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Name This Redskin - A forum game


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With all this serious business talk of coaches, GMs, Shannon Sharpe 2.0's and Air Raids, I started thinking that it might be nice to have a fun little game to pass part of the offseason on. Whether it's "fun" or not can be determined by whether it's shut down by the admins or goes without another post for eternity. (Then again, those two might be related.) Anyway, on to the rules:


Someone posts a picture of a former Redskins player, and everyone has to guess who it is. The first person to guess correctly posts another picture of a former Redskin, and the game goes on. If nobody can guess it in two days, the person who gave the picture must reveal the answer and post a new one.


The picture has to show his face and/or full body to help make it easier to see who it is. A picture that barely shows the player somewhere along a defensive line with no numbers or anything else makes it nearly impossible to guess. Also, guessers are requested to not enter the image into Google searches to find similar pictures. It's cheating, and cheating makes me sad. :(


So, to start it off:



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