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  1. Serious question: Was there a single respected boxer or "boxing expert" who thought Bradley won that fight? FWIW, anyone suggesting the HBO crew was pro-Pacquiao or biased in his favor wasn't watching/listening to the broadcast. Before the fight, both Kellerman and Steward were pushing Bradley hard, claiming he was more dangerous than people thought. It was Pacquiao's performance that turned them.
  2. You are really confused, aren't you? The Skins didn't wear white pants at home for 25 years. The Skins wore white pants at home only seven seasons (please feel free to add any I'm missing): 1980 (when Jack Pardee introduced the white pants), 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. They made they playoffs two of the seven years. White pants at home have no correlation with winning. I'm not sure how I can make that any clearer to you. The burgundy jerseys at home, on the other hand, have a 29-straight-season correlation with losing. So your example is absolutely irrelevant.
  3. Huh? You've just proved my point. Wearing white pants at home has no correlation to success. Spurrier and others did it without success; Gibbs did it with and without success. I don't care if they wear white pants at home because it has no bearing on the outcome. See, we agree. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for burgundy jerseys at home. When a relationship proves true for 29 straight years--through Pardee and Gibbs and Schottenheimer and Norv and Terry and Spurrier and Zorn--that's not a "coincidence," it's incontrovertible truth until proved otherwise.
  4. I'm not superstitious. I simply observe correlation (causation?). I don't know why or how losing is related to wearing burgundy at home, but it is. You can mock the facts all you want, but they are real. You can't fight science, my man. Since 1980: Years Redskins made playoffs when they never wore burgundy jerseys at home: 11 Years Redskins made playoffs when they wore burgundy jerseys for at least one home game: 0 "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." -Albert Einstein So why would you want the Redskins to wear burgundy jerseys at home
  5. Suit yourselves. But if we wear burgundy jerseys at home this season and we miss the playoffs, it's on your conscience.
  6. Urgent, urgent! Somebody must tell Dan and Zorn that the Skins cannot, at any point in time, wear burgundy tops at home. When was the last time we had success wearing burgundy jerseys at home? Anyone? When was the last time we won the Super Bowl in burgundy jerseys? When we wore burgundy jerseys in the Super Bowl, what was the result? When did the wheels come off last season? After the Steelers game. What did we wear at home? Yep, burgundy jerseys. But it wasn't just bad, because Dan and Zorn inexplicably allowed the team to wear BURGUNDY PANTS with the burgundy jerseys!!!1! It was
  7. Bummer, but thanks a lot for the quick response. For me, it's gotta be white for any Gibbs I player--too many good memories in white, and too few good memories in burgundy...
  8. Are they going to offer only burgundy jerseys for those retro players (as they did last year)?
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