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  4. That might be apt. And I think I'll take your word about Cosmi. I trust your OL opinion more than mine. Rondale Moore opted out. I'm not sure that's the right decision for him. He had a good freshman year. Basically missed his sophomore year. He could fall farther than he should.
  5. Football speed is so different than track speed. Much more dynamic, much less formulaic. WR is one of those positions where most of the best guys run in like the 4.5s and then they are out there in the field just burning guys up and getting really really open. The 40 is a drill that will occasionally confirm that the fast guys are fast, but we don't really need it at all TBH. At least not for receivers anyway. Mike Thomas, DaVante Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, Antonio Brown, AJ Green, Jordy Nelson, Adam Thielen, Larry Fitzgerald, Mike Evans, Kenny Golloday, JuJu Smith-Schuster, etc. All guys who time around that 4.5 area, and basically a whose who if the best receivers of the decade outside of the bonafide track stars like Julio Jones and Tyreek Hill and the really obviously fast guys like Amari Cooper and OBJ who ran low 4.4s. Gandy-Golden is surprisingly explosive. You expect him to run like a big receiver but he looks smaller on the field than he really is because he is pretty well proportioned and his movements are explosive. He's got a shorter stride than I expected. And he is a capable deep threat who has build up speed. But the biggest reason to get excited about him is how smart he is. That is a must for becoming a great receiver. The really great receivers of the NFL aren't going to hit the market. Gandy-Golden is the kind of raw talent who can reach an elite tier while growing up with Haskins. But I don't see him getting close to that level next year. He has to get stronger and better at handling the physical aspect of NFL coverage to thrive. He's going to need time.
  6. That’s a pretty nice group there. Hopefully it bodes well for us.
  7. Just cast Kevin Hart as Michael Long, have him get shot, then cast the Rock as Michael Knight. Make Jason Statham the bad guy, have him say wanker 100 times and boom, $500 mil movie gross.
  8. I don’t care if the Lakers make it to the finals, I just need them to meet the Clippers in the playoffs at some point, with both teams healthy. Let’s face it, that’s the match NBA fans have wanted most all season long.
  9. Trump can lose 36 EVs from the 306 he won and still get to 270. He just need to win one of the 3 Midwest states and not lose other states he won. Chances are slim that happens. Even if Biden has a narrow EV win; he probably can get it.
  10. Normally I'd say yes but this is going to be a really weird year because there will probably be a decent amount of guys who opt out due to COVID-19. And that's if there is even a college football season to play in. The 2021 draft will likely be even more of a crap shoot than others. But I think a guy like Parsons is still going to go very high because he's already shown so much on film.
  11. Got a feeling its gonna be a busy 6-8 weeks.
  12. So the Trump campaign has moved on from "He can walk up ramps" and "He can drink water with one hand" and jumped all the way up to "He can tell an elephant from a camel." Very bold strategy.
  13. Put real fans in the bubble, so Danny Green can feed off their energy and get his powers back. Dude couldn't ****in' miss back in '14. So infuriating that now he wants to play like ass. Could've used that **** before
  14. What's his path to 270 though? He won in 2016 by a combined <80,000 votes across 3 swing states. He's currently polling way behind in multiple "must win" states that he carried before. He's been hemorrhaging voters since the day he took office. He's under water with pretty much every single demographic except non-college educated white males. Trump hit an inside straight draw on the river card in 2016. This year he'll probably need to hit a royal flush because his opponent has a much stronger hand than in 2016. That being said, I absolutely expect Trump to do anything and everything in his power...from somewhat shady to blatantly and visibly try and stay in office.
  15. Those were dark times... It did introduce me to Gong Li, tho
  16. Don't worry, Mary, we know that there aren't girls on the Internet.
  17. So he's not just a Gym Junkie, but a Film Junkie too He probably watches film while working out.
  18. That would be bad news for him, zombies don't eat their own
  19. With Foster and Smith coming back, makes me wonder if they are zombies.
  20. He's vile and disgusting. I don't talk about it much, but my dad was a minister who did about a half-dozen Bible studies on The Revelation. My mom was operating the tape recorder. To this day, I'll never understand (and have pointed it out to her, in person, face to face)... HOW THE **** DID YOU VOTE FOR THE EMBODIMENT OF THE ANTICHRIST?? <> (I had typed that a few hours ago & left it hangin'...then I just now read @Fan since a Fetus' post, so I decided to share.) I have days that I don't think I'll get through, but I do. Let's all hang in there. If anyone can, it's us Washington Redskins fans. HAIL!
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