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  1. The Hawks always were going to win game 3 or 4. You win tonight and head back to DC needing just one more, you're fine.
  2. Pedroia: “It’s not me. If that was me, we would’ve hit you the first day [after the slide].” Machado pointed to his head, making clear that Barnes was out of bounds. Pedroia: “I know. That’s bulls---. We should’ve hit you the first at-bat yesterday. I know that, and you know that. It’s not me. That’s him.”
  3. What's the proper etiquette here? Say how great Gausman is or trust our own eyes?
  4. Shhhh. This is the paloffs. There are spies everywhere.
  5. COTY? Edit: Got it. Coach of the Year.
  6. I was trying not to use the word ghost when talking about Otto's game last night cause I was in a good mood from the win. But yeah it was a return to Casper for him last night.
  7. Sweet, sweet win last night! I know Otto does things that don’t show up in the box score (like that beautiful outlet pass to Wall at the end of the game) but for Pete’s sake it would be nice to get more than 4 points and 4 boards from your starting small forward. I don’t know if Beal has spoiled me but a 44% field goal percentage seems like a bad night. :-) Oubre is still finding his playoff legs with 1 point and 1 board and a -10 in 13 minutes last night. Say what you want about Gortat but I’ll take a 14 / 10 / 5 playoff performance from him any time.
  8. Agree. Thank God. He needs a nickname like Wolf or Mad Dog or something.
  9. This is a strange conversation. We're all O's fans. Everyone loves his potential but he hasn’t put it all together yet. He throws hard but he isn’t going to be what we want him to be until he can command some secondary pitches other than his fastball. He’s got to pitch better to right handers and keep his home run numbers down. He's inconsistent. (Didn’t he get his first win last year in like July or something?) Plus he hasn’t learned to spit properly yet. J
  10. You're right. That is amazingly ****ed up.
  11. Rolling Stone piece from 2013 on Hernandez Should have been titled Cry For Help. It's OK if you guys think the Pats are completely blameless in this. I'm not so sure. Yeah didn't realize he was from Bristol until today. Not sure this guy was a good candidate for the largest signing bonus ever given to a tight end in the history of the National Football League.
  12. Said it before I'll say it again. Dude is a thrower, not a pitcher. I'm more than ready to be proved wrong in the long run on this. How ****ing stupid is it we are playing interleague games in April!
  13. Big picture question here. Do the Patriots have some responsibility here for bringing a killer into the community in the first place?