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Who is your game ball player?


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Williams and the defense were the deciding factor in this game :)

In fact the defense didn't really yield ANY points.

The Bucs field goal came after a long kickoff return, after the D prevented the Bucs from driving it in.

The Bucs touchdown came off a fumbled snap and return.

LaVar and Co. didn't really give the Bucs anything :D

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Originally posted by Gibbs_Rulez

Bowen was awesome. Portis was awesome too! Who are you game ball players? Secondary played good. Did anyone even throw to Springs side?

I'm goin' with Chris Samuels. No sacks this time out & Simeon Rice, who had 4 sacks alone last year against us, was a NON-FACTOR!!! Way to go Chris!

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Antonio Pierce. He stepped up and had an extremely solid game and MLB. As mentioned in other threads, he showed he can lead and quarterback this defense. He gets my vote.

Bugel and Gregg share the coaching gameball. No sacks and 160 yards rushing? Bugel. Unbelievable defensive showing? Gregg.

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There isn't anyone player that stuck out to me. I think the beauty of this game was that it was a complete team effort. Everybody did their part and in the end we came out victorious.

Portis gutted out an amazing performance even though you could tell he was getting tired. Pierce played like a vet and may have very well won the game for us with his int. Cooley played well and kept some drives alive. The entire offensive line just went out and punished the Tampa front four.

The list goes on and on. Great TEAM effort.

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