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Pft: Colts Add A Pair Of Players (Redskins Related)


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I remember when some people thought he was gonna challenge for the starting RT spot.  lol


Don't laugh too hard. Kids a terrific talent. If he gets the past the niggling injury's and develops, he's starting potential in this league. 


Perfect, strong, athletic fit for the ZBS. This news saddens me as I was really looking forward to seeing him back in camp next year, 


Thems the breaks of the practice squad gamble. 



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I am sure Jerome Murphy is great and him dominating teams, but I would like to see Chase Minnifield, S, activated off the squad.


I mean Corner.


Regardless, there should be a price to play for a player laughing at Kniles lame duck offside recovery. On national television when about to lose. Sure it was funny, but didn't Iron Mike at least coach that up?


Good luck X Man.

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