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  1. Cool idea, but what the heck is a Kinght??
  2. I definitely covered up one eye when I Googled the images.
  3. I hope we land at least one of these guys. Way up on my list.
  4. After the WR signings made this offseason, I really doubt he makes the team. Maybe he completely balls out in the preseason, but I would bet he's simply not going to look good enough. It's a shame, but I think the injury really hurt his chances in this league. I'll be rooting for Harmon nonetheless.
  5. Maybe I am misremembering, but I recall he was a stud in Baltimore. This ultimately led to him receiving a large contract with the Jets. I would blame the garbage team he went to (and maybe injuries?) for his decline. But generally speaking, I would mostly agree with you about the DL and LB success rate.
  6. WFT fans on bleacher report's community mock draft have just made their decision... https://bleacherreport.com/2021-community-mock-draft
  7. Mills is one of my favorite QBs outside of the top 5, but I really don't want a QB in the third or earlier. There's just too many other positions I would like to fill. But I have a feeling we're going to take him with one of the 3rds if he's available. So I watched a highlight video... ... and I do like what I see. But what really stood out to me was Simi Fehoko. I wouldn't be upset at all if we took this kid in the draft.
  8. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10001369-chilean-basketball-player-sammis-reyes-signs-washington-football-team-contract Super pumped about this signing.
  9. Please no. I live in FL and my sis is a UCF alum, so I've seen a lot of their games. This kid as tantalizing potential, but he's disappointed me sooo many times with drops. It became almost comical this past year. Anytime they're was a big play ruined by a drop, I'd find myself saying, "I'll bet that was 87. Yep. 87 strikes again."
  10. As the Ravens GM, this would be an amazing draft class. You absolutely nailed it.
  11. I definitely don't see it as a need, but if we're going BPA, Najee is certainly in the conversation. I would like to address the OL and LB early, but I can't help but imagine the offensive possibilities we'd have with both Gibson and Najee. What's nice about these two is their pass catching abilities allow them both to be on the field simultaneously. It's also nice to have a little insurance in the event of an injury to one of them. But again, I don't think it's as big a need as some other positions.
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