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Originally posted by airSkins96


ESPN.com news services

The growing specter of THG now has crept into the NFL.

Four Oakland Raiders have reportedly tested positive for the designer steroid and now face four-game suspensions.

A report on SportsLine.com identified tackle Dana Stubblefield, center Barrett Robbins, linebacker Bill Romanowski and defensive tackle Chris Cooper as the Raiders who, pending appeal, will be banned for a violation of the NFL's drug policy. Those four players, as well as Raiders running backs Tyrone Wheatley and Chris Heatherington, former Raider Josh Taves, Chiefs wide receiver Johnnie Morton, Falcons linebacker Artie Ulmer and Patriots special teams Pro Bowl LB Larry Izzo, were subpoenaed last month to testify in the ongoing probe of Victor Conte and BALCO Labs.

The suspensions will not take effect until the completion of an appeal process that could include testing of a backup sample and/or a hearing.

Man, Stubblefield sucks DESPITE the steroids??

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