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  1. HardcoreZorn

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yeah... that’s the thing. What he’s heard is certifiably not accurate. Pay attention. Unless you think Tomsula wanted out cause the 3 ring circus? Oh wait.... he’s back for another year. Oh wait a second! It must be because no one wants to coach here... oh wait, a young up and coming OC who was inquired about around the league for an OC position decided to stay here instead. See here’s the thing. No one, and I literally mean no one knows what’s going on in Ashburn right now. And while you instantly and predictably think that’s me being a blind supporter, it’s not. If you read the reports or gossip (most if not all SIP references) you’ll find that nearly none of it has come true. Tomsula and Callahan want out? Still here, no? Who called O’Connell getting promoted? Which beat guy? Who knew of Horton, or Rob Ryan? Nobody is the only correct answer. Is that a good thing? Idk. It doesn’t mean it’s good or bad really. But what we can safely say is, no one knows. I scan this board every single day, stopped posting for the most part for a variety of reasons. But I’ve read every single media report that’s come out and can 100% say that it’s not gospel. It’s just not. unfortunately your pal SIP takes it as gospel. And so do you since you rush to his defense. Why is that? I reckon it’s because your mind is already made up in the negative (like 95% of the fanbase currently) and you use media as a way to substantiate or corroborate your beliefs. That’s common, so no harm no foul. But I’m surprised you don’t know this, don’t believe everything you hear. Also, what’s rich is my opinion is actually that, an opinion. Listening to a bunch of hoopla and saying “I’d gather” is by definition not an opinion. Again, cool, you agree. But suggesting things based off current media’s access to the club seems lazy at best and downright wrong at worst.
  2. HardcoreZorn

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    You literally don’t know anything that’s going on behind the scenes. Nada. Neither does the media. So your “I gather” Schtick is getting old. You don’t know ****, stop pretending you do. ^someone needs to say this to you. We all get it, you soak up Redskins information all day. The problem is you soak up redskins information from sources that don’t have a clue on the inner happenings of the team at the moment. For better or worse that’s, how they operate. Now, to dive in a little deeper, to sneak into the playoffs IS close in today’s NFL. The giants won their two superbowls with 9-7 records. Many teams get hot at the right time and make noise in the post season, hell, the Eagles went from getting the doors blown off them against the Saints in the regular season to nearly advancing to the NFC championship game against them in THEIR home. Even the patriots were thought to be a shell of their former selves this season until now, when it matters most. We were 6-3. Did we have flaws? Most certainly. Is it outside the realm of possibility Alex starts to hit his stride and we go 10-6 and are a threat? With our pass rush and running game, even this season? Most certainly not. Is that a definite if Alex stays healthy? Hell no. But to act like it’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard? Personal agenda shining through exhibit A. Really REALLY hope we go crazy in FA this year and you have to writhe in pain as you lose your hope and dreams of going 2-14 this season. What a loser’s mentality. And while I’m not content with the current direction of the franchise, I can firmly say I’m thankful it’s not lead by you. End rant. My thoughts: The team is strapped with Smith’s contract. Can’t go FA QB route. If Gruden and O’Connell like a QB, lets go get them. It’s a unique draft in the fact that there are some blue chippers at other positions and some serious questions with the QB prospects. That will push those guys down. IF, and big IF, Gruden and O’Connell like one of Murray/Lock/Haskins and think he’s THE guy with some development, trade up if you have to and go get him. Nothing crazy, but similar to what KC and Houston did to get Mahomes and Watson. If none of those guys are thought to be THE guy, don’t force it. Add a blue chip edge, WR, CB, or even LB. Take a flier on a guy like Grier/Jones in R2 or Finley/Rypien in R3, with the full expectation the franchise QB still isn’t on the roster. If they develop into top 10-15 guy or better, great, you struck gold. Not likely, but even so, having a young and capable spot starter or backup is more than worth that selection. Could be a trade chip down the line as well. Bottom line is please don’t force the issue. Would WAY rather go 6-10 with colt/josh with a stud at another position already on the roster than to go 6-10 with a rookie QB who looks lost and out of place and was not worthy of what we gave up for him. Play the long game here, keep drafting good football players like we have been and go find your QB when it makes the most sense. Side note, I’d heavily consider paying a Demarcus Lawrence or Frank Clark a BIG FA deal. Those guys are feared edge rushers and game changers. You add one of them to Allen and Payne and Foster and Kerrigan up front and wow. QB/WR/LG/ILB/CB/S are positions focused on throughout draft with full realization you can’t do it all. Another RB with talent can never hurt either, but with 9 picks again and a deep draft I think you have a chance to find quite a few really good players. My hope is that Kyle Smith has another really successful draft and is given the title of GM. Let’s not lose any more up and comers. Looking at you O’Connell and Smith.
  3. Everything in the real world revolves around the hatred for Bruce Allen? Yikes, hope I don't get swallowed up by that!
  4. HardcoreZorn

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Sure you are, but that's OK. Pretty used to it. Was just echoing @TD_washingtonredskinsthoughts. There's a lot of things to loathe Daniel Snyder for, but buying a nice yacht does not seem like one of them. I don't know Dan or Bruce personally and certainly could care less about "defending them." What I loathe is the pile on efforts by our own fans, but growing more and more aware that's the norm and I'm one of the outsiders.
  5. That was not the same thread I was reading then but OK. I forgot how everything in your world revolves around hatred and disdain for Bruce, but the premise of this thread was not started on can we attract coaches with Bruce in charge. It was can Washington attract good coaches. At least that's how I interpreted it.
  6. I just think if after this year Snyder cleans house, there will certainly be interest in reviving this franchise. It's a big market, huge visibility, storied history. Those are things that will never go away, regardless of Snyder or how many years have past. I mean look at Cleveland since they moved from Baltimore. They practically make us look like New England. Yet still were able to land a John Dorsey, a very respected personnel guy. And now things seem to be turning around. I just don't buy we can't lure big time names to DC, it's another jab at the franchise out of frustration. Not being able to attract a DC for a regime that may be on its way out is a very different story.
  7. HardcoreZorn

