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Who is this year's Kenny Watson?


Is this man a great leader or what?  

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  1. 1. Is this man a great leader or what?

    • He is an "awful" good leader
    • He is an "awful" bad leader
    • Or what exactly?
    • My cat's breath smells like cat food
    • I like to watch...hee hee
    • Excuse me for laughing at your poll, but that pic is classic "Norvitis"

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this question just came to me... you know how last offseason we were so high on watson and most likely it was because we are all big homers but anyways the question is:

what player that leaves the redskins either after being cut, traded, or not resigned this offseason who we (people in this forum) covet but no one else in the league dont...?

as i kind of states in the other post... i think Rock might the guy... i love the dude but not sure how much interest he is gonna get if for some reason he gets cut....

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Does Jesse Armstead count? I'm not really sure how everyone here feels about him.

If the Redskins bring in a proven RB, Betts might go. He probably wouldn't garner much interest around the league.

Those are the only two that I can think of that might have a decent following on this board.

Trung is definitely gone in my book. Him and Morton would fill the same role in Gibbs' offense and Morton has more versatility plus a large signing bonus. But once again I don't think Trung has much of a following on this board either. Canidate will have washed out of two cities and I'm not sure anyone outside of Tampa Bay would give him a shot.

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Originally posted by blakman211

Who was that backup center? He may be gone and I'd be kinda sad to see that.

Lennie Friedman was the back up center this year, he did a pretty solid job filling in for Larry Moore. Actually, I'm inclined to agree with blakman211, that he should be invited back this year to compete for the starting job.

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