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  1. Oh no Alex has been brainwashed by the big mean owner and his pal! You sound ridiculous.
  2. Oooof. Let’s put it this way, I hope Snyder doesn’t make you his next drinking buddy.
  3. This is an absolutely worthless comment, I'm engaging in a debate on why I think coaching matters to a much higher degree than TSO is articulating. Try and add to the conversation for once.
  4. Mine for one. You just about had a heart attack once trying to comprehend that I could yearn for organizational stability and accountability at all levels, while also painting a theme in many of my posts that there was an overall disconnect between the all time high levels of fan discontent and the mediocre results the current regime had lifted us to. They aren’t mutually exclusive, which I have a feeling we will be visiting shortly here. LOL when I read that you actually took it seriously and made it a theme throughout the rest of your post (shocker I kept reading) I just about ga
  5. Lol. That is pure gold coming from you. Are you able to go a single post without acting like the other poster is making up things just because you disagree with them? F it, I’ll read it. Normally I wouldn’t but this time I will Every single post on the matter makes you come off as if coaching at the pro level doesn’t matter. For someone who accuses me of loving the front office and not owning my views, I find it a tad bit funny for you to make post after post about how wrong people are for thinking coaches matter to the degree they thi
  6. The fact you dismiss coaching at the pro level as if it’s just some figure head who rides or dies on the talent being assembled is one of the more outrageous things I’ve ever read on a football board ever. The correct answer is that they both matter, and they both need to work in unison in order to be an upper echelon team (something we have failed to do here). Holy moly.
  7. The problem is you missed the boat on “this.” And you do it quite often with me. And maybe I am wrong and he asked it how you responded and if that’s the case I’ll admit as much. But when I’ve been repeatedly mislabeled as a homer and waffling on my views, I’m going to pick out things I can directly relate to in an effort to maybe make the board a better place for those that don’t actively come to the board as a collective poop on the Redskins fest. As far as spending time on the board? You’re honestly right on that. It’s not worth my time and energy to engage in debate w
  8. I wanted to quote this because it really does highlight many of my frustrations when it comes to engaging in debates on this board. Correct me if I’m wrong @wit33 but I don’t think the overarching point is that we are as good or have been as successful as the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants. It’s that being mediocre and stringing together 4 straight seasons of playing in December feels a hell of a lot better than being 1-8, and the tone and overall attitude toward the team from the media/fan base would normally reflect that. But for some reason SIP, you took this and ran with the comparison angle,
  9. Haven’t read this once on the board lol
  10. It shouldn’t. He didn’t learn from the past, in a much clearer situation, and should be blasted by it. Even by people who didn’t previously hate him. Just cause I hate what Trent has done, doesn’t mean I can’t recognize that this had zero chance to work in our favor to done what we did. I talked about setting a precedent early on, but was more referring to not giving into immediate demands and at least showing it wouldn’t be super easy to work your way out of here. And there are times precedents be damned and make a forward looking move and explain it as that.
  11. @Califan007 cares because it’s this mindset that is so ridiculous and permeates the entire organization down to the players. There is no actual analysis or attempt to recount facts by 95% of the ES population. Just a whole bunch of people looking to sound off on you know who. And this is coming from someone who is very unhappy that we didn’t unload him for a high draft pick before we got to this point. But oh wait, I’m waffling, what’s today? Friday? Oh sorry I meant ermmmm Bruce is the GOAT.
  12. Curious to hear your thoughts on whether or not the season will count or not.
  13. As many know I’ve gone to bat for this FO and was able to see past the Kirk situation, though always was very annoyed they didn’t get high compensation for a big asset. This one was just pure stupidity cause Trent’s intentions were clear as day. I don’t think Bruce survives it tbh.
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