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  1. They might have contracted it already and have the antibodies?? Who knows. But even those who have been vaccinated can still test positive. While they are likely to have minimal symptoms, they'll still have to miss time. Hopefully, WFT gets lucky and doesn't run into any issues going forward.
  2. Chase working out with Haskins? Helping him practice those pick 6s? Always knew Dwayne was a team player
  3. Ahhh, that's right. Thanks for the reminder
  4. This is probably not the right thread for this conversation, but there's been a lot of talk in here regarding who to extend between Payne and Allen. I like them both and would love to keep the DL intact as would most, if not all, on this board. I guess I currently lean towards Allen, but didn't he have some knee issue coming out of college? I thought that's what caused him to drop in the draft. I always thought, based on the medical projections, he'd have several great years before his inevitable medical decline. Is that out the window now? Were the doctors wrong?
  5. Can we please get a video of Fitzpatrick's mom?
  6. Setting themselves up to draft a Trevor Lawrence. Trust the tankness.
  7. Oh yeah, "Flecther" was one of the good ones. I remember being super pumped in '02 for the Armstead, Arrington, Trotter combo. It didn't turn out too well though lol. I think we had Pierce that year, too.
  8. I dunno about Mr. McQueen, but I would have been absolutely sick to my stomach if WFT had taken Mills with Cosmi still on the board.
  9. That you, Kyle Smith?
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