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My Upset pick of the week! Week 1


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Each week I like to pick an upset game. Sometimes, it's not so contraversial, & sometimes, they are. I will leave that up to you all whether it is or not. Either way, there is not rhyme or reason most of the time for why I pick them or what makes me think that the team I pick will win. It's just for fun to see what everyone else thinks. So, without any further delay, my Upset pick of the week for week 1 is:

Cleveland over Baltimore. Enjoy...

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Originally posted by Brave

I'll take the Lions over the Bears.

i think this is the upset thread....

anyways, i've got SF over ATL too.

i am very nervous about Vick, and the Falcons D is still incredibly weak. look for Brandon Lloyd to have a 100+ yards and AT LEAST 1 TD. SF will win this shootout.

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The biggest upset will be Indy over the Pats. Peyton will be fired up for this one, and with the new DB rules in effect and we are gonna see the all time record for pass interferece calls and illegal contact on both sides of the ball (advantage indy)

I'm taking the points (3.5) and may lay a small moneyline wager just to make it interesting.

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