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If they sign Flacco I may just join the Fire Bruce Allen movement. Good god that would be awful, please no. We can't afford that anyway unless it's at the expense of all other parts of the team. I really like the sound of Haskins. He's the one guy I would probably not be super upset about a trade up for, as long as it doesn't cost what it cost to get Griffin. But let's say a trade up to 4 cost pick 15 a 2nd a 4th and a 1st next year. I'd probably do it IF they think he's the real deal obviously. But like you said, the attractiveness is not only getting your guy, but also blocking your division rival from getting theirs. I would not do that trade for anyone else. Otherwise I'd rather grab a Polite or Byron Murphy and potentially look to trade back up into the first for a Grier. Could get behind Murray at 15. Or just take a Finley or Thorson or Rypien in the 3rd as a developmental backup piece and wait on franchise QB altogether. I don't think you'll have to trade up that high this year. Too many blue chip DL and although not a can't miss guy, a plethora of options that teams could wait on w/o giving up a ton of draft capital. Just my prediction. Definitely could see it, though they may tank for 2020 which I could also see. Agreed. Agreed.
  8. You could have said the same thing in 2009 prior to Zorn and Vinny's firings and it would have just as much relevance. Super Bowl winning coach Shanahan showed up right after. Surely you aren't suggesting we only landed Shanny because the market that year had so many openings. The same year that there were only 3 openings total...
  9. HardcoreZorn

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    A quick google search and you'll find tons of owners have yachts like this. They are billionaires. The fire is blazing bc stories like this come out and the fans and media and stupid platforms like twitter fuel it. "But Danny talk to us!" I wouldn't talk either if everyone hated my guts for everything I ever did, even in my own personal life with my own personal money.
  10. People said the same thing when we had to settle for Jim Zorn. Couldn't attract nobody. Then came Shanny. Step off the ledge people, we are one of 32 franchises. There will always be someone out there with the ego that thinks they can turn the ship around and be a hero for a winning starved franchise and city.
  11. HardcoreZorn

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Why don't you just enjoy the parade at that point? Sheesh.
  12. HardcoreZorn

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I would actually be utterly shocked if we don't go QB in the first. Shocked. Just please do not mortgage the future for the unknown.
  13. HardcoreZorn

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    No I agree, I really do. Overall point was some were acting like if he steps out and holds a presser some of the negative press would go away. I don't think that would be the case is all, it's too far gone at this point.
  14. HardcoreZorn

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yeah understood, and I'd appreciate if he did that also. Was just pointing out that those who act like if Snyder came out and held a presser would make all of this go away are lying to themselves. Instead of taking heat for not talking and being chicken, he'd take heat for some comment he made taken out of context or something.
  15. HardcoreZorn

    Poll: How are you choosing to be a Redskins fan right now?

    Then I would argue that there's a very small segment of the fan base that is by definition "apathetic." Sure there are probably some who have completely abandoned the team and don't even watch the games or follow the team at all anymore. But the majority I'd say are angry and fed up, and because of that don't come out anymore. They have grown apathetic to actually going to the games which is what I meant. And to be frank, you miss the boat on most of my points. This is the latest example. I have never ever ever ever ever EVER said fans should be happy with the teams' performance. What I've said repeatedly is that the angst toward the team is way over the top for a team that has been playing meaningful football in December for 4 straight seasons. That being said, mediocrity and playing meaningful football in December should never be the goal, playing meaningful games in January is. And I've touched on that, and come around on the fact it's time to make some changes because the guys in charge right now don't appear to be able to elevate us past our current state. And yes, I'm absolutely ashamed to be part of a fan base who as @Alexa said thinks it's more important to use JD Gibbs' passing as a platform for their fire bruce allen movement. I'm ashamed to turn on the TV out here on the West Coast and watch a half empty stadium come out to support the 6-3 Redskins with a 2 game division lead. I'm ashamed that when we were 6-3 there was more whining about our QB not carving up defenses than there was appreciation for fighting and winning close games. I really am. I'm sorry that offends you but that's how I feel having grown up with season tickets and going to every game. Even when we sucked, I always felt like I was proud to be part of a fan base who would come to the games no matter what. I don't feel that anymore. So yes, I am angry and I never claimed otherwise. My anger is just directed elsewhere, as you said. First off, we don't actually know the world view of Dan and Bruce. We don't. This is all conjecture. But if you want to go ahead and paint me as a mockery of a fan bc I don't send angry hate mail to Redskins park voicing my displeasure, be my guest. And I don't think Bruce and Dan for all of their faults actually blame the media for the teams' performance. I don't think they pal around all day thinking they've arrived. But yeah I'm sure they loathe the media and think they currently are overreacting a bit. This is not a 3 win team. There are some good pieces here and we have a plethora of draft picks again this year. We've used the Saints as an example, but let's highlight them again. They went 7-9 3 straight seasons. That's WITH a HOF QB. Then bam they hit on some big time players like Lattimore and Kamara and they are back in contention. So yeah I don't blame them for caving into the sky is falling narrative that is so prevalent. The same Bills that haven't even BEEN to the playoffs since 2000? How is that not the mark of a dysfunctional franchise? Their fans and media don't react the way Washington's does, which is probably why you don't think of them as dysfunctional.