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Hypothetical - Marino vs. Darrell Green


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After we defeated the Dolphins in Superbowl XVII, the Dolphins chose Marino and we chose Darrell Green and both had an awesome career with the teams that drafted them.

Now don't get me wrong, I believe Darrell Green was the best cornerback to play the game and he is my favorite Redskin of all time. However if the Dolphins didn't draft Marino it would have been a very difficult choice and I believe Beathard would have chosen Marino.

I believe we would have won more superbowls than we did w/o him if we had him and feel it would have been better to get Dan Marino than Darrell Green, but it is arguable.

What are your opinions?

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We would have been better with Marino. Both are hof players, but QBs matter more on more plays. We'd have been better with Marino.

That said, it's hard to lament " oh we ONLY got DG, a HOF corner."

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Originally posted by RyansRangers

That we never would have won another SB cause Marino never did.........

That's not true; Marino shattered every passing record in the book without a running game. Imagine what he could have done if he had the Diesel in the backfield. Plus, he would have had speedsters Clark and Sanders along with the most dependable receiver (okay, that's a little homerish, sue me) to ever play the game. I think it would have been like the Steelers in the 70's...5 or 6 superbowls, maybe more.

That being said, I love Darrell Green and I'm extremely happy he went to the Skins instead of Marino!!!

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Wow... that's like asking if you would have preferred to have millionaire parents -vs- your own.

Sure, who wouldn't? But at the same time, who would trade their parents in? (ok loaded question, but u get my point)

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Now this is a tough one.

But to expand on what people have said Marino would have been a stud in the Gibbs 1980s offense

He probably would not have played until 1986 though but would have had a reliable running game and a great o-line.

It could have kept that 1986 Giants team off balance having such a threat in Marino. Who knows, he may have been able to shred the wind at the Meadowlands in the 86 NFC Title game.

Its interesting to look at. I really think Marino being back there gives us a SuperBowl in Superbowl 21, as well as 22 and possibly 25 as well as 26.

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Marino would have been a multiple Super Bowl winner with our scheme and running game.

Remember that Gibbs around 1990 was attempting to obtain John Elway in trade but we couldn't swing it.

I'd have loved to have seen either of those guys in our uniform under Gibbs.

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yes, fun to think about, but...

Darrell Green certainly played a big part on all of those championship teams and we would no doubt of had a weaker defense.

Would we have gotten past the Bears in the '87 run without him?

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Originally posted by SkinsFanMania

RR, He never had Joe Gibb's as his coach. Obviously we'll never know, but its interesting to talk about.

I understand that about Marino but situations make the person. If Marino had a running game he might not have many records to speak of because he the RB would have had them.. but he might have won a superbowl..

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Originally posted by jrockster77

Long day............

Long week.................

my brain is scrambled eggs right now...huge deadline today (that I made thankfully).......can't even read straight apparently :)

That's ok - I was afraid you were going to say "Darrell played for us in '87? He's that old?"

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Originally posted by SkinsFTW

They would have drafted Green anyway.

Marino was a late first rounder for a reason. It's not like he was supposed to go in the top 5 and dropped to us.

Some of you people assume way too much.

With all do respect to Darrell, I don't think we would have because of the question of his height. I'm sure Beathard was salivating over Marino slipping by the Dolphins.

Hopefully we won't be asking this question whether we would've drafted Campbell or Rogers in another 20 years if Rogers had slipped past Green Bay. Then again it only would've meant that Campbell was a success also.

Lets save this thread for another 20 years and revisit it in 2025.

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