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  1. I hope the Blackrock event for Buttigieg went well. I heard the first 100 entrants received free Raytheon bombardier jackets. Anyway, apologies to any of the cia operatives here. The five stages of grief as presented by Krystal Ball: The vid serves as an internal fortitude purity test for those brave enough to enter. Hope Chris Matthews keeps us updated on the advancement of Bernie stormtroopers across France. What a shameful excuse for profit opining. Sincerely - a bros
  2. Been trying to get a handle on Buttigieg's ties with the intelligence community. Couple of op-eds swung me over to citations from grayzone articles, not a publication I'm familiar with besides googling and wiki'ing them. I believe this is the NYT article referenced in the video, but it is behind a paywall so I can't actually verify it. I wanted to try and track it down and link it for clarity sake. I wanted to actually see how Buttigieg's writing prose stood juxtaposed to his current oration method. All of this material was covered in a video I came across on political on youtube, but I removed from this post and will not embed here. I can hyperlink if need be.
  3. Thanks for the heads up before I posted again. I appreciate it, man.
  4. I'm just barely scratching the surface into my research on Mayor Pete. I'm inspired by the fact that an openly gay man is running for President. Immediately I noticed how his mannerisms, voice inflection and speech tonality mirrored that of Obama's. He had the same delivery cadence. Someone did point out to me, subsequently, of NLP (neuro linguistic programing). I only read so far with that. But others have continued to show how Buttigieg was mirroring the same tempo, tone and delivery as Obama. Switching gears though back to the black voter block, take it if you like, leave it also. Two videos concerning black business endorsements from South Carolina that the Buttigieg campaign fumbled rather poorly. 1: 2:
  5. Well you know what’s weird Dan, I actually think that someone who uses the term “B bros” is actually an asshole too. Weird. We just have a subjective geiger counter for alerting ourselves to who is an asshole and who is not. And earlier in this thread you used that term and got likes from people. Approvals. I actually think the term does nothing but diminish another human being. And I believe the term is used not only mockingly, but also belittling. It crests with overtones of admonishing fingerwagging and serves only to be dismissive of the individual. It came from the same Clinto camp that brought you deplorables, only this "B bros" is weaponized against the very same political party. Clinton has been firing off shots at Bernie for ... ever. And the bernie sanders movement is multi-racial, multi-gendered and encompasses all age brackets. So invariably, the "bros" slap back has likely offended some innocent onlookers and some of the most downtrodden of our society in the process. So you see, if someone from the centrist, corporate democract bloc who calls themselves liberal, just goes about smearing the progressive left of their party, at least Biden would tell you to go vote for someone else, I’m here to implore you and those dems to instead of taking a pejorative swipe at someone, use that moment for an olive brach and find a way to reach a disenfranchised person. Be the change. Lastly, the vocabulary of the poor and marginalized will always be terse and blunt, imbuing truthfulness. Expletives are the vocabulary of the working class, because it’s the most direct and real talk, not pristine super-pac floweriness. I will agree with you completely that anything, or anyone, who engages in threats of violence should be condemned. But where I disagree (in theory) is that someone who has been screwed over to their face for generations should be mocked and dismissed out of hand because vitriol gets the better of them since they happen to be and have a right to be pissed off.
  6. I've found that the term is largely conflated and hyperbolic, if not completely and outrightly disingenuous. Who is playing St. Peter, you? I seen fed up people with arguments that start at the policy and the politician behind them, but the response in turn is instantly back upon the individual. I seen people fed up with being screwed over and voicing their opinion in the only forum they can afford, the free one, which doesn't require a super PAC. And wouldn't you know that the astronomically well funded super PAC message somehow manages to always be filled with platitudes and nice shiny pleasant behavior. Further I think the term simply expedites complete dismissal of an individual, who if already marginalized by systemic racism has yet once again been told that the desperation they feel in the clutches of inequality has once again been dismissed. -- Hey you're an (-ist) asshole. -- Thanks I thought I was just poor. The whole political twitter-verse is a thing unto itself. I wouldn't know where to begin to unpack it. The asshole you met on twitter could just as easily be a paid correct the record stooge, bad actor. Twitter seems to be completely about bait and switch, which is probably why I'm not on it. Should we hire fusion GPS like Clinton to do a case study?
