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  1. Favorite Sean Connery Bond movie is Goldfinger. Favorite Roger Moore Bond movie is For Your Eyes Only.
  2. He was arrested and charged with simple assault and other related offenses. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 30. Who the **** does something like this!?
  3. When I turned the game off last night we were up by like 5 runs. Like you said no lead is safe with this staff.
  4. His family has said he was taking Ativan and may have taken too many.
  5. NYT: Before Driver’s Times Square Crash, a Descent Into Paranoia and Harassment His mind was clouded with conspiracy theories. His dreams of opening his own clothing business had wilted. He lashed out at friends who challenged him; some thought his grasp of reality had slipped and that he needed psychiatric help. During a string of arrests in recent years, Mr. Rojas once threatened to kill police officers, and last week he accused a notary of trying to steal his identity and grabbed his neck, the authorities said. But through it all, friends said, he never sought or received help, instead burrowing deeper into his paranoia and drinking or smoking marijuana.
  6. The Blues Brothers in 3rd or 4th place? There's no accounting for taste I guess.
  7. Two 1 run losses in a row. Ugggh.
  8. Hey Boston!
  9. Yep (on the suicide). Sad news. RIP.
  10. Thanks guys. I'll update the misery chart.
  11. Amongst cities with 4 major sports franchises (football, basketball, baseball and hockey) Washington, D.C. is tied with Minneapolis / St. Paul with the longest championship drought. Denver and Chicago were all the list but came off with a Super Bowl win by the Broncos and a World series win by the Cubs. Cities that have gone the longest without a championship from either of their four major sports teams (Team that won last championship in parentheses) 1t. Washington D.C. - 25 years (Redskins) 1t. Minneapolis/St. Paul - 25 years (Twins) 3. Atlanta - 21 years (Braves) 4. Phoenix - 15 years (Diamondbacks) 6t. Detroit - 11 years (Red Wings) 6t. Philadelphia - 11 years (Phillies) But the curse is a myth. ;-)
  12. Like taking candy from a baby.
  13. I mean we signed the guy FOR the ****ing playoffs!
  14. I'd also say that Mahinmi has worn out his welcome with the fan base as well. The whole team got beat up in that last game and kept playing, Morris played with what he initially thought was a broken ankle and that dude is sitting on the sidelines in street clothes with a boo boo.
  15. What a cluster****. C'mon blue - gimme a break.