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  1. Had to laugh at the failed shut out. #SoOrioles
  2. Just one man's opinion but..... Burke had a sense as a scorer, but wasn’t a good facilitator and couldn’t finish at the rim. Brandon Jennings had a knack for finding the open man, but couldn’t finish plays offensively when the Wizards needed him to score. Satoransky was good at using his size to capitalize on smaller guards, but fell apart whenever someone pressured him in the halfcourt. Frazier provides the Wizards with an answer to all three of those issues. He isn’t the best scorer, but can facilitate without turning the ball over. He can knows when to score if he needs to, but is patient in the pick and roll and can find shooters on the outside. He’s going to fit right in with Washington and plug holes that they couldn’t last season. He isn’t the greatest, but he’s better than what they had last season.
  3. Yes no Mike and yes Howard keeps his cash.
  4. Speaking of brutal, how would you like your last conversation with your brother to go like that?
  5. Now we know why the episode was called Lantern. Brutal.
  6. Well at least we know we're going to be sellers not buyers before the trade deadline.
  7. That Don Jr. is a real piece of work.
  8. Fight the good fight Code. It's the great kids that make up for the bad ones.
  9. The peasants are storming the castle.
  10. 5 in a row. You're killing me O's.
  11. When Schoop hit that dinger and the score was 4-3 that's when I thought we had a chance. O's have won 8 out of the 9 extra inning games they've played this year!
  12. I fully expect EG to completely bungle this.
  13. Welcome back Jonesy.
  14. This would be an excellent time for Tillman to get his **** together.