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  1. I cannot be there but wanted to see if anyone wants my tickets before I donate them. Jackie
  2. cincyfan

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I am renewing as well so your brats will have a home for another year
  3. Anything is welcome. We should have grill space if you need to heat anything up. I have an extra ticket I was going to post so if you have another fan that wants to come with you they are welcome to my extra.
  4. cincyfan

    Roll Call: Redskins @ Titans..Who’s Going??

    The loss was hard to take but it was great seeing old friends again and meeting some new Skins Fans. Merry Christmas to everyone. HAIL
  5. cincyfan

    Roll Call: Redskins @ Titans..Who’s Going??

    they said they wanted to walk across the bridge around 2pm. We are still going to set up a tailgate in lot b if anyone wants to join in and bring something to share.
  6. cincyfan

    Roll Call: Redskins @ Titans..Who’s Going??

    Rally was fun and had a big crowd. if anyone is interested the Redskins are having a pre-game party at George Jones tomorrow. From 1-2pm the bud light is free and I think there are food specials. They are then going to have the Redskins fans walk together across the bridge to the stadium. HAIL
  7. cincyfan

    Roll Call: Redskins @ Titans..Who’s Going??

    Peer Pressure is a terrible thing. Just bought a ticket and made my hotel reservation. Leaving Cincinnati soon to head south. We better win this thing. Will be at tailgate tomorrow.
  8. Our tailgate is in the corner closest to the stadium so feel free to join us. The Redskins have a Cornhole tournament each weekend near where we park so you could join that fun as well. Get there early. HTTR
  9. No replies?! I will be there. Not sure what I am bringing as I am flying in. Hail
  10. Meatballs and I made some mac n cheese. Hail
  11. YES -- need a ticket for my cousin.  He will be sitting with me.  Can I get this from you at the tailgate?  We can give you some $$ for the ticket as well.

    1. cincyfan


      Sure. See ya Sunday



    2. MarkB452


      Excellent....much thanks!   - MB


      PS Aiming to be there around 9:40 - 10 AM.  I got his wife a field pass, so I will be going in at 11 AM.


      PPS I have a can of propane for you as well.

  12. cincyfan

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I just got moved from 407 to 132 which is in the middle of the East End zone. They even put me on the aisle as my mom has trouble climbing over people. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. It took 10 years but no more escalator!