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A Look Back At 2015 in Chilliwack BC


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Is that the hood or something?  A lot of no good in those clips LOL


Old agricultural town in Canada that didn't change with the times. Jobs left, anyone with the ability to leave left, and now it's a bunch of poor people and a haven for drug users, with some quality people that just don't want to leave home sprinkled about.


Basically like a lot of old blue collar areas in our country....

Damn. Reminds me of a few places I've lived in. :)  Though I've been that kid getting ganged up on at the 6 min. mark. :(  Racoons were funny though. :)


I would add:

The cop chasing the guy on the bicycle in the rain at night

The entire Garage scene, that motion light is worth more than that guy paid for it

The scene with the woman walking by herself screaming lol.

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Lol reminds me of my neighborhood growing up: the Knolls in Centreville. EXACTLY like that. Sadly torn down and replaced now. How many apt complexes in the suburbs have you heard about being torn down? The place was a beast. And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Goddamn us little ****s had some fun. Looks like I know where to move to get that magic back. Great vid. Definitely brought back some memories. (though I didn't see anyone getting shot or any arms being hacked off with a machete by MS13. Still...)

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