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  1. just saw one of the rooskie troll factories received financing from well-known putin pal "the chef" oligarch whose companies do much biz with...hotels and resorts ....all over the world...
  2. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    I remain grateful that there's still some very football-smart and relatively mentally regular folks who post (this one's for you, spiro) determinedly through the daunting din of doddering dotards (<---- a word btw i been using here a longass time---and no politics in the stadium ). Seriously though, I was reading three of my faves, SIP, tso, and Randy i'm right every now and then Holt...and i was thinking "cool, i never really have to step in and say the smart thing cuz these guys cover it all between them and plus, they don't say the dumb stuff i do".....saves me a lot of clumsy keyboarding....now there are numerous others i think do really well here too of course, like warhead, connskins, goskins etc etc and that's why i don't usually name names... but thanks to you guys... as a short overall take---giving the actual accurate criticisms of still-evolving kc and jay---my pov is that those two are and long have been among the least of our weaknesses, but of course, most of the white noise occurs on those matters....i think jay is also growing a solid pro staffs....we'll see....but yeah, every other team issue is a worse prob then the competency of the hc and qb...yes dummy they are open to critique...figure it out...
  3. This has been a challenge to me---to extend any generosity in conservation to people whom I don't think are "POS's" yet have found one of those common paths of argument as to why they voted for him. Of course I get negative drives (hating left/dems/clintons/hillary) that are heavily infused with "haterade" and so the vote would be partisan no matter who the dem candidate was (same as uber-partisan folks on the left). But little of that is of acceptable logical, rational, or reasonable merit and is mainly emo in a matter where emo should be subjugated by reason as much as possible. And the presentation of hillary as an especially super vile form of lefty is weak enough logically/rationally before we even get to the farcical aspect of holding trump up as superior to anyone on any moral/ethical/judgemtn/principle grounds (the heart of hillary hate as most often started by gopers). Bottom line, don was a well-known and obvious POS human, to use a phrase, from his real estate and tabloid life in NYC and certainly via his presence as the birther king. I get the variety of reasons people voted for him---from actual racist/bigot to lefty hate to economics to religiosity of a type to the "browning of america" etc---I just find the vast bulk of them reflective of shortcomings in rational intelligent thinking based on solid information and precious few solid arguments.
  4. If you love Tailgate, don't lose your privilege

    yours can be done with cardboard and crayons
  5. If you love Tailgate, don't lose your privilege

    we don't have a specific rule against elder abuse, but i may write one for me, lsf, and twa we are among those who may require extra protection due to the particularly penetrating insights and frank demeanor we bring to the party
  6. and thanks to the mainstream media, don and co have again been busted and now his wannabe drug czar is uncovered...cosmic level **** show again and again....imagine if flynn remained in position what we'd have and the only reason this nation doesn't have that is because of mainstream (non-fox rigthwing nutter radio) reporting, for all its myriad foibles and real biases...........to me it's long been at a point where there's very little oxygen reasonably and rationally available for any deflecting or endorsing commentary regarding this admin/"movement", its base supporters, and its overall nature...really imo it merits little other than contempt, loathing, and desire for removal asap...while there's a place for countering dialogue, it should be a very minor priority to any stable decent intelligent mind imv
  7. If you love Tailgate, don't lose your privilege

    ask dan t. for translation via images
  8. If you love Tailgate, don't lose your privilege

    Everyone I know hates you except mary. She loves everyone. Like some hippy. I'm worse. I love the vast majority of ya. But I love like Carol on WD loves with a little Madison from FWD mixed in, so keep your left up.
  9. If you love Tailgate, don't lose your privilege

    Well, then let's go ahead then and discuss Timmy's choice to channel his inner lemming here. Timmy has been hit a few times over the years by different mods with basic rule violations. Timmy was recently hit with a standard rule violation (brief ban). Funny how we can get tired of people (repeatedly) violating the most basic rules that have been in play here fo-evah and even after regular warnings which occur in threads as a matter of course on this site. Timmy thinks his penalties are because of his opinions---mainly his hard political leanings, not real uncommon among hard-leaners left or right---and, being kind here, not a very observant/discerning/intelligent conclusion. Objective observation and detached analysis may be a challenge, if ever indulged, among diehard partisans of any stripe. Now editorially speaking, just for myself as an es'er, I have found timmy's posts in both main forums over the years to be mainly mundane and frequently just dumbass with the occasional redeeming effort, and amazingly (one could say obviously) none of that has had anything to do with his being able to post all this time. This is some brain-stretching stuff--really hard for certain folks. Now community-wise, from my vantage, timmy has seemed to have little connection with others in the stadium (no prob of course) and his main contribution, when he does stand out, is drive-by trolls or jabs, usually in the tailgate. To close, the rules have also always informed that we have a feedback forum and pms for mods or e-mail contact if you think you have a problem with mod actions. The rules have also always informed that making false accusations (as in show me your proof---i.e. posts/pms etc.) against staff is not ok. So we will retire this mutual struggle for the common good. I guess we're now down to eleven.
  10. Game Day Thread - 49ers at Redskins

    luv ya garcon but hope our rook and your qb make you look bad all day long
  11. Game Day Thread - 49ers at Redskins

    pretty nifty, overall just gotta keep it up till it's over
  12. Game Day Thread - 49ers at Redskins

    great job bykc to sammy p
  13. Game Day Thread - 49ers at Redskins