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Who is the best RB in the league?


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Deshaun Foster..........I have no proof to back it up YET! Except that one game last week, and I will admit that was against the Chiefs.

But i've been trying to tell people for years now, this guy has the most talent out of anyone i've ever seen. I think they are going to tell Davis to take his time with that knee injury, if you know what I mean.

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We've done this before, but never a bad topic once the season gets underway. My personal favorite is Portis. I think the guy has tons of heart and is a true competitor. Right now LT edges him out just because he has more experience.

There are a ton of great backs in the league. One guy to keep an eye on would be McGahee... he is gonna be something special.

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Foster had microfracture knee surgery a few years ago. He may never have the opportunity to live up to his potential.

Could have fooled me last week, and in the playoffs/superbowl last year.

My pick in Foster is really going out on a cliff, b/c like I said he hasnt proved himself yet. Buy I watched the guy in college and have always followed him, and I truely think that he is the most talented back in the league. Yes he had the knee surgery, but he doesnt appear to have lost a step, he has tremedous speed and quickness, and my god does he have power, he just throws people off, that 2 yard TD run against the Eagles in the NFC Championship was one of the most amazing plays i've ever seen.

And I am standing by my prediction that they may tell Davis to take a little more time to make sure that his knee is okay, maybe even into next season, and Davis may very well never start a game for the Panthers again unless Foster gets hurt.

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