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  1. Rational logical and positive homer checking in. I bolded above where the disconnect may be. There are some fans, who believe it or not, view football as a form of entertainment. They don’t understand or appreciate how everything Redskins related is dumped on and eviscerated before the real story comes out. Those like yourself who choose to constantly grind the axe based solely off of past transgressions and history before deciphering what’s actually happening I would venture to guess are like that in real life. Maybe not I dunno. Doesn’t mean you lose sleep over the team or that anyone is even saying that. I’m sure that not many lose sleep over the Redskins. But when it comes to entertainment and fandom, there will be some who don’t understand such negative outlooks. Especially when the present is not nearly the train wreck that is presented around here. Though that’s cooled quite a bit with our most recent off season. I guess I’m not sure what’s so hard to understand about that? Why is it that a wait and see or more leveled outlook treated as such a homeristic view? You act as if people are predicting Super Bowls or saying we are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I don’t see much of that if at all on here.
  2. Couldn’t have come soon enough!
  3. HardcoreZorn

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Wait I thought Allen was using a signal blocker to screw up the coaches original play calls and instead was calling the plays himself via headset and radio self installed in his favorite players helmet by Allen before every game... I think what gives me a good chuckle is how when everything is going wrong it’s Bruce Bruce Bruce has his hands in too many cookie jars. Nail the draft and have a good offseason? Those same people will say Bruce doesn’t even do anything. I personally believe Bruce doesn’t do much other than delegate, have said so for years and it’s caused me to question how this guy of all guys has become such a target for the fans. Funny how it all works though.
  4. HardcoreZorn

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Come on man really? He WAS vindicated and that’s that. A freak injury for a player that has zero significant injuries of that nature to his playing career shouldn’t change the original stance on signing Foster one iota. Just unfortunate.
  5. HardcoreZorn

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    I don’t get it.
  6. HardcoreZorn

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Maybe I’ll weigh in again now that it’s a bit less grim around here lol. I think this is a great point and I consider myself in this boat. I don’t think it’s just Haskins, though yes I would never disagree that a young QB brings hope and optimism and he’s a huge driver for the recent surge in fan excitement. But I think what we’re beginning to see here is not only a team that features a young talented QB, but a young talented QB that is surrounded by a young talented nucleus of players. Mostly guys WE drafted and developed. Do we have holes? Surely. By no means are defensive coordinators staying up at night trying to figure out how to defend our receiving corps (though to be fair I think favorably of Mclaurin and Harmon pickups). ILB still a ? but Foster is an enormous talent and it’s not like his rookie year he didn’t flash that talent so counting on him to be a pretty significant upgrade. Secondary could definitely stand to upgrade but it’s also no trainwreak. You get the point, we aren’t perfect or without holes. But this is a much stronger team pretty much everywhere than the team Robert Griffin took over in 2012. It’s honestly not even close. Dont believe me, just look for yourself. Reed Doughty and Madieu Williams were our starting safeties, oh boy. And that’s just the start of it. What you’re seeing are successful drafts beginning to payoff. Starting in 2014 and on, this team has gotten infinitely better at drafting and stack up very favorably against any team league wide. 2016 is the one meh year, but even that netted us Ioan and Fuller who we never should have traded. 2017-2019 we have accumulated a stupid amount of talent. And people are beginning to catch on. So yeah, Haskins is a huge breath of fresh air and it’s exciting to have a young QB that has the potential to be really good. But just as exciting is a DL featuring Ioan Payne and Allen for at least the next 3 seasons along with Settle, along with Kerrigan and Sweat coming off the edge and missles like Foster and Collins patrolling the spine of the D. Offense still needs some work but we have the makings of a very good OL (please for the love of god stay healthy) and strong running game with AP Guice CT and now Love. Certainly there are question marks, but just as certain is this TEAM has tremendous upside. Still not confident they reach it with the uncertainty at QB, but in my opinion, it’s that people are seeing a real football team being built. The foundation and trenches of the team have been built. Now you’re seeing us add a QB and sprinkle in some skill guys that hopefully in due time make us legitimate contenders.
  7. HardcoreZorn

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    Wait you don’t say there’s more to being a QB than yards and highlight reel strikes? Alex was far from great, and in the end that trade really looks bad. But bottom line is he had us at 6-3 with a 2 game division lead. And I have no doubt that the loss of his leadership, and ability to manage games and not turn the ball over were huge reasons why. The defense practically collapsed once both top QBs went down. Coincidence? Are you really going to go to battle for Mark Sanchez? Play your most inspired ball? You are absolutely right. I’m actually less sure of being a 10-6 type team this year than I was last. And it’s because of the uncertainty at the QB position that I feel that way. But to tie it back to this thread, THIS team and specifically this defensive front that we’ve been able to assemble over the past few years is absolutely good enough to impact games and carry a less than great QB. If we can run the ball and have a QB good enough to manage the game like Alex, we’ll be something.
  8. HardcoreZorn

    Welcome to the Redskins Wes Martin OL Indiana

  9. HardcoreZorn

    Welcome to the Redskins Wes Martin OL Indiana

    So if Martin starts, does everyone realize that would mean all 5 OL were drafted by the skins, as well as our 3 interior DL and both of our edges? Wow.
  10. HardcoreZorn

