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Redskins vs. Panthers Game Thread


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Originally posted by doubledeuce

they would have scored anyway.

lets see how Rambo responds.

How would they have scored when Washington recovered his fumble??

The Refs gave the panthers the win Plain and simple

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Davis's knee did not touch the ground he was on top of another player, he didn't score he fumbled.

The drive before muhamad got away with a clear push off on Smoot fopr the big pass play that lead to their fg

The offense played bad in the first half but the Defense kept us in the game, we were robbed,

If Davis was a TD then so was Rocks.

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Originally posted by FIRSTPLACESKINS

you guys are the biggest bunch of whiney pu$$ies.

waah. we suck. grow some cahones.

Frist of all you dick it's spelled cajones.

Second, we aren't whining we're venting, huge difference.

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I like the way Ramsey hung in there against a tenacious Panther defense. Ramsey is a winner and will win many games for this frachise! Stephen Davis, is fumble-prone and proved he is not worth 11.5 million dollars. Where was your 150 yards and 2 TD's?? Also, come playoff time Stephen, you can not afford to fumble near the goal-line...because you did it not once but twice agains the Skins...

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Originally posted by NavyDave

Stop hating on S Davis he got it done when it matter but,

I know I am not hating Stephen Davis. Facts are facts...he did not back up all his talk this week and showed he is prone to fumble when the game matters most. I wish him well....and I am glad he is no longer a Redskin.

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to all those who are saying ramsey sucks and writing things that look like they are cursing him out--

it seems we have ramsey's brother on this board as a visitor and potentially ramsey at time to time as well. maybe you feel like you are venting by cursing him out, i don't know. but, i'll tell you what - a lot of us complain about players playing for $$$ and all that, and then you got a guy who has taken and still takes a lot of punishing blows and gets up and says all the right things after the game and tries hard to improve, and this is how we as fans treat him? With all that pressure that's on him, we put more pressure on him? Not to mention that if you support him, maybe he'll want to play for us and not for $$$, but if you curse him out, what effect do you think that will have?

Seriously, what are you thinking? These are our players, and of all of them, he's young, has a lot of promise, and this is what you want him to see from redskin fans?

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