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The Trashman

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The people in jacksonville have better things to do than to go to a football game. My ex's parents moved down there a while back, and it amazed me how little Jags stuff I saw in that city, either on cars, billboards, or people wearing the colors/logos. Its just a matter of time before they get moved, and when they do, people will **** and moan... umm helllllo, where were you all when you had to cover over half of the upper deck seats with tarps? lol smh

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Has Gabbert officially been declared a bust yet? If not, what's the hold-up?


He has yet to throw a TD this season, though he has thrown 5 picks. The guy is not even backup quality.


It's like watching someone poke a stick at a dead corpse...


Eventually you have to scare them away, get the body, and bury it six feet under so no one can look at it again.

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