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  1. After everything else I think that would be the final straw and I would have to say I was done with this team and done with this league. Constantly fielding a ****ty team is one thing, lots of fans suffer that fate after all but signing an egotistical abuser like AB, that is choosing to be beneath contempt.
  2. WelshSkinsFan

    ES Soccer Thread

    Right now it is a full on teardown and it was probably much needed. The scary part as a fan is that you really don't trust the Glazers and Woodward to actually rebuild the house once it has been torn down to the studs. One tiny example, we knew Lukaku was going to go for around what we paid this summer and had scouted Haller as a replacement, a CF who could score the scruffy close range goals that Martial and Rashford are never in position for. Haller ended up at West Ham for a lot less than we sold Lukaku for and as the second half unfolded on Saturday all I could think was how if we had a decent CF on the end of any one of those crosses James was putting in we would have won at a canter. That penny pinching could cost us upwards of 10 points this season and with the chasing group tightening the gap a 10 point swing could be the difference between 4th and 10th this year. They will keep Ole because he is beloved at the club and shields the culprits from the fans whilst also being so happy to have the job that he will never call Ed out for leaving him with a squad that is not fit for purpose. He is a little naïve tactically but when you look at how threadbare this group is even changing formations and tactics is tantamount to rearranging the deckchairs on the titanic. For all his flaws Pogba is our best player but with no other world class Midfielders at the club we need to play him in about 4 different positions, if he is played deep he can't influence our attacking play as much as we need him to but if you play him as a number 10 he inevitably will end up dropping deeper to get the ball because there is nobody on the roster capable of playing the playmaker role from deep and he will be starved for service. My expectation is that Ole will stick around for this season and possibly the next before the club and more pertinently the clubs sponsors decide something has to change at which point big money will be thrown at a trendy candidate. The current parsimony suggests Ed is already planning to build up a war chest for the man after Ole and is happy to focus on cutting the wage bill and clearing the deadwood until that time.
  3. WelshSkinsFan

    The Forthcoming Recession

    401k savings are fine provided you are not close to retirement age and can afford to ride out any turbulence. If you are within 5 years of retiring you should be moving to more conservative investments if you are self directing. If you let your company invest for you then they typically will have funds for each year stretching out 30 to 40 years into the future so if you are retiring in 2022 then you will be in your companys 2022 fund and that will target increasingly conservative investments the close it gets to maturity. If you are really concerned most plans offer a Stable fund which is what people generally do with their funds after retirement age. A stable fund is mostly bonds and ultra safe investments and whilst it won't lose you money it won't make you money either. If you are 5 or more years away from retiring you can genuinely expect to recover any losses and actually grow your funds as the markets recover, you just need patience. I have a customer who lost a ton of money in 2008 on his investments and pulled everything out and put it in a savings account. His $100,000 has earned him around $1,000 in interest in 10 years at the crappy interest rates savings account pay. If he had left his money in the Nasdaq and Small Cap markets where it was in 2008 that $100,000 would have another 0 on the end of it by now.
  4. WelshSkinsFan

    ES Soccer Thread

    Maybe they were up for it and certainly the celebrations showed how much they wanted the win. I have watched almost every game Liverpool have played in the last few seasons because there is not much else to watch here in America and because though it pains me to say it they are bloody entertaining. I am just used to them playing with much more intensity than they seemed to show last night and I do think playing Ox for Firminho was a headscratcher. In the end though, Liverpool took home the trophy with a bargain bin signing in goal who just became an Anfield legend so Klopp clearly knows more about this game than I do.
  5. WelshSkinsFan

    ES Soccer Thread

    Some really bizarre selection decisions in the game last night that certainly helped Chelsea dominate, particularly in the first half. Judging by that I would like to offer my thanks to Franky Lamps for not playing Pulisic and Kante against us on Sunday until it was too late. Overall still left with the impression that if Liverpool had been properly up for it they would have steamrollered Chelsea, just a strangely lethargic performance for much of the game not helped by a somewhat bizarre team selection from Klopp. With their forwards all somewhat knackered from international duty this summer I cannot understand why Shaqiri cannot get a look in, if he doesn't come in for Salah at Southampton this weekend I am just going to have to conclude that he stole Klopp's hob nobs in the cafeteria, cannot think of another reason to keep such a talented plan B at the club and then refuse to play him when your starters look like they are about to have a coronary from overwork. Maybe @Gibbs Hog Heaven has some insider knowledge? Still think it is a two horse race again this season and breaking ranks with most of my fellow United fans I would far rather see Liverpool win than City. My only fear is that Liverpool look terribly thin at the back once the first choice back 4 is out and they may need to be active in the January transfer window to maintain a challenge unless they have a couple of defensive studs in the academy that they are keeping under wraps.
  6. WelshSkinsFan

