not for everyone. I love Aladdin Sane and Zi
  7. Promising everything to everyone including minorities and never delivering on the promise of a better America. More jobs, more wealth. Democrats just play the game. Appeasing the blow-hards and changing nothing. Talk about change and change zero. At least we have a semi-transparent President who didn't lie to us about everything he promised. And I believe Trump loves the USA. To hear Clintons or Obamas in the past, you'd think they were running for office in Egypt or Libya or the like........we need so much change because it sucks here. .and fools in this country believed it. America needed a
  8. That other 30% is a lot of steel. I've got no problem with a President trying to follow through on some of his promises to the people that voted for him. All this talk about Russian meddling in the last election....You don't think the Democrats have played demonstration/campaign games? It would probably blow your mind if you knew.
  9. 35% of California or 35% of South Carolina? I welcome the change in Washington. I think Donald will be ok and make some good, sound judgement concerning our affairs over the next 7 and a half years. He just has to balance his environmental policy. Clean up some things. Forget about the wall, but tax every illegal as a citizen including SS even though they'll receive no benefits from it. Helps SS and curbs your immigration problem.
  10. Don't know but America can be great again without poisoning our air and water.
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