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Need some good psche up music for football!

Ryman of the North

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Well my two year retirement from semipro football came to an abrupt end when the GM of the Calgarywolfpack spoke to me about coming out of retirement for a chance to win a championship. I have been training and am at 305 pounds and cant wait to play this summer! anyway I need some good psych up music so post your Ideas please. I really like heavy angry music like linkin park and Prodigy but am open to anything that makes me want to break stuff. Thanks guys.

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section Oh hell yeah stupify rocks do they have any other titles that kick a55?

South thanks theres a website www.calgarywolfpack.com its pretty cool.Ill check that tune tonite.

section that was fast thanx.

Dj i will never listen to thunderstruck again my coach at uofa used that song for every highlite film all year long! lol thanks for the input tho i forgot about Gnr.

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Here are a couple of songs that make me feel like breaking stuff:

Ten Ton Hammer – Machine Head

Wolverine Blues – Entombed

Walk – Pantera (the whole Vulgar Display of Power record)

Kill Yourself – S.O.D.

7 Faces – Slayer

Aftershock – Anthrax

D.N.R. – Testament

Coma – Overkill

You can’t Bring Me Down – Suicidal Tendencies

Chalice of Blood - Forbidden

Just a Gigolo – David Lee Roth………..ok, maybe not

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