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  1. I was mildly hoping for a TOOC reply, I suppose this will do. Actually I secretly wanted to spawn a series of arcs with: "I asked for a Cuban" ... punchline. Like: "I asked for a Cuban ... and I got @Mr. Sinister instead." Until inevitably the reply is: "You asked for a Cuban ... and here I am, Jackass." Then reality as we know it shuts down, as the simulation reboots.
  2. I assume whichever option is the ugliest, that will be our selection. But I voted.
  3. About that time ...

    Officially starts tomorrow the 26th.

    NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision
    Scores & Schedule
    1. Week 1
    2. Week 2
    Friday, August 26
    10:00 PM
    All times are in Eastern Time
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