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Any news on Ayala/Wiggins/Morsell?


My hope is Wiggins comes back....he's ranked as #21 for next year's draft talent. I think he'll make another dominating jump like he did later this past season into the tournament

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Love that Ayala is coming back.  Hope Wiggins does too.  Morselll transferring to Marquette leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but I suppose he wants to go somewhere he can get playing time and increase his draft stock.  I figured he would just go pro now since he is gonna be playing overseas anyway, very unlikely he gets drafted.

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Big mistake by Wiggins, imo. He said he wanted 1st round assurances, but he will be lucky to get drafted at all. Had a good G league camp, but mediocre pre draft camp.


Had he returned, the Terps would have been a big time contender for a tournament run. And, had he played the entire season as he did the second half last season, and showed a leadership role, stepping up for Morsell, I believe he would have had a solid chance of getting that 1st round payday. 

I wish him well, just think he got bad info, and/or made a poor choice.

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I think his age had something to do with it, being a fairly old for senior considerations at 22. I agree he could have benefited from another season, but maybe he felt like he had maxed out his game and nowhere to improve. He will he a fringe mid second round pick. I'm sure he will catch on somewhere and make some money playing basketball. Best of luck to him.


Team should still have enough firepower to challenge in the Big 10 and make a run in the NCAAs. I'm excited to see what the transfers and freshmen bring. Wild card is Ian Martinez imo, I've been reading about his game.

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