  7. Invisibilizing people of color through the pejorative smear of "bros" used ubiquitously without recognition of the origin of the term and the inherent framing constraint? Marginalization of the already disenfranchised. dovetailing to already existing systemic racism.
  8. Open question: If you really wanted to call someone a Bernie Bros based upon how they wrote something online, or rather, your perception of their tone and general tact when it came to discussion online, but you found out they were a person of color, or a woman, would you still use a pejorative smear and call them a "bernie bros"?
  9. You want to know how I know this is bull****? Because in the span of a 24 hour news cycle the entire drama plays out on Twitter, which is a universe onto itself -- the beginning, middle and conclusion come to pass AND an article is written detailing all the players, the scheme, the who was pretending to be who and then the final definitive out come gets boiled down to: "Bernie Bros = bad" and they harassed a black person. Funny how Sanders polls well with african americans while Buttiegeg (reportedly) has a "black voter problem." Last I saw Biden had the lead with Sanders 2nd. But thus far into the primary, the rub on Buttigiege has been that he polls terribly with people of color and black males. It's been the source of tons of op-ed pieces from every damn possible location. Choose who you want to believe on that subject. But ... here's a convenient story about a black supporter of Pete. I guess they found the one guy. The real dig on Mayor Pete was that he "supposedly" shielded a racist police force in south bend which, among a few scuttlebutts, was caught enacting a racist scene from the djengo unchained movie. There was some thing about Buttiegeg firing the former police chief who was a black man and the scuttlebutt behind all that, which I don't care to swim into that toxic river. I do know this, that Hillary Clinton spent actual money on her own internet task force of head crackers back in 2016 called correct the record. I guess technically it was a super pac funded thing. So, don't need wikileaks to produce documents verifying CTR. So, there were literal minions out there on the tubes, paid money -- real money, doing their best "bros" confabulations. Any intelligence officer would surely agree that if you want to produce a desired outcome, often a tactic used is to project ones largest failings onto their opponent ... and ostensibly the desired outcome for Buttiegieg would be to influence and manipulate, or coerce any undecided voters that would go democratic to not support Sanders by making the supporters of Sanders into ... well find a thesaurus and write down every -ists word you can get. The more syllables the higher the score. But in lieu of words, actions and examples are often the most profound. So, it requires bad actors. It requires a not so hard to unravel plot ... if buzzfeed is the group exposing the "truth" then this little play had to be hatched by kindergarten storybook level team from the IC. So, a not so complicated plot that gets foiled and blah, blah, blah ... the only takeaway buzzfeed wants you to get is "bros" harassing. Effective in our ADHD news cycle world. Dollars to donuts, if some damn fool on the internet is rage acting and is overtly wearing "BB" colors going around stormtropper, me thinks the bad actor doth act too much. Let's IP address these "bros" and see how many return back Langley VA. I mean when this twitter play unfolds to the point that buzzfeed is like: "here's a group of people on twitter, all bros, doing nasty stuff -- so let's extrapolate that outward to encapsulate the hundreds of thousands and millions of voters across america who support Sanders." That's the mind dead association that's trying to be made here and hundreds of times over. So, do you agree with that? That a pejorative slur is accurate representation of so many Americans? What the establishment is painting for you here is that the state of Iowa is full of bros. Same in New Hampshire. And coming soon to a town near you, more bros. Except when they're not. Clearly any negative press on Sanders supporters is intended to persuade other Democrats to believe in a narrative that they are terrible people, not just ... I don't know, poor people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, who see corruption, or "at best" unfair tilted tables of practices from the DNC and corporate money, that they don't get a fair shake ... hhm, I guess someone would get mad at that, weird.
  10. I found another Bernie Bros, Krystal Ball. Tho, your sentiment surely is something the intelligence community would die to possess and any of Sanders opponents too.