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Post Something Creepy: The Return

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****roach infestation so bad in Wyandotte neighborhood, officials cancel trick-or-treating


How's this for Halloween scary?


A letter from Wyandotte's city engineer to residents warns of a ****roach infestation in a home that is so bad that officials had to cancel trick-or-treating Monday on 20th Street "to prevent further roach migration." The decision, the warning went on to say, is "in the best interest of the citizens."


The city said it is putting up human barricades and signs, not so much to stop the roaches, but to close the sidewalks on the street from Eureka to Grove from 4 to 8 p.m. Monday to vehicles and kids in their adorable costumes. The closure, the city said, includes the intersections of Orchard and Pine.


The letter, which was dated Oct. 25, was signed by Gregory Mayhew and posted in a Downriver Facebook group. A resident and City Councilman Todd Hanna, whose name is at the top of the letter, along with other officials, independently verified the letter's accuracy.


Click on the link for the full article



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These are the most haunted places in the U.S.


"Unexplained noises or screams" — that’s the most common category of hauntings in the U.S. And people out West are hearing a lot of them, according to an index of nearly 11,000 entries of haunted locations, collected and organized from reader submissions to the paranormal website The Shadowlands.


Why it matters: The Axios Visuals team thought it would be a fun Halloween treat for readers to dig into this dataset of supposedly haunted places, looking at the types of haunting and which states have the most reported spooky experiences.


Click on the link for the interactive graphics

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The Bizzare Story Behind the 'Necropants' Made from Human Leg Skin


A pair of sorcerous "necropants," which were made in the 17th century from a dead man's skin, are currently on display in Iceland.


These pants, which were traditionally made from the legs of a dead person, were thought to bring the wearer good luck.


"I will have to burst the bubble that the necropants on display are a replica, from a mold made from a man (except the most intimate part, which is made up)," Anna Björg Þórarinsdóttir, who runs the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft, told Newsweek.




"But the necropants were believed to bring wealth to the one who wore them and in Icelandic grimoires and folklore there are descriptions on how to make them."


According to Þórarinsdóttir, the pants must be made with skin that is completely intact, with no holes or scratches. The sorcerer then steps into the skin which will "immediately become one with his own."


Click on the link for more

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1 hour ago, Califan007 The Constipated said:


"a cocoon with something about to emerge" alone is creepy...especially when it's on your livingroom wall and is the size of a throw pillow lol...


Cocoons don't hatch immediately.  I question how someone wouldn't have noticed that long before it started hatching, which makes me think it's not in someobody's living room, but in a container where they were purposefully growing it.  Not creepy.

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