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I hope Tua is OK


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The people investigating the possible health shenanigans last week will surely leave no stone un-turned after this.


If someone was in the wrong and knowingly put this man in a position for this to happen, there needs to be unprecedented consequences. Future similarities for all players need to be discouraged at all costs.

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Sadly, the NFLPA will need stronger leadership than they currently have under De Smith in order to really make any changes. Smith is simply not smart enough to take on the NFL owners. He allowed the owners to buy him off with some extra $$$ towards the players to add the 17th game, which we all know will soon turn into 18 games per year.


Tua went back in due to the fear all NFL players have that they will lose their job if they don't play...kinda sounds like RGIII going back into that playoff game against the Seahawks back in 2012, doesn't it?

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I read somewhere that many of the UNCs had little experience in neurotrauma.  In nearly every NFL city there are leading neurosurgeons or clinician-scientists who could fulfill the role and depend on objective (as possible) assessments vs. depending on self-reported symptoms. Heck, just hire some of these guys https://careconsortium.net/about/history-mission/  They have sites all over the country.

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