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9-year-old from Clinton, MD Lives the Make-A-Wish dream with RGIII and the Redskins


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From the Make A Wish Twitter Feed:


MT @redskins: QB @RGIII runs a pitch play w/ his new @MakeAWish RB. For the full story, watch @espn on 08/18! #HTTR pic.twitter.com/fxv1IRRXYv


MT @redskins: From One 1st-Rounder to Another: QB @RGIII walks @MakeAWish Draft Pick to his 1st NFL practice: #HTTR pic.twitter.com/CpfrqeRztz





Also found this story on USA Today: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2013/06/9-year-old-lives-make-a-wish-dream-with-the-redskins/


ASHBURN, Va. – What a last five days it has been for nine-year-old Lateef Brock.

On Thursday, Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan called to
tell him that they drafted the young running back in the first round.

And Tuesday, his Make-A-Wish dream came true as he spent the day with star quarterback Robert Griffin III.

“I felt blessed enough that he chose me to be the guy he came out to
practice with and hung out with,” Griffin III told reporters after the
Redskins’ minicamp Tuesday. “It was just an honor to meet with him and
just be able to be around him.”

Brock, who hails from Clinton, Maryland, suffers from End Stage Renal
Disease (ESRD), Post Kidney Transplant. He arrived at Redskins Park at 8
a.m. Tuesday morning in a limousine where he was greeted by the
Redskinettes, the Redskins’ cheerleaders. He also received unlimited
candy for his signing bonus.

But perhaps the sweetest moment of the day was when he ran for a
30-yard touchdown with Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall playfully
diving to tackle him and Griffin III waiting for him in the end zone.


The Make-A-Wish Episode will appear on ESPN Sports Center on August 18th.


You may view previous Make-A-Wish episodes here: http://search.espn.go.com/make-a-wish/videos/6

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That is so cool.... Such a great organization and a great charity, this team has come leaps and bounds from where it used to be. So happy for that little man, what a great feeling it must have been to spend the day at Redskins Park and get "drafted" by the Redskins and go play with RG3 and the whole team.


It's also good that Deangelo got some practice in too, he must almost be in game form, missing tackles on a 9-yr old, LOL!, JK Deangelo's tackling has stepped up quite a bit.


Anyway this is just great!

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I just hate hearing about kids having to deal with things like ESRD. It's not that I want to ignore it - I just find it so unfair to them. Make adults deal with that crap, and let carefree kids be carefree.


Kudos to the team for giving Lateef a dream come true, and prayers that he lives a long and happy life.

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Saw this on local NBC 4 News.  Nice story, and the kid had some MOVES.  And some speed too. 


They had an interview with him after and he was endearingly nonchalant about the whole thing.   They asked him if this was his greatest day every and he said yes, then quickly corrected himself., saying "Third best" then listed the other two: 1. his football team winning the PeeWee superbowl and 2. a trip he took o Hershey Park. 


I had to laugh.

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This story just made me smile, a lot!


I hope that Lateef came away with lots of memorabilia and will probably need to get a trophy case to display all of it. Good for him!


I just hope he fully recovers and has a healthy and productive life. MakeAWish is serious business and the kids who partake in it are typically in pretty serious condition. 


Thoughts and prayers go out to Lateef and his family.

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Nice piece from Sarah Kogood




Eight-year-old Redskins fan Lateef Brock got a surprise phone call from Mike Shanahan last Thursday. The coach told the boy that he’d been drafted and was to report to minicamp at Redskins Park on Tuesday. Brock, who was born with chronic kidney disease, had reached out to the Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic to request a day with the Redskins and Robert Griffin III. His wish was being granted.

When Brock arrived at minicamp on Tuesday, the team had a one-day contract ready for him to sign. His signing bonus? Unlimited candy.

“Man, I need to renegotiate my contract,” Alfred Morris joked. “I want candy.”

Now officially a contracted player, Brock got to visit the locker room, where he palled around with Morris, showed off his “clap pushups” prowess and tried on London Fletcher’s very big, very heavy helmet.

“He said he was going to take my job,” Morris said. “I said, ‘Okay, but it’s not going to be easy. I’m not a pushover.’ I’m glad he came, and my heart does go out to him. He’s so young to deal with so much.”

Brock, who received a successful kidney transplant in November, was then introduced to his favorite player, RGIII, and got to play catch with the quarterback.

“I feel blessed that he chose me to be the guy he came out to practice with and hung out with,” Griffin said. “I don’t have any kids,
but a lot of the coaches do and they say that when you have a kid, you get more sensitive to things that happen with little children. It’s sad to see what he’s gone through, but I’m glad that we could make his day on this day.”

The pint-sized honoree spent practice on the sidelines interacting with players, and even got some punting lessons from Sav Rocca. And then, the biggest moment of all. Brock was going to get to run the last play of the day.

Brock lined up at running back and took the handoff from Rex
Grossman. With the defense coming at him, he cut left, found a hole and
took off down the field toward a waiting, cheering Griffin. Brock
sprinted into the end zone, with DeAngelo Hall diving at his feet for
dramatic effect.

“He was moving pretty fast, too,” Fletcher said afterward. “He outran the whole defense.”

Morris agreed.

“I started to get worried then,” Morris joked, remembering Brock’s joke to him in the locker room. “I was like, he might actually take my
job. He’s just the type of running back the NFL wants. One cut and get up field, and he did just that. He’s got some speed behind him, too.”

Shanahan, who has a reputation for revolving running backs, was also impressed.

“We told him he was a first-round pick and that we would give him a play, but he’d have to make it into the end zone if he was going to make [the team],” Shanahan said after practice. “He’s pretty quick, too. I asked Bruce [Allen] if we could sign him to a two-year contract instead of [one day].”

Brock, who was being filmed as part of the 8th annual ESPN “My Wish” series airing in August, ended the practice surrounded by applauding Redskins players. He went home with a signed football, stories to tell his friends and memories to last forever.

Also, unlimited candy.

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We only gave that kid a one day contract?


Are there futures contracts? I'm signing that kid TODAY. He's got some wheels man. Lateral movement and burst is off the charts. Sign him now so you don't have to use a first round pick on him later, :-D


Seriously, I was having a hard time a couple days ago, and this made me nearly break down and cry. It's incredible what this football team has become, and moments like this probably wouldn't happen in the past. I hope that kid makes it; he's been through a lot.



But seriously, let's sign him now. Give him all the candy he wants.

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