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  1. Hannity and O'Reilly have long been obvious vermin and our glorious prideful society makes innumerable creeps like these two powerful and wealthy and even adulated. And the more dysfunctional segments of the national tribe (right and left) have made one of the more absurd and pathetic ****-stains of a "man" ever proffered, the president. Good times.
  2. @RedskinsMayne Hi sweetie. If you like joining the scrum, you'll need to dial back the gratuitous snark/asswipe tone in order to remain. I offer no further tutorial or guidance other than read the rules (esp. 5 & 12) carefully, understand and follow them, and follow moderator directives. Also, stay on the thread topic. added: I see you were warned a week ago on another matter by another mod. If you like being here, I suggest adjustment. Per routine, do not reply to this post in the thread, and do not PM me with questions that suggest to me you have not read and understood the rules or this post.
  3. i think that nunes seeing what he semi-coherently describes is easily believable...and that a law or significant procedural issue is part of his concern, added to it being one working negatively for the admin, even unfairly so...that can all be true quite reasonably---the deal here is how awful it was handled even if so and it sure looks like some collusion between wh folks and nunes to get this out as cover for don's dumbass and to take some heat off him....that's the stupid part they continue...to cause things to become way worse by how guilty they act about everything and all the secret-squirrel machinations, cover-ups, and forgetfulness everywhere..
  4. I'm watching little hate-ball Jeff Sessions launch his attack on the sanctuary cities and dem immigrants, and he's all infused with the glory of righteousness, bobbing his little head and rocking side to side looking like an evil elf. He's gonna get 'em! Be fun for those sufficiently twisted to see the sick little **** go full Scanners on camera---special effects only, of course.
  5. "Official Potus Power-Bottom Devin Nunes Fails at Clandestine Maneuver." Obviously a graduate of the Mike Flynn Spy Akadummy. I observe Nunes to be lying at most every presser, lately (not saying that glibly). Same with Schiff in his exaggeration of what they have. Nunes actions are far "worse" and "went first" but Schiff hurts the investigation, too. Not that it matters. This thing is going to keep going even if the house investigation continues to deteriorate.
  6. meanwhile, back at the ranch... http://insider.foxnews.com/amp/article/55045 Shaffer: Trump Wiretapping Case Exponentially 'Worse Than Watergate' more at link http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/03/24/its-scandalous-rep-king-says-nunes-had-tell-trump-about-obama-surveillance 'It's Scandalous': Rep. King Says Nunes Had to Tell Trump About Surveillance
  7. It's an interesting enough piece, but the reason it's here is the red-highlighted paragraph--that sounds intriguing. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/two-months-out-of-office-barack-obama-is-having-a-post-presidency-like-no-other/ar-BByN2i6?li=BBnb7Kz Two months out of office, Barack Obama is having a post-presidency like no other more at link
  8. putting this here re: dumpster's immigration issues, but am adding a general media related note that as far right sources (britebart/radio/coulter/rush etc) actually start to beat on trump for not going far enough or not being effective enough yet, Fox is swinging ever more to the trump supporter role...but that's an aside...
  9. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/03/andrew-napolitano-supreme-court-shortlist-trump-236488 Napolitano told friends he was on Trump's Supreme Court shortlist
  10. now that a little time has passed, the r's are starting to talk out of school and tell stories of the easily believable nature that make trump and posse look bad regarding some of the interactions behind the scenes...main themes as you'd expect have been trump's "stunning" ignorance and disinterest in healthcare as a topic and the bill's contents and how he never talked about or acted like he concerned about how it would actually impact people other politically and that "it would still be better than obama" ....another being how conway and bannon would make big and contradicting promises to different reps from different factions but no one believed them, and how pence seemed to be focused solely on the political importance of the pres needing the win for the gop to hold onto power. and "achieve our dreams in this once in a generation opportunity"..... ...one said don asked him where he was on it and he said i'm a "no" and don looked over to mulvaney and said "why am i tlaking to this guy?" and walked off and it's just been one day
  11. still just smoke from where we sit, on record , so far...useful to keep reminding
  12. woolsey and some reporter from other media doing the story on flynn that broke yesterday and persuaded woolsey to go public, did their first tv int on cnn last night...watching woolsey when he was appearing during the transition as a talking head was always fun for me...very serious can't set him up precise won't play games kind of guy...anyway, this was about him being there at the meeting where flynn was discussing "transporting that dude" (the turkish connection) out of the country...reads like one of the events caught up in surveillance and people are going to start getting concerned about their well-being and dropping dimes to whatever extent they are there to drop (and i think you'll hear a fair amount of change rattle over the next few months, if not sooner, or real soon)
  13. btw...Hayden (former cia dir) was on smerconish (cnn) last week and he predicted that don & co were going to try to use easily presumed (now that the investigation's been publicly acknowledged) incidental collection as some sort of validation of his tweets which of course it would not be, and that is exactly what they ended up doing....and all these people <esp. internet posters and tv commentators> who are going off about "masking/unmasking" don't really know how that stuff works or what it means/doesn't mean in varying circumstances and contexts.... well all i know is it's reality tv time in the usa and that IS your host's real hair...
  14. Here a book recommendation: https://www.amazon.com/Ratf-ked-Behind-Americas-Democracy/dp/1631491628/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1490464530&sr=1-1&keywords=david+daley Excellent review of the strategic brilliance and foresight behind gop move to significantly advance the state of the art in gerrymandering while the dems were asleep at the wheel.....