    ES Soccer Thread

    Sorry but Cantona said we were going to win the league this year and as I am sure you know Cantona is God and God is infallible. I rest my case. On a slightly more serious note, I get the pessimism about United and Solskjaer but with the club currently in a 20 way tie for 1st place I am going to take a glass half full approach. I rate our defensive recruits a little more highly than you seem to, whilst AWB needs to work more on the attacking side of his game I think he is already a beast when it comes to his defensive responsibilities and addresses what has been a glaring hole for several years. Maguire to me is the rising tide that lifts all boats. Lindelof is a good composed defender who can bring the ball out from the back but has been targeted by opposing teams who can afford to ignore whichever of the chuckle brothers he is paired with. Teaming him with Maguire gives us two ball playing CBs and this will make us a lot more press resistant. I do expect that we are going to be very tough to break down this season and frankly just a small improvement defensively would have seen us in the top 4 last season as it was comedy defensive blunders that sunk us during the last 2 months of the campaign. The midfield and attack are still lacking in title challenging quality but I am at least encouraged that we will be giving a lot of game time to some very talented young players. Lukaku was completely miscast in the system we intend to play and Mason Greenwood is making it very difficult for Ole to leave him with the academy lads as shown by the fact that he was not included when the academy played in the EFL trophy this week. With Ole preferring the double pivot in his 4-2-3-1 system I anticipate Matic being phased out for the fast improving Scott McTominay alongside Pogba and fingers crossed Fred can find his groove and become a decent back up for these positions. The fluid nature of the front 4 positions being filled by an interchangeable group of Martial, Rashford, Lingard, James, Gomes, Greenwood etc. should give us a lot of pace and the interchangeable nature of these players will make it hard for opposition sides to track our movement. I do think top 4 is achievable and having looked a lot more closely at his work with Molde in the last few months I think Solskjaer will surprise a few people now that he has had the time to implement his way of playing and begin to shape the squad to his liking. Honestly though, if we only land in the top 6 again but actually play exciting football and demonstrate that there is actually a plan both on and off the pitch this season then I am happy to accept this as the first step in a rebuilding process. I also think that the Glazers and Ed Woodward will find they have seriously underestimated the supporters affection and respect for Solskjaer if they try to scapegoat him for their failure to seriously invest in the club over the last few seasons.
  7. WelshSkinsFan

    ES Soccer Thread

    Thank God we sold Daley Blind and kept Phil Jones
  8. WelshSkinsFan

    ES Soccer Thread

    I might be a United fan but more than that I am a fan of football and I just have to say this Liverpool team is spectacular. In full flow it is almost like Klopp is DaVinci and his players are the Sistine Chapel, they have made Barcelona look like Cardiff City tonight.
  9. WelshSkinsFan

    ES Soccer Thread

    Shaqiri with a hat trick tonight. I know he stole Klopp's muesli or something but with all the injuries he has to play now. Alpine Messi to become a legend.
  10. WelshSkinsFan

    ES Soccer Thread

    Well that was another wretched performance from United. Over at the Redcafe they are getting ready to jump off tall buildings but on the bright side we don't have to go into next week at home to Cardiff clinging to some delusion of hope for a top 4 finish. In reality missing top 4 might be a blessing in the long run. The big name players linked with the club will not be coming for Europa League and a bunch of the overpaid deadwood will want out too. The team needs a tear it down to the studs rebuild focused on young, emerging and ambitious players and this result is going to force them to do just that. Pogba, whether you rate him or not, is of more use as a sellable asset than as part of the squad and DeGea and Lukaku should be moved on too. If only we had a football man to identify our new signings but sadly final authority will still rest with investment banker, Ed Woodward, who will continue to play Championship Manager as a way of assembling his squad.
  11. I would absolutely quit following this team if they signed Hill. I don't see it as likely as I imagine he has some jail time in his future and even if he doesn't the details as they are I think the owners will agree amongst themselves to end his career. I struggle with the AP thing to be honest, I am looking forward to him retiring, being cut or getting traded.
  12. WelshSkinsFan

    Will the coaching be good enough for the talent?

    I expect Williams, Moses, Scherff and Roullier to play 16 games each and we have plenty of candidates to find a LG from. I mean if you are just going to assume the worst before training camp even starts you might as well put a grand on Washington for the first pick next year and take a 12 month vacation from watching the team.
  13. WelshSkinsFan

    Will the coaching be good enough for the talent?

    Jay actually does like to run the ball but for most of his tenure we have had sub par talent in the run game and so he would check into the passing game mostly through frustration but he does like to run it. I am higher on Jay than most here but I think he has a weakness with game management. For the talent at his disposal I believe he is an excellent game planner and I would put him in the top 10 offensive minds when it comes to play design, specifically around getting multiple targets open. What hurts Jay is that his play calling in game is subpar because I think he has too much on his plate. McVay deserves some credit obviously but when he was here and we were putting up big numbers he was calling Jay's plays, he just benefitted from being free to focus on the offense only. I would personally feel a lot better going forward if O'Connell was handed play calling responsibilities and Jay focused on the big picture in games. Manusky on the other hand is simply lost. If we don't open with 4 or 5 wins in our first 6 games I strongly believe he will be let go and either Horton or Ryan will be asked to step up. We clearly would have fired him if Bowles had not chosen Tampa over us and with 2 new guys with DC experience in the building Manusky is on a very hot seat to start the season and rightly so.
  14. WelshSkinsFan

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Smart money still says the Raiders. AB84, Chucky, getting ready to ditch Oakland. Appointment television.