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  1. I was mildly hoping for a TOOC reply, I suppose this will do. Actually I secretly wanted to spawn a series of arcs with: "I asked for a Cuban" ... punchline. Like: "I asked for a Cuban ... and I got @Mr. Sinister instead." Until inevitably the reply is: "You asked for a Cuban ... and here I am, Jackass." Then reality as we know it shuts down, as the simulation reboots.
  2. I'm looking forward to your tryout.
  3. Welp Minny won, sorry anti Kirk crew.
  4. Doesn't fix the politburo dynamic of Ashburn. Got to have a separation of powers from HC-Ron and an independent GM who knows their **** to get the *right* QB.
  5. Speaking of fantasy, I on the other hand always look forward with anticipation to more propaganda tripe posted on this boomer board, like revisionist Iran Contra narratives from this last Feb/March in order to own Bernie and cOmMiEs. Real winners when libs defend Regan corruption and SA slaughter to own bros as toxic, continuation of a contrived trope narrative. Stuff like that.
  6. cliff notes: - Democrats could have denied unanimous consent for procedural votes - Democrats could have demanded quorum from Republicans for process votes - Democrats could have filibustered amendments and filled endless procedural challenges - Pelosi could have coordinated impeachment of Trump or William Barr to force the Senate into procedural session - Democrats could have gummed up the nomination - Schumer: Democratic caucus denying quorum - Stall past election
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