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I think it’s a combination of the above and some unfortunate luck with regards to injuries. No team can succeed with the level of attrition we’ve dealt with. But the above is what I personally believe. This team was so depleted and being built in such an ass backward way prior to Jay and Bruce coming on board. Trading draft picks out the wazoooo, always signing aging cast off cowboys to man the DLine, etc. We had a little something going on 2015/2016 with our passing game but the rest of the team around them was meh. Then the passing game took huge steps back which along with the injuries hurt us some in the short term. But in 2017 and 2018 while that was happening all of a sudden the team was being built up around the QB position. It’s why a middling Alex and his style worked. If we had that passing game back in 2015 we would have been 5-11. So now I think what you kind of see coming together, and the reason you see a slightly rejuvenated fanbase to my eye, is because now we have a young QB with potential surrounded with a pretty good supporting cast, with the exception of a couple positions. A mostly homegrown supporting cast. And while Haskins and some of that supporting cast have only that magic P word to their name as it stands now, potential brings hope. And hope brings optimism which this team could use a bit of. But to circle back, it takes time and patience to reverse a negative culture as strong as the one DC was. This is where you came to get paid and ride off into the sunset. No attempt to build a young hungry team through the draft. Neglecting the trenches. No vision for a team, just haphazardly firing up Redskins one to win the fans back in the off season. So it’s no surprise to me it took 5-6 years for the roster to look as strong as it does now. Still, I think 2020 will be the year they make some noise. I think this year they will be exciting and give us a glimpse and next year with an improved Haskins we will be excited what this team can do.
  11. HardcoreZorn

    2019 Starting Free Safety will be......

    Alexander will be a potential Norman replacement next year IMO. People really sleeping on him. Nicholson showed a lot as a rookie, no way all of that ability just dried up. Sophomore slumps happen. Apke has a ton of ability so will be interesting to see year 2 vs 1. DRC good last resort insurance. By no means the strongest position on the team and man it would be awesome to have a stud back there with our DLine and Foster and Collins patrolling the middle and closer to LOS. But there’s still some intriguing talent and clay to be worked with, and Horton knows how to coach a secondary I think. We’ll see how it comes together.
  12. What do they have to deal with that’s that bad? This is Jay’s 6th year. He’s been afforded a 4th different opportunity to work with a new starting QB. The FO has added a lot of young talent not just this draft, but last three. And now it’s a team with a young talented QB, and Front 7, which are huge pieces to building a contender. I mean what else could you ask for at this point if you are Jay or a prospective head coaching candidate? Teams that suck at drafting and have 5 coaches in the past 10 years like the Buccaneers or teams that take a QB top ten, fire their coach after one year and bring in a loser coach from the big 12 only to replace the QB you just drafted at number 1 with franchise changing defensive talent available to you like the Cards just did, now those are the teams I would be wary of. There are countless other examples of teams around the league who are far bigger train wrecks than the Redskins at this point. It’s ultimately going to take winning on the football field and being a consistent playoff contender to fix our image completely, but excuse me for not buying this hogwash that Jay has it so bad and no future coach will want to deal with the FO. There are only 32 jobs and there are many other less desirable destinations than us as it currently stands.
  13. HardcoreZorn

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Same story last year. A team with a talented front 7 and run game will be in most games, as we proved last year. Will need Haskins/Case/Colt and the passing game to play well enough to expect playoffs. Top 5 is a joke. Nothing to see there.
  14. HardcoreZorn

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    These last 3 drafts could ultimately prove to be franchise altering. Yeah, I get it, we have to see it all play out before we are allowed to have a positivity parade. But if you can’t see the infusion of talent that’s been happening the last few years, that’s on you. There is no organization, I repeat not one, that has amassed the amount of talent through the draft we have since 2017. Or if there is, I’d be curious to see who. And yeah, Bruce doesn’t pick the players in the draft. But he has overseen it. At the very least he deserves credit for letting guys beneath him do their thing. It’s been my point for a very long time, since I joined. I understand some of the other things that’s he’s overseen are less than stellar and I understand wanting the best of the best as the Face of your personnel department and franchise and thus would like him gone. But I will never understand how he’s ever mentioned in the same breath as a Vinny or how he’s become public enemy number one. My hope is that this draft will finally get some more people to realize what we are potentially building here and that there’s less viscerality directed toward the franchise and angst between the fans and players. Weve been begging for high impact. In the last 3 years we’ve added Jon Allen, Daron Payne, Landon Collins, Derrius Guice, Reuben Foster, Dwayne Haskins, Montez Sweat. Thats ignoring and leaving off a host of other good, young players. And of course I know there are question marks, as there should be. Foster has some injury/character concerns, Guice coming off an ACL, Haskins and Sweat complete unknowns. But that’s an insane level of potential that has been added to this roster. Credit where credit is due.
  15. HardcoreZorn

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I’m still not giving up on Doctson, I liked what he showed down the stretch last year. If he can combine the more explosive plays from his second (rookie) year and the tougher over the middle reliability he showed down the stretch last year, then I think he will be a serviceable weapon for sure. Richardson has talent but I have no faith he will ever stay healthy. I like Quinn/Simms/Davis. Cupboard not completely bare but yeah, need to take advantage of a deep pass catcher class.