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  1. I was watching this on MSNBC and they were speaking to her live. I work a lot of events and if the campaign rented the space, including the streets around it, they can police it anyway they want. I work a large festival every year and basically we are the security within the perimeter of our permit. If we ask someone to do something and they do not comply they can be asked to leave. If they do not leave they are trespassing. Normally this is reserved for acts that cause harm to the event or others but they can really do what ever they want. Most tickets you buy to events have all the small
  2. It appears paper tickets have gone away so I am not sure what the $25 processing fee is for.
  3. ES Tailgate is in REDZONE lot. When you drive in you want to head to the corner closest to the stadium as that is where we will be set up. A few of us will be going in early for a Fan Captain picture on the field but there will be other members there to help out. Feel free to bring something you can carry or donate money to our charity. See ya Sunday, Jackie
  4. I am renewing as well so your brats will have a home for another year
  5. YES -- need a ticket for my cousin.  He will be sitting with me.  Can I get this from you at the tailgate?  We can give you some $$ for the ticket as well.

    1. cincyfan


      Sure. See ya Sunday



    2. MarkB452


      Excellent....much thanks!   - MB


      PS Aiming to be there around 9:40 - 10 AM.  I got his wife a field pass, so I will be going in at 11 AM.


      PPS I have a can of propane for you as well.

  6. I just got moved from 407 to 132 which is in the middle of the East End zone. They even put me on the aisle as my mom has trouble climbing over people. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. It took 10 years but no more escalator!
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