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  1. @BRAVEONAWARPATH trump is a rat more than a mouse no offense to rats
  2. time on my hand and can't hep mesef... President's spiritual adviser: When you oppose Trump, you are 'fighting against the hand of God
  3. **** for brains; trump supporter tomato; tomato bubbly brain chemistry..a too-widely shared condition in trumpville....like the brain's version of a Long Island Tea...one shot each of: delusional; manic; paranoid; psychotic; sociopathic; borderline; histrionic; narcissistic....each shot in isolation, or even a few handled properly, can be rather interesting and stimulating...but when you get all 10 in one helping and it's your norm....things are way more likely to range from dicey to horribly wrong....
  4. just a minor but fun side-deal to me i figure most of us know that some or all of any audience members visible behind or close to candidates speaking in campaign events are selected to send messages....certainly i have long noted with humor how trump salts a significant percentage of women (usually with particular signage) and folks of color (usually with particular signage) behind him.....now that tends to wax and wane in the people of color category (perhaps related to how bigoted don has been at the time and availability of willing bodies)....but while the obviousness and the often kindergarten-level of the signage is typcial, last night's---and feel free to give me any heat you like---token trump black dude with the sign was so lame it reminded me of a community access tv comedy bit...but this story about him makes it and the whole topic more fun http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/the-strange-story-of-that-‘blacks-for-trump’-guy-standing-behind-potus-at-his-phoenix-rally/ar-AAqzQon?li=BBnb7Kz
  5. dang...she looks like an up and comer perhaps, but hurd is a guy i'd rather keep...maybe move her to a state where one of those tea party idiots cum trumpsterdumpster divers hold office....
  6. This presidency so far has characteristics of the movie Groundhog Day, only the groundhog is full-on swine. It's like a national case of diarrhea---constant eruptions of nauseating **** running all over the place.
  7. I thought he was great. I stand behind everything he said.
  8. RIP Jerry Lewis

    Damn. The comedy reaper is having a day. RIP Mr. Lewis. Liked some of his stuff, but really wasn't a big fan of it and even less a fan of the guy himself, but that's very subjective stuff, and he deserves to be regarded as a giant in comedic history (and did do some serious dramatic roles that won praise).
  9. RIP Dick Gregory

    RIP Mr. Gregory. You were a luminary, an astute observer, a courageous and passionate advocate for challenging racism in the country and still damn funny. I have long thought being a teenager during the late 60's was a great combination of that particular stage of life and time in history. And all things humor/comedy became important to me well before I hit my teens. But in my early teens Dick Gregory and Lenny Bruce were big deals to me. l also had fun with the reactions of my racist uncle and his like-minded pals when carrying my paperback copy of <image below> his best known work around. If you don't have a copy, I just got some for some young'uns I know for less than $5 each.
  10. so now we know who you all really are....the kind of mob that would terrorize an old helpless volunteer who has no means to defend himself...proud warriors of the internet...neo-nutsacks...
  11. ahhh.. not just good, but fantastic, times...and stevie...mmmm
  12. i'm not going to tell you to shut up again
  13. i'll check it out. i love s.e. cupp, mary katherine hamm, kirsten powers, some more.....i'm not partisan, just been a streak on the one side....btw, i assumed we all figured waiting seconds of hearing bannon really being gone that gorka can only be following anytime,,