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  1. Election 2017 Thread

    Just yesterday I made note in a thread that most of you have read or posted in, that when a mod makes a post in a thread about mod stuff, members are not to add posts opining on it in response unless directly asked---as per forum rules for years---to avoid what are very unrelated off topic exchanges and even actual extended debates (per earlier years of experience). and yet here we are, just after yesterday. You use pms or the feedback thread/forum. Please read, comprehend, and follow the forum rules and guidelines.
  2. Election 2017 Thread

    from rule 6 from rule 18 maybe what the tailgate actually needs is a much more strict application of all the rules given how comfy more than a few people (not you) here are with ignoring them, not knowing them, etc. and on this end it all means more work/time and less fun/posting
  3. Election 2017 Thread

    think about who your talking to re: willingness to include violence as part of problem solving (only after due diligence in analysis of course) there are ways to get the same message across in more creative/subtle but still clear enough manner while staying out of trouble---i do it regularly
  4. Election 2017 Thread

    now everyone who quoted sinister's post can go edit theirs accordingly too, and best do it fast next time i'll slap everyone guilty with rule 6 violations
  5. Election 2017 Thread

    it's not that such sentiments aren't justifiable to many many people, but edit your original to maybe something like the above ....i have to self-edit daily ...and that was true even pre-trump
  6. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    note: bold highlight of a few fun facts in article text done by me https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/coroner-accused-state-lawmakers-death-is-apparent-suicide/ar-BBGHXFY?li=BBnb7Kz more at link
  7. Election 2017 Thread

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/roy-moore-turns-recount-into-religious-crusade-‘immorality-sweeps-over-the-land’/ar-BBGImsR?li=BBnb7Kz Roy Moore turns recount into religious crusade: ‘Immorality sweeps over the land’
  8. Election 2017 Thread

  9. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    watching farenholt still sitting his freakshow sleazeball ass in his chair and questioning his far far far betters....i try, i really try, but as ****ty as the dems can be, the whole gop operation should just shrivel up and die...just a giant sick bucket of **** from their "evangelicals"and religiosity bull**** to their "patriots" to their science-hate to their perpetual starve the poorer to feed the richer to their fox addicted brain dead ignorant bigotry that shows in so many forms to making ****ing donald j trump potus...not all of course are like that....unlike the white supremacists there really are still "good people'' on that side....plenty of them...they need to leave that party....it's not worth saving join the dems and help straighten them out and we may end up with one good one
  10. Official Trump Does East Asia Thread

    btw, don still has to pull his wag the dog move and get an actual major combat event or outright war going, especially if it looks like he's going down the tubes...indeed, juts his narcissism and desire to be as big as he can be historically will make him want to pull the greatest most tantalizing (to him) lever of power a dude can pull---real history book stuff. plus the sugar high he got form rocketing the airstrip and the back patting for others for doing it must be a high he'd like to relive....perhaps mattis/masterson still have a will and ability to help stop him if it goes that way, but keep that dark possibility in mind during your festive holiday happenings
  11. so today should be a real firestorm with AG Andy being crucifed by gopers with all those texts--hundreds---lambasting trump/related---between storzk and his paramour during the election and after and their roles in the entire process---and the orr dude's role....this will also be the best to distract from the Disasta In Alabama. I expect trump to work it to death obviously with massive help from fox et al..and allow that real news---as in real bad moves possibly having been made that do compromise the best level of integrity of the probe to some degree beyond "bad optics" (i seriously doubt it, but it could be so) the large number and harshness of content of texts I've heard so far would be solid ammo for claiming serious bias in folks at a highly sensitive level of the investigation...and yes i know the counterpoints to make....my best call is Mueller is a very straight shooter and as solid as you can get it seems and i do trust the legitimacy of his investigation overall at this point...but it is going to be a very rocky road even if they get some solid incipience of actual collusion...now as to money laundering or other crimes, back during the campaign i said trump had that kind of action going on for a decade or more and might get popped for it but yeah, the hearing today should be energetic and may spring a whole new bunch of trump-serving outlet-clogging news that quickly rivals or even overwhelms the moore story...or not lol
  12. Election 2017 Thread

    i consider this a pleasant and encouraging surprise...a rare beast these days in people doings... i get the low bar implications, but yay alabama and yeah, i think the gop is still worthy of being smeared as severely ****ed up to a yuge degree worse than dems, but not all of them....and unless such type is actually being an ass, dems should try not go out of their way to antagonize them or drive them farther away by being the eternally obnoxious sneer-monster... i preach this as someone who has sometimes considered euthanizing the entire gop party.....mainly as a stern warning to others...
  13. Election 2017 Thread

    yeah, but you know the dems propensity for self-defeat...it's almost dna level minus the barack blip/anomaly
  14. Election 2017 Thread

    how about this: as trumpy stews, he draws a line to how this is all little jeffy sessions fault again becuase if he had just picked a different guy, which he would have if he'd known jeffy was gonna recuse, then none of this would have ever gone down (trump brain) ...and then he'll not only beat up jeffy again via twitter over this, he'll use it as more leverage to get jeffy to do something horrible and illegal at the doj, likely involving Hillary