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chrome stopped connecting to the internet


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opera, firefox, IE (and the other microsoft blue e browser whatever it is called) all will connect to the Internet, but chrome says there is no connection.... and i can't even get into "settings" to see if i can change anything






has anyone else run into this?

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Did you download any software recently? Could be a toolbar or some other bit of junk came in with it.


Best place if you get stuck..



Make a free account, go to their forums, go in the one called "I think I'm Infected".. and post your issues.

Some smart person will be assigned to you quickly, they will have you DL some software (Always clean, bleepingcomputer uses good stuff and distributes through their own servers, so no add-ons come packed with it..)
they will have u run things and upload the results files.. and then they will walk you through a fix.


It's an absolutely essential resource.



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