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  1. Jumbo

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    i don't follow the thread so I'll have to ask for data: do any of you guys have a guess as to how many posters whose profession is in a scientific field and have been posting in the thread regularly arguing with the mechanics on how to fix cars?
  2. Some of my deceased relatives might rise from the grave and say "see?" I wish trump and his supporters had even more in common with them.
  3. Jumbo

    Yom Kippur and the new year

    Well done, amigo (ancient Herbrew term of endearment) May all who celebrate have a good and sweet year.
  4. Then she can't match what I'm bringing to the table here with my posting.
  5. i think the gop will bet it has a strong enough hand to go ahead on monday...they're tightening ranks and even the moderate taking heads are starting to be less benign to ford and becoming impatient....i bet they plow ahead with no investigation and tell ford to show up or not...don't think this atty can get any investigation going at this point unless soem other development occurs
  6. good interview right now with ford's atty on cooper 360...worth catching whenever
  7. cnn got exclusive letter from ford atty being read just now demanding all the stuff i said they should and tearing grasserly a new one..also .explaining what's been going on and giving a bit more context,...should be available soon
  8. poor dude from **** riot is conscious but all effed up and can't recognize his mom..docs tell his wife it was serious poison were i potus, i honestly would break "the rule" and hit putin and tell the kremlin if they want to retaliate we're willing to go all in and light every military base and industrial center up like xmas i understand a number of my fellow citizens would be miffed with that call obviously i am a big **** riot fan
  9. wow lol...just saw a news block where now they're coming up with all kinds of stuff to make kav look bad---not dq bad, just bad politically to more moderate or never trumpers---lot of stuff he's said,written or posted in the past...i figure you'll all get a does of it soon enough...some hot takes lol
  10. well, in this cosmic **** circus with too many acts to track, stormy has sent a copy of her new book to outlets and its said to go into <ewwww> "details" on the don that might make for lively times around melania's feeding station and give visionary a lot of choices to make
  11. as the declassified docs fly out to the land of foxnews and its congressional arm, it is surreal to think it's quite possible we're watching a real life russian pawn siting in the oval office and doing more for their cause in two years then they've achieved in two decades working against the this nation just listening to him explain his rationale....if this ends as i figure...ideally there'd be to be a very intense and through deconstruction of all things rightwing in this country...i think cages and detention camps located in hurricane flood zones sounds perfect.......
  12. i never posted on it, but after the first couple reports i wondered if this might be a case of hacking infiltration of the grid by foreign adversary
  13. i'm listening to doofus go on about tariffs and trade....he truly is a drooling idiot and total moron in economics and i consider econ one of my weakest suits...and ya get to listen to him brag to the press and his guest (Poland's president) on dumbass crap like how macho he is with other world leaders...these leaders talk with him and show in their tone and face what is happening....that they're dealing with an erratic, ill-tempered, petty, and extremely ignorant child with vast power to affect their existence
  14. Maybe, but not what I'm betting. I would like that, selfishly----if she says she won't do it w/o the conditions outlined earlier---and then let the committee go ahead and move on if that's garsserly's choice, i think whatever price the gop was going to pay with women voters prior to this would be increased by a degree of consequence. but i think they know that and want to avoid it, but it's a mess for them too no matter how they play it. again, this is all assuming ford's claim doesn't fall apart or is more confirmed in the meantime.