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  1. A friend of mine sent me this video of the Machida kick, thought it was pretty funny. Unfortunately it's not on youtube. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/81489332/?lt=em
  2. SU, thanks for the gif of the Machida kick. Loved all the fights but the GSP fight. I give props to GSP and his team for being able to correctly gameplan his fights, but they always tend to be boring and he never even attempts to finish his opponent anymore. I loved that flying triangle, the bar I was at went nuts when Garza did that.
  3. I personally hate how much a takedown has influence over a fight. Jardine took him down 4 times, but did nothing else at all in the fight, which mousasi t'd off on his face.
  4. Don't really have much else to say other than Jon Jones is amazing. So glad I bought tonight's fight. He could hold that title for a long time.
  5. Just got back from watching it, and holy ****. I would have never expected a fedor loss a min in. Kinda stupid for him to jump into guard like that. Cung Le looked very good. And, the thomson/healy fight had a great ending. Good overall card.
  6. I just got the chance to watch the last episode of TUF 11. I thought the McGee/Tavares fight was one of the best TUF fights I've seen. Awesome TDD, with a last second RNC to put him completely out. The other fight was decent, but McKray needs a ton of work, but he's got the wrestling skills to win fights. I think the new coaches made a HUGE difference in his game plan and fighting. I doubt he would have won the fight with Ortiz still coaching him. I got McGee winning the show. I'm slightly annoyed they are giving Yeager a piece of the main card for the show, even though he quit in his l
  7. I wouldn't give him that title just yet, but he is absolutely in the conversation. Outside of his fight with Griffen and his horrible fight with Coleman, he's been top notch.
  8. Even thought I'm not happy with the results. I gotta give props to Shogun. He definitely learned from the last fight. Machida will be back against him soon, unless Silva takes him out first, lol. So, WTF was Daley thinking? Is he that much of a moron to do that. Looks like he's already out now, kinda like babalou, **** up once and you're out for good. Sad my boy lost, but excellent card overall.
  9. I actually have a site where I can get a torrent for it fairly quickly without knowing who won. I just have to stay away from the comments, and well, any of the other MMA sites I normally visit during work. This is one of the few fights that I really want to watch live, with my buddies, and a bunch of beer.
  10. So, I have a dilemma now, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do. If you've seen my other posts here, I'm a pretty big Machida fan. I've been looking forward to this match since the last one. However, I have a new job now and I work overnight this Sat night, so I have to decide if I want to buy the PPV and take "lunch" right when the match starts, or hold off and pray I don't find out, and download it when I get home. I can't call off as I'm the only one that covers overnights right now. As for the fight itself, I'm pretty ****ing nervous. I'm one of the few that believe Machida won (I sc
  11. Yeah, that kinda sucked, I think it grazed his head, but nothing bad enough to stop fighting. However, that GIF does show him hitting his hand pretty hard, maybe that's what broke it.
  12. Yup, that was a sick choke. I didn't realize he had picked him off the ground until the replays.
  13. I really like Maia, and I believe he is close, but this is going to be one tough fight for him. He is going to have to figure out a way to bring it to the ground. This one will be interesting to watch cause I like both fighters.
  14. God I hope Henderson wins. I hate Varner so much.
  15. I love your picks for "of the year" winners. The only change I would make is the Dan Henderson KO of Bisping as the best of the year. I actually jumped off my couch for that one. I love that standing reverse triangle. It's been a while since I posted, I've had a lot going on but I've caught up with everything MMA wise other than the Strikeforce event from this past weekend, but it's on my DVR. Loved the Cerrone fight, I just hope he has enough to take out the winner of Varner/Henderson when they fight again. He needs to start off a bit faster, he always seems to start too slow but brings
  16. I agree with you, but I think this is a great fill in for condit. If he can get it to the ground, he could end it. Daley is no joke on his feet though. Should be good!
  17. Just wanted to comment on the WEC fights from last night. Pretty good card, I enjoyed most of the fights they showed. Aldo is a freakin beast. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite fighters. I'm upset about not seeing hazelett as well. He has been fun to watch and has some very good subs. I was hoping for a sub vs Karo. Wonder what happened?
  18. I tried posting this last night but I, or ES was having connection issues. That Fedor punch was a thing of beauty. He put every ounce of weight into that punch and it landed dead on. Whoever said it was about speed was totally right, he beat Rogers to the punch. Some good overall fights last night, I wish Shields would have gotten a sub, but miller knew how to defend everything he was trying. Shields needs to learn how to use the body triangle more often thought. Miller escaped or rolled out when he didn't have it on. P.S. Rogers would destroy Kimbo right now.
  19. Yeah, that omaplata was nice. He was really getting beat up. I thought it was over after that right landed. Lots of subs tonight. Heel hook, RNC, and an omaplata in one night is pretty good.
  20. Damn, lots of people getting hurt right now.
  21. I'm a big Machida supporter. Here is my take on the fight last night. Round 1 was a toss up. Both looked good in this round. I guess it really depended on the judges position on what landed. Rounds 2 and 3 went to Machida. He landed more strikes and was more elusive during these 2 rounds. Rounds 4 and 5 were Rua's. He came on strong and really slowed Machida down with the counter leg kicks. I honestly didn't know who was going to win the decision. I was happy Machida won, but damn Rua put up a hell of a fight. I normally don't get pissed at the UFC announcers compared to others, but
  22. I never liked either Rampage or Rashad, but I totally respect Rashad now and will most likely root for him unless he fights Machida again. I didn't watch the Shamrock/Ortiz TUF...why was he so bad?
  23. I think the fight should have been stopped once I saw how bad the cut was. It was probably hard to see it with him lying on the ground the whole time. Rampage has no clue how to coach, and I also wouldn't be surprised if all of his team members lose, though they'll probably get at least one. The FN card was sick though. Loved it. Was shouting at the TV half the time. The only match was was kinda eh was the maynard/huarta fight, and it was still decent. Not sure why, but the FN cards always end up pretty good.
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