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Junior Wizard

Klinton Martin, Fourth Grade

Owen Elementary School, Pontiac

Science Lesson

Lesson(s) Shared: "How Does Soap Work?"

Brief Description: Klinton will come to your classroom, scouting group, 4H club, or science club and demonstrate with your class the above hands-on activity.

Materials: You will spill water during this lesson! You will need room for each chid to work and easy access to water.


Group Size: up to 30 students

Age Level: K-5 grade

Travel Limitations: City of Pontiac

To Arrange for this Science Presentation

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Originally posted by codeorama

I was really glad to hear that Klinton was a junior wizard and had a science project about "how soap works"... that's all..:D

Junior wizard, ok. But somehow, I never see him making Grand Wizard. Even with the K in his name.

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:rotflmao: I almost died when I saw the title! :D

:notworthy code, you are a bad boy.

I especially liked young Klinton's profile:


Klinton Martin: Science Wizard

Age: 9 years old

Grade: 4th Grade, Owen Elementary School, Pontiac

Hobbies: Basketball, football, and running.

Why did you want to be a science wizard?

I heard that it was fun program to be involved in. Since I have been a part of it, I have found out that it is really cool. I enjoy writing down my findings during the experiment.

What is it about science that interests you?

I really like science. I am an inquisitive person, and I know that that is a good thing in a scientific field. Being a part of the science wizards has been good for my grades. I really like it.

Do you know anyone who is a scientist or works in a scientific field?

Yes, our teachers, research scientist John Nees and Professor Herbert Winful.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a person who sells cars.

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