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  1. wolfsire

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I just know that I miss jack kent cooke. Snyder is a curse. He just refuses to surround himself with good football people.
  2. wolfsire

    The Offensive Line Thread

    I think strength and conditioning needs to improve. Our O-line looked like women trying to block men this past monday night.
  3. No weenies needed. The field will be full of them.
  4. And no one on this team remotely has the mean streak or talent that wilber marshall had. From Allen right on down to manusky and gruden to the players. No men. No leadership. A team of choir boys is what Allen wants. Good luck with that. I was proud of JA for raising hell on the side-line monday. Even though he didn’t bother brees much. Or stop the run when it counted.
  5. Let’s play a straight 4-3 again..... dang.
  6. wolfsire

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Saints

    It looked like a college team against a high school team. I think our team reflects their soft head coach and sorry tail drafting, contracts, and free-agent signings or lack of. I don’t remember watching a game where a particular team really didn’t appear to be an NFL team. The redskins didn’t look like they belonged on the same field with the saints. Couldn’t block, couldn’t tackle, and the plan on both sides of the ball was attrocious. Get rid of Allen, hire a GM, and start over. I mean, you guys feel my same pain. 5 can’t block 4 for 4 seconds? And what kind of defense were we playing? The watch run by D? Worst damn performance by ANY NFL team in prime time and I’m sick of it.
  7. Derwin James has the ability to make an offense change their mind. Always has....Always will. Just a superior talent. I give the Skins a D.
  8. wolfsire

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    Why can't he be all of those put together after 5 years in the league?
  9. wolfsire

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    James is a beast with all the skills to track and deliver. How we pass on him is beyond me. We missed on a future all-pro. This organization is a mess.
  10. wolfsire

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    James should have been the pick.
  11. Would easily be our most dominant force at wide-out. Sign Dez. And we need some attitude. I mean, if we care about matching Philadelphia's attitude, which is to tear you a new one.
  12. Oh, you really want to open up another can of worms. Alright, sweet-heart. I'm gonna pull up Fancy by Bobbie Gentry and think of you. Gonna hit the hay.
  13. What does the civil rights act have to do with anything at this point in time? Our inner-cities haven't been addressed at all. Kids are in deplorable conditions when they go to school. It's just a free for all. Gangs, violence, etc...but feel ok guys and gals, because we're gonna send your mama some food stamps. And who do you think really paid for the stimulus, in the end? With interest. I'm anti-gay in the military just because I know so many who want to serve and don't feel comfortable with it shouldn't have it forced on them. Let's face it, it's not for everyone. I love Aladdin Sane and Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars, as an extravagant, brilliant mind created them. The best music.. But to be in close proximity all the time....... . I just know I wouldn't want to deal with it. And that is really how most Americans feel. Do Donald and David own a karaoke bar together or something?
  14. You must have wind-powered electricity where you live.
  15. Promising everything to everyone including minorities and never delivering on the promise of a better America. More jobs, more wealth. Democrats just play the game. Appeasing the blow-hards and changing nothing. Talk about change and change zero. At least we have a semi-transparent President who didn't lie to us about everything he promised. And I believe Trump loves the USA. To hear Clintons or Obamas in the past, you'd think they were running for office in Egypt or Libya or the like........we need so much change because it sucks here. .and fools in this country believed it. America needed a President that would finally try and insure/stabilize our economy in the world market while insuring American jobs.....Bravo