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  1. HapHaszard's Passing

    Hap was a major part of the best of es. He was a key and beloved es'er to me. He was absolutely a selfless hard-working servant to this site, never displaying any hint of self-importance in the process. I respected him as well as enjoyed him. We often traded old guy thoughts about es, 'skins and reality at large over the years. Our posts and pms with were usually brief, but full of heart, wit, and wisdom on Hap's end. Hap, you became one of those people that whether it was an exchange on es or just your occasionally crossing my mind from time to time, it was always a good thing. I will miss you, amigo.
  2. I caught a glimpse of the Dark Gremlin lurking behind Boss Hog during the MLK observance. I saw him furtively dart towards don on his way out of the room to do the grabhand, slapback, earwhisper deal. It's not so much that words fail me here as it is that better judgment prevails.
  3. ....the 60's/70's...LSD...mary jane....mushrooms...white people...the cold raw underbelly of some of the most violent times in our social evolution finds expression in norm-shattering cutting edge rock and roll, often taking the burning issues of the day head on...
  4. @SoulSkin i resisted the pull, but am glad you didn't. excellent work indeed. also love the billboard
  5. stable genius = equine excrement engineer = **** shoveler
  6. fun morning checking up on all the fall out...alex jones and rush and the rest of the herd are putting out awesome crazytown evisceration of bannon...fun times...steve really blew his ship up on this deal and the cost to his shtick as "savvy political strategist" will be significant until trump reanimates his corpse down the road for whatever reason added note to trumpworld, when you keep trotting out the likes of newt gengrich specifically as a credible character witness, you are indeed missing the concept....
  7. mindful of how the parade of "mental illness" that is such a part of trump and many in his orbit is ever more in the news lately, i made a special point to watch one of my fave specimens of bipedal detritus ---little stevie miller---doing an interview with jake tap tap tap tap they call him the tapper a party of one on this, don actually likes him on camera cuz he's such a suck up who glorifies trump slavishly each time while also turning each appearance into ignoring questions and talking over the host to deliver an endless droning, and usually unhinged, attack on "mainstream" media but they (trumps handlers) rarely let him out cuz he's such a freakshow crazy other-hater...i hope you guys get to see it cuz he didn't disappoint...to parrot another's observation, interesting strategy to send out someone to defend trump against accusations of unfit and erratic by presetting someone who comes off as extremely unfit and very erratic...jake actually cut him off, something i very rarely see on any interview even with these types...
  8. lsf, somewhere there's some klingon in your family tree....this whole deal needs more klingon afaic...i mean that only in a healing sort of way....
  9. @The Sisko as someone of terminally caucasian heritage, i think it proper decorum for me to not refer to somone as an "uncle tom" out loud...just my personal take...but were you to press me for my opinion on other Friends of Ben that prompt the term in my mind i immediately think of two faves, paris dennard and rev. mark burns...there's another rev. too i can't remember...paris and mark actually just scream more "i'm with trump for the $$$" in glaring lights over their heads...i know paris is a long time goper pre-trump, but its his financial opportunism that has him in bed with trumpy.... paris radiates sleazeball so effectively he can reach right through both my detached analytical objectivity and my understanding and compassion for the flaws of being human and get right to my dark cold austrian (an otherwise fine people) core....i find i actually want to slap the holy **** out of him, with more than my standard level of enthusiasm, just to let him know something's gone very awry with him and he needs to quickly adjust...but i digress...
  10. i don't riot like i used to much the same with dancing still game though, either one some have struggled to tell the difference
  11. no no no you're all wrong and you're all other bad things too that's all i can say for now
  12. i hope there is a true hell to pay for all these gopers if things end up being as i expect them to turn out and yeah, if past or future, there really is any proof ever shown of illegalities with any of those gop targets i have no hesitation to see them pay, too, i just think those bats have already been swung as hard as they can and that what we're seeing now is likely corrupt (to muddy/obscure)...maybe not, but that's where my bet would be there are no personality "figures" in politics that matter to me much---even their basic right, left, indy, mixed, ideology doesn't matter as much to me as the level of their general integrity, general intelligence, and general ethical approach to all things...
  13. whether the world around me is falling part or not, i am all about the fun