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  1. Yeah, now that I think about it, there's probably very little difference in the player development effectiveness between say a Maryland program versus an Ohio state. It just seems that way because many of the top high school players flock to these "elite" programs. Maryland would be considered an elite program if enough 4 and 5 stars signed to play there and improved the program's standing. As for patterns, you're right about LSU, Notre Dame and Wisconsin. I would add Penn State for linebackers, but that may be a little outdated now (although that Parsons kid looks pretty good )
  2. Yeah, I really doubt it's going to be anything new or earth-shattering. It's probably just going to be more of the same, disgruntled former employees or reporters telling stories around the campfire about how terrible the Redskins culture is. Go ahead and tell your stories. We all know we have a damn good culture here.
  3. Do I look like Walt Disney to you? Lol I would have to teach myself how to do that and it's not worth it for a teaspoon logo. This would certainly start a war with the Baltimore fans lol Not sure if anybody posted this in another thread, but I know people were asking about the "other news" that was supposed to drop in addition to the name change. It looks like it wasn't just those front office changes. By the looks of it, sounds like it's just going to be a bunch of people sh*tting on the franchise for various reasons.
  4. Yeah, can't be that. He's a hard worker. Doesn't cut corners.
  5. "THE WASHINGTON TEASPOONS: Other teams just don't measure up."
  6. Yeah, I know what you mean. So far, the only one that doesn't make the Gold an afterthought is that "R" logo we liked. But with a wolf logo, it's tough. The obvious choice is to put it in the eyes.
  7. I was thinking of Rockers as well, but relating it to Rock Creek Park. I just don't know how you make a logo out of that lol. Sounds pretty close to a Raccoon. How about that for a team name? The Washington Raccoons? It'll be very appropriate if/when we get ourselves back into salary cap hell and have to go dumpster diving in free agency.
  8. Juicy.... Well, I wouldn't put it past a businessman to negotiate that way.
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