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The SOL i had today sucked


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One down three to go. I had in sol of U.S history, it had 70 questions on it. Now next week I have Bio 1, Geomertry, and english 11 comprehesion test. And the Bio 1 sol is on my birthday which is on May 26. I have a question does anybody know any good sites for reading and writing because thats my down fall?

Just hope i passed the U.S history test.

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Originally posted by ntotoro

This might be dating myself a little bit, but what are SOL's?


Virginia's Standards Of Learning tests. They're used to make sure the students know what they're supposed to and the teachers are teaching what they're supposed to. If they're still run the way they were a few years ago though, they're a joke.

Originally posted by

Taylor 36

As a teacher in Virginia, I can tell you that a person has to really be ignorant or just straight out not care to fail an SOL.

I can probably guess, but what do teachers think of them?

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Originally posted by SkinsHokieFan

I recall US History being sickeningly easy

I think I finished it in about 11 minutes and got all the answers right (of course my class was the gunie pig)

For reading and writing check out any of the college board websites as well as the princeton review

yeah it was i finished it in like 10 minutes myself, ridiculously easy

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we were part of the guinea pig classes for the SOL's, maybe they got harder. They try to cater it to the weakest parts educationally in VA, so places like NOVA seem to have a huge advantage. Makes me feel bad cause there are people who seem to struggle on them. Like everyone's said though, unless it is a flat out yes or no type deal like multiple choice questions, they dont grade that hard at all. I didnt even finish my writing essay in 12th grade and still got like advanced proficient or something, and I suck at writing.

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I never got below an advanced on any of my SOLs. They were always so easy, especially when my teachers would always spend the week before the test reviewing for the SOL. It was so apparent that their success depended solely on how their students did on the SOL tests.

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