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  1. Did anyone catch that massive cleavage behind the Lakers bench?
  2. Romo last seen tunneling out of Jerry penitentiary. He's trying to hitchhike a ride to Houston.
  3. Mandela Effect. #awakening
  4. Haha, Cabrera slow walking to the right field exit and the Presidents are standing outside the wall peering over at him.
  5. Cabrera just got tossed by Angel Hernandez.
  6. Delay is over. Fedde on the bump.
  7. You don't even remember your greatest work? C'est la vie. Les artistes.
  8. One of the few MASN springtraining tv broadcasts.
  9. I prefer you stick to west virginia hair dressers.
  10. By: Andrew Joseph | January 23, 2017 6:37 pm
  11. Stroman clearly has some beef with the Ricos. You don't shoot daggers out your eye, or pantomime the shhh finger while mouthing shut the **** up at their bench, if there wasn't some level of beef. Something was said pregame. Ain't complaining.
  12. Yelich has become such a stud.
  13. McCutchen draws first blood.