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  1. WelshSkinsFan

    Starting QB 2019???

    If Fitzmagic is out there then I definitely want him. We are probably only going to win 3 or 4 games next year but if Fitz is starting then all 16 will be worth watching for the sheer entertainment of watching NFL Seth Rogen channel his inner Dan Marino 20 times a game.
  2. WelshSkinsFan

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I understood that Gibbs did give Williams his full backing and had always planned on passing the baton to him when he went back into retirement. The story amongst the beat writers that has been oft repeated in threads here is that Dan invited Gregg to watch a game with him and because Gregg didn't kiss a$$ and buddy up to the boss he failed Dan's interview. The idea that Dan would ignore all football reasons and his 3 time SB winning Head Coach and instead base his decision on whether he wanted to hang out with Gregg just sounds true to me, that is the essence of Snyder.
  3. The irony in all of this is that if Kirk and Bruce could have kissed and made up he would probably be leading Washington into the playoffs this year, now both Kirk and the Skins are going to be sitting at home in January. Everybody loses and that is so Redskins.
  4. WelshSkinsFan

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    DeFillipo is pretty much done after last night. I am fairly sure that barring a miracle the Vikings are going to miss the playoffs and if that happens the first thing Zimmer is going to do is fire his OC and find someone who actually shares his philosophy. Flip may be scratching around for another coordinator job next year let alone a HC job. If we get a new HC I still would rather we hire a hard ass who will fix the culture and instill some discipline and that usually tends to be the Defensive guys although I am open to be persuaded of the merits of Toub. The HC can find a hotshot OC to take care of that side of the ball and honestly I don't want the guy running the offense worrying about the big picture on game day, I just want him focused on stepping on the oppositions throat when we have the ball.
  5. WelshSkinsFan

    Redskins vs Jaguars Prediction Thread: 2018 Disappointment Superbowl

    Got to be Redskins 17 Jags 13. We will win here and next week to move to 8-7 and due to other results will control the 6th seed in the playoffs entering the final weekend of the season whereupon we will once again be guilty of a colossal egg laying on the way to losing 51-3. On Black Monday Bruce Vader will then announce that we would have won the Superbowl if it hadn't been for those pesky kids, I mean injuries, and to show his commitment to the cause he has signed Jay and all of his assistants to 5 year extensions.
  6. WelshSkinsFan

    Starting QB 2019???

    Not sure where the idea is coming from that cutting Alex and eating the entire cap hit next year is a possibility. The cap hit for cutting Alex next year would be so great we would need to trim about another $20 million in salary just to get under the cap. More to the point, Alex will still be in the middle of his recovery and if you thought the Foster PR was bad just wait until you see what happens when we cut a guy fighting back from a horrific injury. Alex is on the roster until he chooses to retire and his cap hit is going to have to be managed as though he were playing.
  7. WelshSkinsFan

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    The Bengals situation could play into Jay's contract also. My understanding is that any salary Jay earns from another job would be offset against what Washington owes him. If Mike Brown is ready to move Marvin into a Front Office/Team Ambassador type of role with the idea that he can bring in Jay and reunite him with Andy Dalton as QB and presumably move Hue Jackson to OC then Dan won't have to worry about being on the hook for Jay's salary.
  8. WelshSkinsFan

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Right now I want Gregg Williams. Cleveland are tying themselves in knots trying to come up with a reason not to hire him. He has ties to the organization, is Gibbs approved and would personally beat the snot of every one of those bums on Defense after a showing like yesterday. Of course we do need to find him a good OC.
  9. WelshSkinsFan

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants II

    Can't agree with this at this point. Sanchez was bad yesterday but he was badly hampered by a terrible performance from the OL which was understandable considering a couple of them only got in the building this week, he was also the victim of some pretty egregious drops by his receivers. I am not suggesting he is a great player but his stat line was badly impacted by the terrible performance around him. If we cut him, we then have to sign another retread who won't be any better and will also not have had 3 weeks in the building learning the playbook. Josh is slated to start the next 3 games but we have to have a backup and as bad as yesterday was Sanchez is the best option we have.
  10. WelshSkinsFan

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Retaining Hue was not Dorsey's call. Jimmy H and his wife were close with Hue and wanted him to be given a chance and so Dorsey gave him enough rope and then went back to the Haslam's when Hue managed to continue screwing up even after getting a stacked roster.
  11. WelshSkinsFan

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I still like Jay but frankly 5 years of this **** show has broken him. I don't think he was ever going to be the next Gibbs but I think he could have succeeded at a better run organization and I hope he finds success at his next stop, still thinking that could be as the next HC of the Bengals. Whilst I have come around to the idea that it is time to move on from Jay and basically commit to a full rebuild, I am firmly in the camp that believes this will be totally pointless if Bruce Allen remains employed by the team. I would prefer a new owner too but Dan probably has another 30 years in him and is never going to sell so I will stick to what is possible. Whilst I doubt we will get what we want the fact that Cincy has a clear need for a succession plan might make the timing right for Jay and the news yesterday that Oakland is going to blow up its front office at the end of the year makes me optimistic that Bruce also has an escape route and can be got rid of.
  12. WelshSkinsFan

    2018 Embrace [Insert QB name here] Thread

    So NY can sign Haskins and we can trade our 1st rounder for Eli is what you are saying?
  13. WelshSkinsFan

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    Maybe it is just me but right now I don't care what insurance policy we may or may not have or what the terms of his contract are, I just hope this husband and father makes a full recovery and is able to lead a normal life once all this is over.
  14. WelshSkinsFan

    Starting QB 2019???

    Colt will be the starter unless Jay is canned. We are almost certain to back into another win or two and be picking around 16 or 17 when a first round QB will be out of the question. We can't afford a veteran who is worth more than veteran minimum and so barring a spectacular stroke of luck in the later rounds we will go with what we know. If this team had a window it is most definitely closed for the veterans. Be prepared to rip the band aid off next year and trade Kerrigan, Williams etc. because they are going to be free agents in another year and there is no way we extend them. Keep the young nucleus, stockpile 2020 picks and draft Tua.
  15. WelshSkinsFan

    So where do we go from here (QB wise) this year and next?

    Saints gave up a 3rd rounder to get Bridgewater. If he is any good they will retain him, if he hits free agency that tells you he is not worth it. Alex won't be ready for the start of next year even in the most optimistic of scenarios so Colt will be penciled in as starter heading in to the offseason and if he could avoid getting hurt and give us 16 games I actually think he would be a serviceable option. I definitely think he can do anything Andy Dalton can for example. We will have to keep a veteran in for the number 2 spot, Sanchez may show us enough and if not there will be other options out there. We have to carry a 3rd QB this time and not try to smuggle anyone through waivers and PS them. I would do my due diligence on every small school, mid round QB prospect out there and hope we can luck into a Russell Wilson in the 3rd round situation. Rolling with Colt and another veteran will allow the rest of the roster to show what they have, we probably max out at 6 wins and could easily finish with just 3 or 4 but the expectation is that next year would be Jay's last. This at least will put enough decent game tape out there for the next coach to appraise the roster and decide who he wants to retain. With any luck Bruce is gone too and we get a real GM and a strong Coach and are nicely positioned to take advantage of a strong QB class in the 2020 draft.